4 Tips to Create Beautiful Rock Garden

Rock gardens tend to have a very calm appearance. It makes us more rooted in the natural habitat and helps our tense mind to relax a bit. Hence, as a result of this calmness, the rock gardens have been gaining popularity. These rock gardens not only make a good aesthetic for our property but also give it an unfinished look which helps in making people more comfortable in our house. The rock garden also gives a timeless look to our house. Hence, it is very important that we have our rock garden designed absolutely as it make or breaks the impression our house gives off. Here down below is a list of tips to pull off a beautiful rock garden.

#1. Size of Our Landscaping Rocks

It is best advised to have rocks of all shapes and sizes. This would not only give an unfinished look but will also increase the aesthetics of the house. Moreover, with large and small rocks placed side by side you are bound to have some space in between. To add some life to the rocks we can plant some colorful flowers in between the spaces among the rocks. The mix match rocks of different shapes and sizes along with blooming colorful flowers planted across, do not fail to add to the effortless beauty of rock garden.

#2. Choosing the Right Location

It is important you first check out the location of your property before setting your mind to have a rock garden. If the location is not right, it might look forceful. We do not want to destroy the aesthetics of our house by having a rock garden just for the sake of it. Rock gardens look extremely perfect on houses near the beach or farm houses on the outskirts of the major cities. Rock gardens also make a good aesthetics for various hilltop resorts. Hence, choosing the right location for your rock garden is very important.

#3. Selecting the Right Plants

One of the major problems with having a rock garden is maintaining and selecting the plants for your garden. We have to be extremely careful while selecting the plants. As the rock garden is not a suitable habitat for most of the eye-catching plants, hence it is best advised to consult a professional in these matters. The professional will help you to pick out the low maintenance plants and flowers which will not only add to the beauty but will also stick for a longer period of time in the rock garden habitat. Plants like cacti, small daffodils, wild tulip species, blue-eyed grass, brodiaea, mosses, ice plants and even creepers look good and are easy to maintain. Hence, be very careful before choosing your rock garden plants and be sure to consult a professional before finalizing your purchases.

#4. Layer of Soil

Before planting your plants it is important you have your soil ready. The standard procedure requires you to know beforehand what kind of soil your plant would prefer. The plants might prefer alkaline or acidic soil. Hence, it is important to first segregate the plants based on the choice of soil. The next step involves selecting the type of soil and mixing it with sand, based on the preference of the plants. Many plants may require high drainage hence, mixing soil becomes imperative. Do not select soil with high nutrients as it would result in unhappy plants. It is advised to have the top layer of soil covered in peat and small lava rock mixed in.

Hence, we should consider these points before finally setting up our rock garden. Do use the sculptural beauty of the rocks to create eye-catching designs.

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