Are You Ready to Get a Dog? A Comprehensive Guide

Are You Ready to Get a Dog? A Comprehensive Guide

Have you owned a dog before? Or, are you planning to own a dog? There are several different types of dogs. And, all dogs will not suit you. This is why you should understand the dog and figure out if it would suit your lifestyle. Here are a few important questions you should ask yourself. These questions will help you buy the right dog.

If you are not ready to get a dog, then better get a hedgehog. It takes less care and you will learn the responsibility. Later you can get a dog.

Questions to consider before you get a dog

1. Your Home?

Does your home have many young kids, frail adults, and disabled people? If yes, you should buy a gentle dog. Try to keep toy breeds away from an active household. That is because toy dog breeds are likely to be squashed or trampled by little ones. Sooner, the dogs may bark and bite your youngsters. On the other hand, rambunctious and huge dogs can knock elders or children down.

2. Your Money?

How much grooming and shedding can you handle? Dogs are bound to shed fur at some time or the other. If your dog has several coats (like Akitas and chows), your home can become messy. Some people develop allergy attacks to dog fur. Meanwhile, poodle mixes don’t shed hair but they need lots of professional grooming. So, you should consider the amount of time and money you can spend grooming your furry friend.

3. Your Lifestyle?

Are you planning to be very active with your pet dog? This is a very important question to ask! If you are not active, don’t go for dogs that require plenty of outdoor activities. This means you shouldn’t buy Huskies or golden retrievers. Dogs should get plenty of outdoor exposure. Without the right amount of outdoor fun, dogs can become bored and destructive.

4. Your Care?

Finally, you must figure out who would take care of your pet dog. All dogs require attention. Without attention, dogs can become very violent and emotionally down.

Owning a dog can be advantageous in many ways. Dogs can cure many mental diseases. Dogs comfort and appreciate people who really love them. If you are a dog person, who knows how to keep them healthy and happy – you will be able to improve your lifestyle and enjoy plenty of health benefits. Raising dogs is an interesting journey. In this article, you will read about how to raise pet dogs.

If that’s not enough, ask these questions.

  • Have you done your research?
  • Do you want to adopt?
  • Are you looking for a puppy or an older dog?
  • Do you want a male or female dog?
  • What breed of dog are you looking for?
  • Do you want a small or large dog?
  • Do you have the time and space for the exercise needs of the breed you are looking at?
  • Do you have young children and how will that affect your decision and the breed of dog?
  • Will your dog be an indoor or outdoor dog?
  • Do you have time to train the dog, housebreaking, basic obedience?
  • Do you travel? Who will care for the dog while you are away?
  • Is your living situation stable? Do you plan on moving and can you have dogs?
  • Are you financially stable enough to provide the care the dog will require?

What kind of dog is right for you?

Do you want a puppy? Why? Ask yourself if you have the time to devote to a puppy. Puppies may be cute but remember they require more time and energy and don’t stay puppies for long. Things to remember when thinking about buying a puppy: a puppy will require training, basic obedience (sit, stay, heel, lay down, etc), housebreaking, and constant attention.

Puppies have a tendency to get into things, chew on everything in sight and use your house as their bathroom. If you are concerned about these things may be a puppy isn’t the right answer for you. Or maybe you need to decide on alternatives for when the dog is a puppy, such as keeping him/her locked in a kennel during the day or only allowing the puppy in a certain room (a good suggestion would be a kitchen or room without carpet due to the ease of clean-up.)

What size dog is right for you?

There are a lot of factors to consider here too: your age, do you have small children, how often are you home? For households with small children very small breeds are a bad choice since small children like to “play” with the dog and could accidentally injure him/her. Very small breeds also tend to be wary of children.

The most important thing isn’t necessarily the size of the dog but the dog’s temperament, some small dogs can be loud and hyper taking up more room than a bigger calmer dog. However, some children are afraid of big dogs and a large hyper dog may scare your children also.

When thinking about the size of the dog remember if you work long hours puppies can only hold their bladders for 4 to 5 hours, the same is true with some smaller dog breeds. Larger dogs can hold their bladders longer but will require more time outside exercising or walking.

The size of your living space also has an effect on the size of the dog you should consider. Many breeds such as beagles, basset hounds, and bloodhounds are known to bark so if you live in an apartment these are probably not appropriate breeds for you to look at, yet a big dog may be to large for your living space.

Breeds that make good family pets:

  • Golden retrievers
  • Labs
  • Poodle
  • Schnauzer
  • English Setter
  • Springer Spaniel
  • Vizsla
  • Terrier
  • Cocker Spaniel
  • Beagle

4 Reasons Why You Should Own A Dog

It is not a secret that dogs can help you make smart and healthy lifestyle changes! By adopting or buying a dog, you will be able to get rid of stress, bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Caring for pet dogs is an interesting journey. In this article, you will read about how dogs can change your lifestyle in and around.

#1 More Physical Fun

More Physical Fun

First of all, dogs will help your exercise. Taking dogs on a short walk, run or hike can be so much fun. Meanwhile, these are ways of introducing exercise into your life. Studies prove that dog owners are several times healthier than others. They workout and this is great for both the owner and the dog. Physical activities will strengthen the connection between you and your pet. Together, you will be fit and healthy.

#2 Great Friends

Great Friends
Dogs are great Friends

Secondly, dogs are great companions. They can help you get rid of various illnesses. Yes, you read it right! Dogs can add several years to your life. That is because they eliminate loneliness and isolation. By caring for dogs, you will feel wanted and engaged. You will not feel like living a life alone. All those wet kisses and tail wags will keep your mind happy.

#3 Social Connections

Dogs are great for Social Connections

Do you know that dogs can help you meet new people? Unlike many other animals, dogs are great social lubricants. They can trigger and maintain friendships for a very long time. Most dog owners know how to stop and talk with others. They are bound to come across people with similar interests in training classes, pet stores, and clubs.

#4 Get Rid of Anxiety

Dogs are great helpers to Get Rid of Anxiety

Last but certainly not least, dogs can reduce anxiety. Owning a dog means enjoying lots of comforts. You will be able to build your self-confidence and ease anxiety. With dogs, you will be able to live every moment!

Tips on Owning a Pet Dog

Attention & Time

First of all, dogs should receive lots of attention and time. Dog owners will tell you about the mental benefits of owning a pet canine. Dogs require plenty of mental stimulation and daily exercise. They will help you create a well-balanced and calm life.

Give your dog some time!

When you own a dog, you should sacrifice your social time. Dogs don’t like to be left alone. They will want you to play and talk with them! Training dogs is easy said than done. That is because training can take months if not weeks! Always remember that dogs need your time and you should be prepared to invest on them. If you have a weekend, don’t think twice to take care of your pet doggie. Regardless of the dog’s breed and size, you must give them ample time.

The cost!

Of course, you should be clear if you can afford a pet dog. Dogs are not one-time investments. If you buy a dog, you should pay for its food, shelter, licenses, bedding, boarding, pet sitting, collar & leash, outdoor activities, and health.

A normal dog can cost between 600 and 800 USD, based on the dog’s age and breed. Meanwhile, you should decide on the kind of dog you need. Ask yourself if you can afford to groom, if your household has disabled people and if you have someone to take care of your dog.

Shape Your Life with Dogs!

If you own a pet dog, you will be aware of the affection and fun they bring. However, do you know that dogs come with powerful physical and mental benefits too? Dogs can help you overcome depression, stress, loneliness, anxiety, and moodiness. Children who grow with dogs feel more active and secure too! Perhaps, your life can change drastically with a pet dog around.

Our Journey With Dogs

Shape Your Life with Dogs!
Shape Your Life with Dogs!

Unlike many other animals, dogs have evolved and are attuned to human beings. They know our emotions and behavior. This is why dogs can understand what we say and feel. It is quite interesting to note that dogs are better at understanding our gestures, tone, and body language than other humans. This is why dogs can be trusted as loyal friends. Regardless of what happens, dogs will be there for you! They will gauge your emotional condition and treat or walk next to you. Doesn’t this sound wonderful?

Health Benefits of Dogs

Most pet owners are clear about the joys (immediate) dogs bring. They know that sharing lives with canine companions will be a blissful experience. However, many young dog owners are unaware of the mental and physical benefits dogs bring. According to the American Heart Association, here are a few ways dogs can save you:

  • People with dogs are less likely to suffer depression.
  • People who raise dogs will have lower blood pressure. Even during stressful situations, they can stay calm and composed.
  • Playing with dogs will improve the amount of dopamine and serotonin in the blood. This results in extended relaxation and calmness.
  • People with dogs enjoy low cholesterol and triglyceride levels. This cuts down the chances of heart diseases. Sooner, you are not likely to suffer heart attacks too. That is why people with dogs live longer.

Getting a Dog For Elderly People

Dogs are wonderful creatures and they come with many amazing health benefits! If you are an elder or a little one, you should have a pet dog in your life. According to experts, people with pet dogs enjoy healthy aging.

That is because dogs can help you find a new meaning in life and experience endless joys. As you age, you are bound to go through physical and emotional changes. You may start to avoid things that once gave your life purpose. By caring for pet dogs, your overall optimism, self-worth, and morale will improve.

This is why elders are advised to have a pet dog. Having a dog by your side will keep you occupied and never alone.

It Helps Them Staying Happy

Dogs and Elders
Dogs and Elders

Elders find it very difficult to stay in touch. Maintaining social contact is a difficult task for older people. Relocation, illnesses, and retirement can detach you from the normal world. When you find the process of making new friends difficult, you should have a pet dog!

Older adults can make amazing conversations and come across people with similar interests as a dog. Of course, dogs will boost your vitality too! There are several physical challenges you can overcome with dogs. When compared with cats, dogs are more playful, happy, and active. The furry little ones will definitely improve your energy level and boost immunity.

It Helps Them Handling Alzheimer’s Disease

Elders with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease should own dogs. Alzheimer’s patients go through several behavioral issues. These issues are often related to stress. A study that was done at the University of California revealed that dog owners are less likely to suffer stress or anxious outbursts.

Dogs act as a source of positive conversations (non-verbal). Their gentle nature can soothe Alzheimer’s disease. Sooner, you will be able to get rid of aggressive behavior too.

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