8 Cheap Ways to Decorate Your Garden

With the advent of home and garden shows on television– and even a few networks dedicated to the subject– more and more people are taking an interest in their living spaces. They want to make those spaces not just functional but inviting. Nowhere has there been as much interest drawn as in the garden. One of the biggest trends in home decorating and design is extending the living space outdoors. People are looking for ways to enjoy their outdoor spaces as much as their indoor spaces so that they can make the most of the fine weather. Here are some cheap ways to decorate your garden:

8 Cheap Ways to Decorate Your Garden

Fire Pit

A fire pit is a great place to gather at any time of the year. It is especially inviting on a cool autumn night. A fire pit enables you to extend your outdoor living into cooler weather. What could be more fun on an autumn night than gathering friends around a roaring blaze and roasting hotdogs and marshmallows? You could certainly purchase a completed fire pit, but if you are inclined to save a little money and you like a worthwhile project, why not build a DIY fire pit? It is easy and fun and could even be a great family bonding experience if you get your kids involved in the project.


Swings aren’t just for kids – although they can be. If you have a large, healthy tree in your yard with at least one solid branch, you can add a swing. Whether you choose a tire swing or one with a wooden seat, a swing is a good place to go and get a bit of mild exercise while enjoying the weather. It is also a great place to think or to meditate. The best part, however, is how simple and inexpensive a swing is to install. All you need are a couple of pieces of rope and a seat.

Don’t have a good tree for a swing? No problem. A free-standing porch swing complete with a frame can be found in the lawn and garden section of most department stores or at any home improvement store.


If you want to extend your living area, bringing in seating is a great way to do it. Not only is seating functional, but it can also be attractive. You can bring in a beautiful park bench and seat it beneath a tree or set up a table with chairs on your patio. Seating does not have to break the bank, especially since old items can be repurposed or updated to suit your needs and tastes. Why not paint an old bench or add new cushions to an old patio set? You could even build your own patio set out of reclaimed materials.


A walkway can be a lovely addition to any landscape. It can not only serve as a way to get from point A to point B without wearing away at the grass, but it also serves as a way to lead the eye where ever you want it to go. Your walk way might terminate in a seating area, shrine or flower garden. A walkway can be made from inexpensive pavers found at the local DIY store. It can also be made from gravel, stone or even wood. When you use plants and flowers to line your walkway, you build a stunning display and give the promise of something amazing waiting at the other end.

Bird/ Wildlife FeederIf you need an excuse to go outside, why not create a little entertainment for yourself? You wouldn’t drag your television outdoors. The whole point to going outside is to get away from the television. So, what do you do? Set out a bird or wildlife feeder. Birds can be seen flying into your feeder at any time of the day. Most other wildlife is most likely to be seen early in the morning or late in the evening. Arrange the feeder so that it is easy to see from your favorite seat in the garden. But make sure it is far enough away that wildlife will not get spooked. Once you have a regular following of critters coming to your feeder, you may be able to get incrementally closer to have a better look. If you are a patient person, the animal’s antics can be fascinating.

Pergola/ Arbor

A structure can provide shade, privacy and a place for plants to climb. Whether you decide to go with a pergola or an arbor, you can satisfy all purposes. Pergolas tend to be larger than arbors. Where an arbor might contain intimate seating for two, a pergola could cover your whole patio. Both are relatively easy to construct and can even be purchased without having to assemble anything. Best of all, they can give you an opportunity to add some color to your yard by offering climbing plants a structure to climb. There are many wonderful flowering vines that can be trained up a structure.


Planters can give you the chance to extend your personal style to the garden. If you are into shabby chic, build a planter out of old pallet wood and a liner. If you like pottery, the sky is the limit. There is no end to the pottery that can be used as planters. There are also plenty of everyday items that can be repurposed into planters such as watering cans, buckets, wine barrels, even boots. Some truly quirky souls have even gone so far as to use old plumbing fixtures such as bathtubs and toilets.


There are few things more soothing than a water feature. A pond is a great focal point around which to place seating or an excuse to add more seating. You can plant tall decorative grass around your pond to create a sense of privacy. Add a fountain to introduce the sound of trickling water. You can even put fish in your pond to have something to watch. The koi is a very popular fish for this purpose.

If you want to liven up your garden space and do not have much money, there are many cheap ways to decorate your garden. If you are willing to put in the effort, there is no reason you cannot have a stunning garden no matter what your budget. Don’t forget that you can also take on DIY projects in order to make your garden a stunning landscape. This can easily be done with the help from plastic sheets cut to size from Simply Plastics. From eccentric plant pots to colourful windows; the possibilities are endless.

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