8 Best Fluoride Water Filters For Clean Water

8 Best Fluoride Water Filters For Clean Water

Do you know that fluoride contains toxic properties? However, worse of it that you cannot regulate how much one ingests when added to your water supplies.

Whether added in low or high dosages. This can be a serious issue if you exceed the recommended daily intake for nutrition purposes. 

Nonetheless, that should not freak you if you want to go fluoride-free. Thanks to the best fluoride water. With any of these filter systems, it is easier to remove fluoride from your water. 

In this guide, we will show you the best water filters to remove fluoride. Further, look at the pros and cons, FAQs, and others. 

Most importantly, we are sure that after reading our best fluoride water filter reviews, you will apply informed decisions to choose the best model. All the water filters listed in this guide have been tried, tested, and proved effective. 

1. Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher - Fluoride, Lead, Chloramine, Chromium-6 Filter - BPA-Free, Clear

On top of our list is this high quality water filter from AquaGear. If you are looking for the easiest means to purify water in your home, an Aquagear water filter is your best option. Suitable for people who hate installation processes, but want filtered drinking water.

This water pitcher is easier to use because all you need to do is fill your water in the reservoir. As a result, the water seeps via the filters and drip in the pitcher. 

It is fitted with high-quality triple filters, with each giving you 150-gallons of pure water. In comparison to Brita and ZeroWater filters, these last longer. Although this filter is cheap, it is useful in removing contaminants. Actually, it is the best fluoride water pitcher. Apart from fluoride, it removes other contaminants like Chlorine, mercury, chloramines, chromium 6, and lead.

Most filters are unable to remove these contaminants. However, this unit features a 5-stage filter, which has two-micron pores. These enable it to remove even small fluoride particles. However, it retains all useful minerals in your water, giving you healthy and pure water. 

The filter has a lifetime guarantee and reliable same-day support. In case you pitcher breaks, you will get a replacement free of charge. To ensure this filter pitcher meets the NSF standards of reducing contaminants, it has undergone strict testing. It even exceeds these standards. 


  • Fast and more straightforward setup- this takes less than 3 minutes.
  • Works effectively-filters fluoride and other contaminants, yet retain healthy minerals.
  • Longer filter life, which saves you time and replacement cost.
  • Incredible customer service-they offer quick responses


  • Has a slow flow rate. Water filtration is slow.
  • The cost of replacement filters is high.

2. APEC RO-90 Top Tier Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

APEC Water Systems RO-90 Ultimate Series Top Tier Supreme Certified High Output 90 GPD Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System, Chrome Faucet

When it comes to water filtration through reverse osmosis, nothing beats APEC RO-90 unit. In fact, it is the best water filter for removing fluoride. With this unit in your home, you will say goodbye to the expensive bottled water. It gives you the freedom to enjoy unlimited fresh and clean water that tastes great. 

APEC, a US-based company, is the designer and manufacturer of this unit. It is durable for guaranteed water safety, which is crucial to your health. Furthermore, WQA has tested and approved the system removes 99% of contaminants. These include heavy metals, nitrates, lead, arsenic, harmful fluoride, and others. 

The RO-90 has filters with super-large capacity. As a result, it has 2X contaminant removal ability and fewer filter replacements. For maximum contaminants removal, filtration takes place in five stages.

On the contrary, the small all-in-one filters clog up within a short time and more filter replacements. In addition to these, this system has a 2-year warranty and lifetime customer support. 

This system comes with a designer faucet, and high quality JG connection fittings. These connections are leak-seal and easier to connect. Likewise, it is easier to replace the filters because RO-90 has a simple and organized design.


  • Easy setup and installation- everything connects well because of its design.
  • The system is quiet. It does not produce noise and works well.
  • It is easier to maintain, as you have complete control of the process.
  • Gives water with great taste. 
  • It is durable.


  • Although it offers great value, it is expensive.

3. Big Berkey BK4X2 Countertop Water Filter

Travel Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter with 2 Black Berkey Purification Elements

Big Berkey is an effective water fluoride filter that gives pure and clean water. If your daily water intake is high, go for this unit as it made for home use. It can store over two gallons of purified water. 

It features a housing made of high-grade stainless steel, with the upper and lower sections. For effective water filtration, it has two fluorite elements and two Black Berkey filters. Each filer can filter a max of 1,000 gallons before replacement. 

One of the significant benefits of using this unit as your water fluoride filter is that it removes 100% of pathogens. This makes it classified as purifiers and not filters, due to its powerful purifier elements. Big Berkey BK4X2 is easy to assemble and offers excellent value for money. 


  • Easy to assemble-read the assemblage guide. 
  • Gives water with great taste.
  • It has a presentable design.
  • Big filter capacity for home use. 
  • Last longer.


  • You need to refill this filter to maintain a constant water supply.
  • The filtration process is not as fast as expected.

4. iSpring RCC7AK Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

iSpring RCC7AK 6-Stage Superb Taste High Capacity Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System with Alkaline Remineralization-Natural pH, White

There is nothing better like having a 6-stage RO filter under your kitchen sink. This system has an alkaline re-mineralization within the stages. This ensures it restores the natural mineral and alkalinity balance in your tap water, making it more natural. One of the major benefits you get from this unit. 

Furthermore, this water filter is ultra-safe and reliable when it comes to the conversion of your tap water into clean and healthy water. It removes 99% of 1000 dangerous contaminants, such as asbestos, lead, fluoride, Chlorine, and others. 

It has an easy installation process that is more of a DIY type. The package comes with all installation parts and a clear systematical guide to help you install without difficulties. This system is durable and designed to sit upright for the production of quality water. 


  • Great customer support.
  • High quality system with durable filters.
  • Convenient and easy installation.
  • Give healthy, clean water.
  • The water has a great natural taste. 


  • Water flow is slow as it goes through the entire filtration process.
  • A bit expensive but worth the value and water quality. 

5. Aquasana OptimH2O Reverse Osmosis Under Sink Water Filter

Aquasana OptimH2O Reverse Osmosis Under Sink Water Filter System - Filters 95% Of Fluoride - Kitchen Counter Faucet Filtration - Brushed Nickel - AQ-RO-3.55

This is one of the best fluoride filters in the market. Unlike other RO filters, Aquasana OptimH20 is unique, as it combines various technology for filtration. These include reverse osmosis, re-mineralization, and Claryum filtration. This gives it high performance. 

If you are looking for an efficient under sink filter, you can never go wrong with this system. It removes 97% of Chlorine, 95% of fluoride, and 99% of 86 contaminants in your drinking water. Therefore, Claryum filtration and reverse osmosis ensure your water is pure and healthy. 

Among the primary advantages of this filter is that it eliminates 5x more contaminants compared to other reverse osmosis filters. In fact, it has been tested and proven to offer cleaner drinking water than its competitors do. 

The other benefit of this system is that its filter replacement process is easier, as the housing twists allowing you to make replacements. Moreover, the installation process is a DIY type.


  • Easy DIY installation and replacements. 
  • The water tastes great due to re-mineralization.
  • An excellent price for a top-notch product.
  • The system works well, giving pure and clean water.
  • Great customer support.


  • It reduces the water flow from your tap.

6. Filtrete Advanced Water Filter

Filtrete Advanced Under Sink Quick Change Water Filtration Filter, 6 Month Filter, Reduces Microbial Cysts, 0.5 Microns Sediment and Chlorine Taste & Odor, (3US-PF01)

The best under sink filtration system to buy if you are on a tight budget. Despite its low price, the Filtrete water filter is efficient in removing contaminants. Also, it is easier to install, as it takes most users less than 30minutes. 

The major benefit of using the Filtrete water filter is that it does not have a dedicated faucet. Instead, it connects directly to your kitchen water tap, and it filters all the water that passes through the system.

The filtration gives healthy, clean water, as it removes sediment, rust, silt, silt, odor, taste, and microbial cysts from your water. 

This filtration system is NSF certified standard. This means the system is of quality, and its filters have proved it. You only change the filters after 6 months or after filtering 10,000 gallons of water. 


  • Low price, making it affordable to all. 
  • It has an effective filtration system that removes most contaminants. 
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Great tasting filtered water.


  • The filters last for around four months to 6 months, depending on your water contamination. 

7. Santevia Gravity Water Fluoride Filter

Santevia Gravity Water System - Countertop Model (with Fluoride Filter)

A model of its kind in the gravity and countertop category that we have featured on our list. It is an advanced model from Santevia Company. Although it is not complicated, it works more than expected, giving pure and healthy water. It is one of the best water fluoride filters to have in your home if there is no electricity. 

One of the benefits of using this unit is that it uses only the power of gravity. Suitable for use in areas where electricity is an issue. Unlike most countertop filters, this system removes both fluoride and aluminum in your drinking water. It comes with a fluoride filter that removes tastes, odors, chemicals, Chlorine, heavy metals, and others. 

Furthermore, it features porous mineral stones that help in oxygenating and re-mineralizing your drinking water. These useful minerals mineralize and alkalize your water, making it taste great and odorless. This easy to assemble filter uses ceramic pre-filter with 0.3-micron pore to filter micro-plastics, parasites, bacteria, sediments, and rust. 


  • Less maintenance cost. 
  • Easy to assemble.
  • It is durable. 
  • The water tastes great.
  • The tank capacity is suitable for home use. 


  • It is expensive compared to other gravity filters. 
  • Filtration of water is slow.

8. Woder WD-FRM-8K-DC Water Filter

Woder WD-FRM-8K-DC Fluoride Removal Water Filtration System with Direct Connect Under Sink Fittings - Made in the USA – Removes Fluoride, Chlorine, Lead, Heavy Metals and Odors

This is one of the most effective under sink water filter to have in your home. It turns your tap water into pure and healthy water, which is clean like spring water. WQA and NSF certify all the components of this system. 

Among the benefits of using this fluoride, the filter is that it detoxes your tap water. In fact, it removes 99% Lead, Chlorine, Fluoride, odors, tastes, and other contaminants. At the same time, it retains essential minerals in your water, making it taste great. 

The other advantage of this system is its more straightforward installation process. It comes with two direct connect hoses that fit on your tap and a faucet stem that install under your sink. In short, no plumbing is required as the installation is easy and direct. Moreover, it comes with all components, with the Woder Fluoride filters having a lifespan of two years. 


  • DIY type of installation that is easy for all.
  • The filters are long-lasting. You replace the filters after two years or more. 
  • It gives pure and clean water that tastes good.
  • Removes Fluoride, Chlorine, and other contaminants as expected.


  • It slows the water pressure getting to your faucet. 

Buying Guide: Things You Need to Look For In a Fluoride Water Filter

Buying Guide: Things You Need to Look For In a Fluoride Water Filter

What is a Fluoride Water Filter?

A water filter removes fluoride and other contaminants from the water. Most filters user adsorption, ion exchanges, sieving, and other processes to remove contaminants from water. The water filtration system makes your municipality tap water pure, clean, and healthy for domestic use.

According to studies, drinking water has various pathogens, heavy metals, and chemicals. To take care of your health, you need to buy a suitable water filter. However, the market is full of various water filter models that use distinct filtering technologies. This makes it challenging to buy the best fluoride water filter. 

To get an idea on the type of best water filter for fluoride removal to buy, here are the features to look for:

Quality of water

Apart from removing contaminants, a good filter should enhance the overall quality of your water. This involves the removal of bad taste and smell, retaining healthy minerals, and maintaining the right PH balance. 

Indeed, the best water filter for fluoride removal is a reverse osmosis (RO) filter if you use underground, hard, or saline water. It removes minute impurities and any flavor in your water. However, if a taste is not an issue to you, choose a UV or activated carbon water filter. 

Removal of contaminants

The primary reason for the installation of a water filter is to remove contaminants in your tap water, making it safe for drinking. Therefore, it is advisable to test your water in a certified lab to determine the contaminants present. In turn, you will be in a position to buy an ideal water filter.

The best water filter to remove fluoride removes 60 contaminants, while others remove around 25 and 40 contaminants. Go for a filter that removes more contaminants from your water. If your water contains parasites, THMs, Chlorine, and organic compounds, go for activated carbon filters. On the other hand, you should buy a UV or reverse osmosis filter if your water contains heavy metals, arsenic, sulfates, and nitrates. 

Installation cost/budget

Your budget will determine the type of water filter you get. Remember, the cost of a filter depends on many factors, such as storage capacity, filtration rate, type of filters, and others. So, if your budget is low, go for the best gravity water filter. However, if your budget is high, go for the best reverse osmosis (RO) water filter.

Maintenance cost

All water filters have some maintenance costs. In fact, each category of filters has a different maintenance cost. For example, Reverse Osmosis water filters have a high maintenance cost. Keep in mind that most RO systems need a filter change. Failure to change them on time makes them stop working. In addition to that, you need to add the cost of electricity used by the filter. 

To enjoy healthy water, you do not require a complicated and expensive water filter. Instead, you need to know the contaminants you want to remove from your water and your daily intake. This way, you will find an ideal water filter. 

Electric or non-electric

Some filters use electricity for filtration, while others do not. Thus, it is good to buy a filter that suits your needs based on where you live. For example, if your home has a constant electricity supply, go for RO water filter systems. On the other hand, go for gravity filters is you face electricity outage. 

Water Pressure

Water pressure is essential when choosing a suitable water filter. How would you feel when your best fluoride water filter takes longer to fill one glass of water? Very annoying, I guess. Therefore, consider buying a water filter that can provide enough water pressure if your water pressure is terrible. However, high pressure may force some contaminants to pass the filter. 


Have you noticed that some best water fluoride filters need replacement of filters after 6months or more?

Nonetheless, some models need replacement after two years or more. This is an essential factor to consider, as durable filters consist of high-quality materials. Thus, they effective when it comes to water filtration. 

Even so, you should remember that a filter might not last long as advertised depending on the quality of water in your area. 

FAQ: Fluoride Water Filters

Buying Guide: Things You Need to Look For In a Fluoride Water Filter

Why do we have fluoride in our water?

Fluoride occurs naturally in foods, water, and soil. Nonetheless, most water companies add it to the municipal water supply to prevent tooth decay. 

Can you remove fluoride from drinking water?

YES! You can remove fluoride from your tap water using the best water fluoride filters. Not all water filters can remove fluoride. However, all water filters in this list can remove fluoride from your water.

Can boiling water remove fluoride?

NO! You cannot remove fluoride from your water through boiling. In fact, even steam distillation cannot remove fluoride from your water, as it does not evaporate. You can use this method to separate your water from some contaminants through evaporation.

Do water pitchers remove fluoride?

Many water pitcher brands cannot remove fluoride. For example, Brita brand. However, some water pitchers like Aquagear filter pitcher removes all fluoride. 

Do water softeners remove fluoride from water?

As suggested by the name, the work of water softeners is to soften your water through a change of structure. Therefore, water softeners cannot remove fluoride from your water.

Which water filters are best for eliminating fluoride?

Yes. We have four treatment methods for the removal of fluoride from your tap water. These include reverse osmosis, distillation, strong base anion exchange, and activated alumina adsorption. Nonetheless, the most common methods used in water filters are reverse osmosis and distillation. 

Do PUR, LifeStraw, and Brita remove fluoride?

Unfortunately, some of the most famous water filters like Brita and PUR pitchers cannot remove fluoride from your water. The reason, they have activated carbon for adsorbing impurities. This process has no effect on fluoride. Even so, these brands remove Chlorine and enhance the taste of your water. 

On the other hand, LifeStraw water filter is only capable of removing protozoa and bacteria from water. Some models remove even viruses. 

Final Verdict

It is essential to have a good fluoride water filter in your home for health purposes. The quality of your drinking water should not be a concern if you have a good filter. 

As shown in this article, the best water filter for fluoride removal blocks many contaminants from passing through filters to your water. Irrespective of where you get your water, a good water filter should remove most contaminants. 

However, by reading this guide, you will be in a position to choose and buy an appropriate model for your home use. 

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