10 Best Garden Carts For Less Trouble In The Garden

10 Best Garden Carts For Less Trouble In The Garden

When it comes to getting your garden ready it’ s not an easy job, not without the best garden carts. Having a garden in your home is one step to take when beautifying your home, and also makes the environment livelier and looking more impressive.

When you have a garden, and it is littered with untrimmed flowers, dirt, and a rough path, it gives you the opposite of your aim. Apart from the beautifying effect of a garden, a garden lover can take on gardening actively and have a sense of responsibility.

To achieve this, you will need efficient garden tools to meet your garden needs and ease your stress.

Having a good and quality garden cart is important and comes in very handy when you carry out your gardening activities. Substituting for a garden cart is not an option as it is a handy tool that eases your stress of carrying garden tools and supplies around the garden.

1. Polar Trailer LG7 Garden Utility Cart

Polar Trailer Clam LG7, 600 Pound Capacity, Black

The Polar Trailer LG7 Garden Utility Cart is one of our top picks when looking for something small and ideal for your gardening jobs. It has an all-steel frame with high quality, it is durable with a powder-coated finish. The strong polyethylene tub and shielded ball bearing it has, gives it a great performance and reliability.

To ensure an easy and neat dump, the new design tub and highly durable frame make it have that clearance. Its original tilt and pivot frame makes it easy to maneuver and it’s easy assembling makes it a great product to invest in.

With the 600 lbs. capacity and a 7 cubic foot hauling capacity, this garden cart is built to last. The tubular frame technology is far superior to its sheet metal frame competitors.

It is designed for an off-road use with a maximum tow speed of 10 MPH, so avoid high-speed application.

2. Gorilla Carts GOR866D Heavy-Duty Garden Poly Dump Cart with 2-In-1 Convertible Handle

Gorilla Carts GOR6PS Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart with 2-In-1 Convertible Handle, 1,200-Pound Capacity, Black

This is a popular garden cart that makes gardening fun and an easy task. Transportation of heavy equipment, potted plants and fertilizers can be done at ease without having to hurt your back.

The Gorilla Carts GOR866D is lightweight but the heavy duty poly dump design feature it has can support up to 1200 pounds of weight. The tires are large, designed to work in all weather conditions, and highly durable.

It has a black rustproof frame (steel) that gives it resistance to rust and it is a 2-in-1 convertible that comfortably suits individuals with different body sizes. It can be pushed around the garden effortlessly and you can unload your items very fast and easy.

The sturdy construction of this garden cart makes it a heavy-duty cart that gets the tough and difficult chores done easily.

3. Mac Sports WTC-111 Outdoor Utility Wagon

Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon, Blue

The Mac Sports Outdoor Wagon is hard to compete with in the garden cart market. With this garden cart, you can easily haul your gardening gear around your garden. It is an elegantly designed wagon that makes gardening great and fun.

Despite it is lightweight, it is durable and offers a 150lb capacity to move bulky and heavy loads around your garden. The setup is quite a breeze with its accordion-style floor. If you want to store after use, it is portable can be easily folded into the included carry bag to give you great convenience.

The wheels of the cart are durable and very reliable. For your outdoor garden work, this is one of the top garden carts to pick.

4. Tipke 2100 Marine Fold-It Utility Cart

Tipke 2100 Marine Fold-It Utility Cart

The Tipke 2100 Marine Fold-It Utility Cart is specially designed to carry out your gardening tasks with ease. It is majorly used in the marine environment due to the way it is designed. The sturdy marine-grade aluminum makes it rust and corrosion free, with just a wash, it gets clean.

The sturdy 20” pneumatic tires of the cart provide flexibility to move over a rough terrain, the removable front panel will help you load and unload garden tools with ease. It has a spring-action retractable handle that can be locked once it is folded up. It is a lightweight cart that weighs 33 pounds and occupies about two square feet for easy and small space storage.

5. Suncast LC1250D 15.5-Gallon Capacity Poly Rolling Lawn Cart

Suncast 2-Wheel Resin Multi-Purpose Cart with Handle - 15.5 Gallon Cart for Garden, Grocery Store and Home - Brown

The Suncast LC1250D is quite popular among gardeners. It is one of the best picks for a garden cart. It is a light taupe poly cart that makes it easy to operate on all terrain and has a smooth rolling around the garden. This cart is strongly built unlike other carts that crumble under pressure, it can handle heavy garden tools without a fault.

The storage space is about 15.5 gallons, and its large wheels and metallic axles give it a better performance in the garden. The Suncast LC1250D can be easily maintained and is fitted with a comfortable telescoping handle to suit all kinds of body type. It is flexible and yet extremely robust. It is made of high value and strong materials that make it durable to stay longer than most products. Its brisk discharge pump makes your work easy and simple.

6. Sandusky Lee CW3418 Garden Wagon

Sandusky Lee CW3418 Muscle Carts Steel Utility Garden Wagon, 400 lb. Load Capacity, 21-3/4" Height x 34" Length x 18" Width

The Sandusky Lee CW3418 is a highly appreciable choice for a garden cart work to give you that cart functionality you want. It has an excellent 400-pound capacity to carry high and heavy load gardening items. It features a stable design that is massive, allowing it to easily and safely carry your garden supplies and tools.

This garden cart has an all-around mesh cabin that is sturdy enough to make sure your load is carried safely. The soft-to-hand and comfortable handle grip feature make your hands stay out of danger by not getting strained or hurt.

The design of this cart is lovable and exceptionally flexible to move about. It is very convenient and worth every dime, making it one of the best top pick for a garden cart.

7. Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow and Yard Cart

Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow - Pumpkin - 5 Cubic Foot Poly Tray with Flat Free Tires

When talking about the best quality garden carts, the Marathon Yard Rover is definitely a pick to talk about.  This quality garden card from Marathon has a two inflated but a double wheel, making it easy for maneuvering and a steady balance.

Pulling, pushing, and dumping of your load won’t be hurtful and won’t be a difficult task to do. It has a convenient-grip cushioned loop, with a total load space of 300 pounds.

For the best residential gardening, the Marathon Yard Rover is ideal with its quality poly tray. It is very easy and fast to assemble, taking you just a few minutes to get it all done. You will be needing just a flathead screwdriver and crescent wrench to do the job. It is a lightweight cart that makes it easy to push around, unlike some other carts that fall into the same class with it.

8. YSC Wagon Garden Folding Utility

YSC Wagon Garden Folding Utility Shopping Cart,Beach Red (Navy Blue) (Regular, Black)

Compared to other wagons in the market, the YSC Wagon Garden Folding Utility is super light weighted. It is an all-purpose wagon that is a little above 10lbs and can be easily moved about when carrying out your garden tasks.

A fun part of this wagon is it requires no assembling. With just taking it out of the shipping box and unfolding it- you are ready to use. It has a 150lbs weight capacity it can hold despite it is light weighted. The folding capacity makes it easy for storage. With the 600D polyester fabric, it has a high strength durability and won’t easily wear out, it is worth every penny spent.

9. Gorilla Carts GOR200B Poly Garden Dump Cart

Gorilla Carts GOR200B Poly Garden Dump Cart with Steel Frame and 10-Inch Pneumatic Tires, 600-Pound Capacity, 36-Inch by 20-Inch Bed, Black Finish

The Gorilla GOR200B Poly Garden Dump Cart is a valuable transportation tool for moving tools and unloading supplies around the garden. It is made of a high-strength poly that has a steel frame and black finish. This cart is maintenance-free or easy to maintain since it is cleaned with ease and highly resistant to rust.

This cart saves time, reduces fatigue, and allows users to move about 600 pounds of garden supplies and feature a patterned quick-release dump design for easy, fast unloading, and moving around without crumbling.

It has a 10” pneumatic turf tires, a 5 to 8” diameter axle and straight padded handle that makes it convenient to tackle any kind of terrain by making it easy to move even in heavy dirt, mud, gravel, or plants.

With an overall height of 20-inches and weighs 35-pounds, the Gorilla Cart GOR200B Poly Garden Dump Cart meet the needs of the light-duty gardener as well as the commercial-duty professional gardener, and it comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

10. Timber Ridge Garden Cart

Timber Ridge Camping Wagon Folding Garden Cart Shopping Trolley Collapsible Heavy Duty Utility Use with Side Bag and Storage Bag, Blue-side bag

The Timber Ridge Garden Cart has an advanced design of telescopic 26” adjustable handle with a locking system and a full 360-degree rotating front wheel that makes pushing and pulling an easy task.

It has an unfold internal dimension and over 4.5 cubic feet of storage, a collapse dimension, and the portable bag that comes along with it makes it very convenient to store.

A garden needs a cart like the Timber Ridge Garden Cart to move about on a hard surface. It can take up to 150 lbs on a hard surface. It is a great cart for transporting garden tools around the garden.

It is an easy an instant setup piece that comes with a takeaway bag, that you can put the pad on the bottom and carry along with ease. It doesn’t require any assembling. It also comes with a one-year warranty to show its commitment to quality.


In conclusion, ditching the old and inefficient methods and adopting the modern and smart technology for gardening will make the garden tasks easy and smooth to run. These 10 Best Garden Carts were carefully selected with the best features to aid you in your garden.

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