10 Best Fishing Magnets For Finding Stuff

10 Best Fishing Magnets

Magnet fishing is not just a task where people catch fish with magnets. It is almost like treasure hunting underwater. Pulling up ferromagnetic objects from deep inside of water with a powerful neodymium magnet is referred to as magnet fishing.

Are you looking forward to buying or getting that stone that can help you effectively carry out your magnet fishing activity? Then you will be doing the right thing if you get yourself the best fishing magnet as it will help you do that in the most effective way.

In this article we will be looking at the best fishing magnet that is there to serve the various purpose you need them for, all you have to do is make your choice.

TOP 10 Fishing Magnets in 2022

1. Brute Magnetics with 600 LBS Pulling Force

600 LBS Pulling Force, Brute Magnetics Round Neodymium Magnet with Eyebolt, 2.95" Diameter - Magnet Fishing

This product is made of a strong neodymium fishing magnet that has close to 600lbs pulling force on direct contact with 1/2″ thick steel. It comes included with eyebolt that is screwed directly into a steel cup base; a feature that helps in assembling it fast and easily.

It can also be used conveniently for retrieving applications, by effectively retrieving lost treasures in ponds, wells, lakes, streams, rivers and different kinds of water bodies.

The coated steel cup gives the magnet protection and in turn, helps in avoiding any form of chipping or cracking.


  • High magnetic property
  • It is handy
  • Comes with a thread locker


  • Limited pulling force

2. Brute Magnetics Neodymium magnet 575 LBS Pulling Force

575 LBS Pulling Force, Brute Magnetics Round Neodymium Magnet with Countersunk Hole and Eyebolt, 2.95" Diameter

With this fishing magnet, you are provided with an easy and effective fishing style. It is an extremely strong Neodymium Magnet that has up to 575lbs pulling force on contact with 1/4″ thick steel.

This feature helps in pulling up heavy magnetic treasures. Made of a countersunk hole that allows you to easily use it with the eyebolt that comes included with the product. It also comes with screws, hooks and other types of fasteners.

The coated steel cup helps in shielding the magnet from any form of cracking or chipping.


  • Maximum pulling force up to 575lbs
  • A 6ml bottle of thread locker included
  • Best for small catches


  • Has some size issues as it’s hard to navigate it through narrow spaces

3. ESmag Super Strong Fishing Magnet

Mutuactor Fishing Magnets 400lbs Pull Force,Strong Retrieval Magnet N52 Neodymium Magnets with 20m(66Feet) Durable Rope,Powerful Magnets for Fishing and Magnetic Recovery Salvage

Made of a super-powerful round-based neodymium magnet that gives it enough force concentration at the bottom of the water. The other side of the magnet is well protected by steel cup to give it sturdy and durable use.

The strong neodymium magnet bonded to the steel plate has the ability to offer 150kg (330lbs) of pulling strength. With this neodymium magnet, you also have the confidence that your fishing magnet will retain its magnetic properties for a long period of time, especially under favorable conditions.

The magnet is also bonded to countersunk with black epoxy to prevent detachment. It has layer coating with a shiny surface that provides the best protection against corrosion and rust. Includes 100 feet (30 meters) long rope.


  • Anti-rust property
  • String included
  • Best for small catches


  • Cannot lift heavy materials

4. CMS MAGNETICS Powerful Fishing Magnets

405 LB Holding Power 3" Diameter CMS Magnetics Powerful Fishing Magnets Built w/Neodymium Magnets | Rare Earth Magnets, Great for Magnet Fishing or Treasure Hunting | Fishing Magnet 7

This product is powerfully made of a super-strong neodymium cup magnet that has the ability to hold a weight of up to 405lb for both direct touch and direct pull.

This fishing magnet is made with all the ease and comfort you require to make your fishing experience both in lakes, rivers, and other types of water superb as it is ready-to-use equipment.

All you need to do is to eyebolt screws directly into a steel base for easy assembly then attach a rope simply to it and start fishing.

It has a rare earth magnet that is protected by a steel cup for a better, durable, or long-lasting application.


  • Top Quality
  • 30 Days Money Back Guaranteed
  • Made under ISO 9001 Quality Systems under Strict Quality Control


  • Limited pulling force

5. HHOOMY 1000LBS Pulling Powerful Round Neodymium Fishing Magnet

1333lb Fishing Magnet - Super Strong Pull Force Neodymium Magnets (604kg) - Recover Objects from Rivers & Lakes (4.72” ; 120mm)

The HHOOMY fishing magnet is a sturdily built fishing magnet that has up to 1000lbs pulling force on contact with 0.7″ thick steel. It will help you pull up the heaviest of treasures or items from the bottom of the water.

The magnet coated design is a triple layer coated element that includes Ni+ Cu +Ni, and this feature provides a shiny and rust-resistant coated steel cup that aids protection for the magnet and in turn helps in preventing cracking and chipping.

It has a strong magnetic field that enables it to easily attract objects with magnetic properties to itself, so it is advisable that it should be kept far from such objects and out of the reach of children.


  • Anti-rust property
  • Sturdily built
  • Small but powerful


  • None, perfect item

6. Wukong Second-Generation Neodymium Fishing Magnet

Wukong Second-Generation Neodymium Fishing Magnets (Double-Sided Magnetic) Round Neodymium Magnet with Eyebolt, Combined 600 LBS Pulling Force, 2.36" Diameter - Magnet for River or Lake Fishing.

This product comes with a unique structure. It has two eyebolt rings and countersunk holes that are located in the middle and side of the magnet. This unique design structure makes it function in a powerful way.

With a diameter of 2.36” and a maximum pulling force of up to 600 LBS and a double-sided magnetic design, your magnetic fishing issues or challenges will be met with the utmost solution.

It has a multi-use function as it can be used for lifting, hanging, retrieving applications and even for industrial applications. Made of high-quality coating of Ni+Cu+Ni Triple Layer; a permanent magnetic force that makes it ideal for magnet fishing.


  • Strong magnetic force


  • Not too handy

7. Uolor Double Side Round Neodymium Fishing Magnet

Uolor Double Side Round Neodymium Fishing Magnet, Combined 660 LBS Pulling Force Ultra Strong Neodymium Magnet with Eyebolt for Magnet Fishing and Retrieving in River - 2.36" Diameter

The Uolor fishing magnet is a strong, double-sided neodymium magnet that has 2.36″ diameter and 1.18″ thickness with up to 660-LBS extremely powerful magnetic pulling force for a direct touch and direct pull under ideal conditions.

It is a multi-functional fishing magnet that is great for magnet fishing, hanging, lifting, and retrieving applications. It can be used in the well, rivers, canals, or ponds to search for lost treasures.

Uolor round neodymium is easy to assemble with an eye bolt that screws directly into the steel base. Just attach a rope and begin your fishing treasure trip.


  • Multi-purpose magnet, not onlu for fishing
  • Powerful Neodymium Magnet


  • The screw requires special attention as it may come lose

8. HHOOMY 500 LBS Pulling Force Neodymium Fishing Magnet

MAGNADIVE Fishing Magnet with Rope – 500 LBS Pulling Force Super Strong Neodymium Magnet – and Paracord 100 ft. Long.

This fishing magnet is made up of a super-strong neodymium magnet inside of a chrome-plated steel cup that concentrates the magnetic force to give this an almost unrivaled 500lbs of holding power.

The heavy-duty construction of this magnet features a female threaded steel cup and a threaded eye bolt that attaches directly to the cup instead of through the magnet. So it can easily be pulled up.

It has Ni+Cu+Ni Triple Layer Coated design that gives a Shiny and Rust Resistant Coated steel cup that provides protection for the magnet and helps to prevent chipping or cracking.


  • Sturdily built
  • Highly resistant to rust
  • Compact


  • Can easily attract unwanted metals

9. HHOOMY Round Neodymium 1200LBS Fishing Magnet

Round Neodymium Magnet Super Powerful Magnetic Magnet Diameter 4.72INCH Round Neodymium Magnet has Strong magnetic-1200LBS(544KG) Great for Magnetic Fishing-The Largest Magnet On Amazon (120MM)

This is an extremely strong neodymium magnet with an approximate pulling force of 1200lbs on contact with 1/2″ thick steel. With this feature, it can be used to pull up the heaviest of objects from the bottom of the water without much stress.

It can be used to pull up huge targets and is also ideal for magnetic, fishing, hanging, lifting, or anywhere you need an incredibly strong magnet.

The countersunk hole gives room for easy use with an eyebolt that comes included with the product, screws, hooks, and other forms of fasteners.


  • 180 Days Money Back Guaranteed
  • Sturdily built


  • Might be too heavy

10. HGMAG 750 LBS Super Strong Neodymium Fishing Magnets

HGMAG 750 LBS Pulling Force Rare Earth Magnet, Super Strong Neodymium Fishing Magnets with 64 Feet Rope&Carabiner, Diameter 3.54 inch(90mm) for Magnetic Fishing and Retrieving in River (3.54" Dia)

This product comes with a high-quality iron case that not only protects the magnetic steel but also concentrates the magnetic force line on the contact surface. Therefore, the powerful magnetic force is only concentrated at the bottom, it also has three other sides that are protected by steel cups that almost no magnetic force.

It is made of Ni+Cu+Ni Triple Layer Coated. The best coating available provides a shiny and rust-resistant coated steel cup that provides protection for the magnet and helps to prevent chipping or cracking.

This fishing magnet is 3.54″(90mm) in diameter, it’s pulling force to 750 lbs in ideal conditions, and can handle all the heavy tools. It is widely used in craft and industry. In addition, the NdFeB Countersunk Pot Magnet can be mounted on articles as a connection. Comes with a 100% Quality Guarantee for your assurance.


  • Multi-use
  • Powerful for small items


  • Not the best of pulling force

Fishing Magnet Buying Guide

How to choose the best magnet for magnet fishing?

We should have it at the back of our mind that magnet fishing is not all about fish catching but on the other hand, it involves the use of a magnet for treasure hunt underwater. It involves the method of pulling up ferromagnetic objects from deep inside of water with a powerful neodymium magnet known as a fishing magnet.

With this knowledge, we will be able to establish the product we need to carry out the task of treasure hunting with ease, especially the pulling force. They come in varying weight and have the different ability to pull up objects or treasures of varying sizes from the bottom of deep waters. It will be a good thing to carefully study and select the one that will serve us well.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Fishing Magnet

The pulling force

The pulling force of a fishing magnet is one of the most important things or features we need to

put into consideration before purchasing one. If you get a magnet with very low or minimal pulling force, then be sure you will be limited to the things you will be able to lift from under the water.

It is advisable that you always go for a fishing magnet that has high pulling force because you literally don’t know what you will be pulling from under the water, you don’t know how heavy it will be and that is why the maximum pulling force is very essential.

Fishing magnets with 800-1200lbs of pulling power will be most recommendable when buying anyone because with that force or power you will be able to pull up heavy objects.

Steel coating

When it comes to magnet coating, the most effective and appropriate magnet you can depend on should be the three-layered coating magnets, they are great for magnet fishing.  With magnets that have three-layer-coating, the magnet will be left with a long-lasting shiny body. This feature also helps in preventing any form of cracking or chipping.

Countersunk hole

If you want to buy a magnet for the sole purpose of magnet fishing, it is advisable that you try as much as possible to get one that has a countersunk hole. The hole is very vital for this kind of task. In addition to this, try and pick magnets that come included with an eyebolt.

Building method and material

Another very important feature that cannot be ignored in purchasing a fishing magnet is the building method and material. You will have a great day hunting for treasures lying under the water if you are doing that with a magnet that is made of high-quality material but on the contrary, if your magnet is made with a low-quality material, then you don’t expect to get enough from it. The building material is also very essential because magnets made through an ordinary method will not in any way last long.

Ease of use

Magnets are objects that seem and look easy to use but when the demand for magnet fishing arises it is required of us to consider the handling. We will be glad to know that the top picks here on this article are extremely easy to handle.

Anything that requires the use of a large body of water requires that we carefully carry out the task that is required, that is why we need a handy magnet to carry out the task. Apart from the fact that the weight of the magnet should be of moderate sizes that we can handle, we should also ensure that the rope attached to it is not giving us much trouble.

They should be one that we can easily pull up from under the water and one that can also be easily carried around.

We shouldn’t go for a fishing magnet that will be difficult for us to pull in the course of trying to get things up or even ones that will result to dragging us back as we try to pull up.

Price and Cost

In trying to purchase anything, the cost is one of the most important factors that must be considered, the same is applicable in trying to purchase a fishing magnet. You will need to consider greatly how often you will be using them and the kind of treasure you are hunting for before deciding on how much you want to invest in the fishing magnet.

If you don’t usually go out for treasure hunting or you go out once in a while, then you can go for a low priced fishing magnet.

On the contrary, if in the quest of hunting for the treasure you really mean business then you can go for a high priced fishing magnet because when it comes to fishing magnet what you pay for is what you get.

Note importantly that the price of a fishing magnet is determined greatly by the pulling force and the greater pulling force of a fishing magnet is also determined by the price. magnets with high pulling force have high performance.

It is a good thing when you want to save money, but as a constant user of fishing magnet you also wouldn’t want to get a magnet that will give you low performance, that is why price or cost is an important consideration if you are planning to purchase a fishing magnet, thus, price should not hold you back from getting the best quality. On the other hand, if you are caught with a low budget then you need to carefully and thoroughly make research of the product that will serve you well.

Summarily, the level of activity you want to use the fishing magnet for has a great influence on the quality of magnet you will want to go for, but be it as it may, don’t opt or settle for anything less or the cheapest product available in the market.


Giving consideration to the brand of a fishing magnet you want to buy is a very vital determinant factor in getting a quality one.

Some people find one brand-worthy than the other, but it all depends on what you really admire or desire in a fishing magnet. Some will want brands that have attractive designs while others will prefer to go for ones that have a higher pulling force.

Some people will always prefer to stick to the brand they are already used to, while some will want to change what they have been using to see the difference.

Due to the fact that there are differences in the warranty different brands gives, it will be advisable that we look at the warranty and importantly the money-back guarantee before deciding on which of the brand we want to pick.

The warranty is a determinant factor in the durability and quality of the product, so going for brands that have a higher warranty is a good decision to make.


Usually, we are fond of turning our attention away from the quality and durability of a fishing magnet, and these are the determinants of the warranty.

It is advisable to look for a fishing magnet that doesn’t come with warranties less than a year or even more than 2- years warranty, this will give customers and users full confidence of the product they are about to purchase.

When trying to get a fishing magnet, you deserve nothing less than the best, so consider greatly the warranty and guarantee before buying.

Regardless of other specifications, you probably want a fishing magnet made by a recognized market leader and backed by a good warranty.


You will also have to consider greatly how you can handle and fish with the fishing magnet especially in a tight and inconvenient working condition, thus, the magnet should not be too heavy, it shouldn’t exceed the weight of 1200lbs.

You will need to look for a fishing magnet that you can use both in tight or unfavorable conditions.

It is not a good thing for you to be limited to how and the position you can use the fishing magnet due to the heavyweight it possesses. The best fishing magnet should be very easy to carry about and pulled easily.


With long hours of research and gathering of information, we have reviewed the fishing magnet, and with this information, getting yourself a fishing magnet that will do the job shouldn’t be difficult.

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