7 Best Hygrometer Listed and Reviews

7 Best Hygrometer Listed and Reviews

Do you love quality air as I do? My guess is definitely YES because nobody hates fresh quality air. However, humidity levels play a key role in determining the comfort of your home or workspace.

In fact, humidity levels affect the materials of your house, items in that house, your physical comfort, and the quality of air.

For this reason, you should monitor the humidity levels in your store, home, greenhouse, and animal cage. To do so, you need to measure the relative humidity using an indoor hygrometer. Although some people use an analog hygrometer, this article will focus on digital hygrometers.

Today, the market is flooded with hygrometers, something that confuses consumers and retailers due to the marketing hype. To help you find a suitable digital hygrometer, this article shares the best hygrometer for humidors with the most precision.

7 Best Digital Hygrometer Reviews

Here are the best digital hygrometers on the market today. We compiled this list after detailed research, testing, and reading feedback from verified customers. The reviews comprise a detailed description of each device, its features, pros, and cons. These digital hygrometers fit the various applications.

1. HygroPro™ Digital Hygrometer & Thermometer

The HygroPro™ is an easy-to-install hygrometer with a large easy-to-read display. It is highly accurate and features an ultra long-term battery life. The large LCD screen makes it easy to read at a glance. The display shows both room temperature and relative humidity.

The device features a pop-out stand so it can be kept upright on a tabletop, on your counter, or fixed to the wall.

For more scientific usage or monitoring over time, the HygroPro digital thermometer keeps a record of the highest and lowest temperature & humidity, perfect for monitoring greenhouses and ambient room temperatures.

2. ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer

ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer Room Thermometer and Humidity Gauge with Temperature Humidity Monitor

An easier to use AAA battery-powered indoor thermometer hygrometer. It features a humidity and temperature monitor, as it monitors both humidity and temperature.

This makes it perfect for use in your baby room, greenhouse, office, study room, or cellar. In addition, you can use it as your humidor hygrometer, and thermometer for your soil, reptiles, freezer, and refrigerator.

To ensure you notice any changes in the humidity levels of your home, ThermoPro TP50 has an air comfort indicator for quick glance. This humidity meter shows if the air conditions in your room are wet, comfortable, or wet.

The smart design of this digital thermometer hygrometer is incredible. Apart from its small size, it has a tabletop stand and magnetic back. Thus, you can easily place it in your humidor. Apart from being portable, it offers you two mounting options.

Its manufacturer is ThermoPro, a US-based company that applies modern tech to offer high accuracy. In this digital hygrometer, the humidity and thermometer sensors provide expert-level precision of +-1°F/°C and a 2-3%. To ensure you get the recent changes of your humidor, it refreshes after every 10seconds for data updates.


  • High precision.
  • Easy to read display
  • Its price is cheap for home use
  • Highly portable and easier to mount.


  • No data storage past the high and low levels for that moment.
  • Does not have remote monitoring

3. Veanic 4-Pack Mini Digital Hygrometer

Veanic 4-Pack Mini Digital Thermometer Hygrometer Meters Gauge Indoor Large Number Display Temperature Fahrenheit (℉) Humidity for Home Office Humidors Jars Incubators Guitar Case

An outstanding indoor digital hygrometer that measures both the humidity and temperature of an indoor environment. As the name suggests, this pack comes with 4 meters. Therefore, it is good for use in determining the average humidity of a room.

This inexpensive indoor hygrometer has higher precision, which matches that other expensive thermometer. Indeed, all the four meters of Veanic 4-pack mini show the dame readings.

Their temperature readings stabilize fast and are precise. The accuracy level is +-2℉ and -+5%RH for temperature and humidity respectively. Moreover, these units are small, making it portable. Good for use even as a guitar case hygrometer.

It operates on LR44 type batteries, with each using two batteries. After purchase, this device comes with eight LR44 batteries of about 1.50 volts. Alongside this is an LCD display, which displays larger humidity readings than the temperature readings.

These units do not measurement data and do not have a remote monitoring app. Nevertheless, this should not hold you back from buying this easier to use, accurate, and inexpensive indoor hygrometer.


  • Compact for use in humidors and guitar cases.
  • Easier to use and read.
  • Very cheap but very accurate.
  • Good for measuring home temperature and humidity.
  • Highly reliable.


  • Needs some spacing as the sensor hole is at the back, something that might give different readings if not well placed.
  • The units are fragile and do not store record data.
  • Remote monitoring is impossible.

4. Govee Wireless Hygrometer and Thermometer

Govee Wireless Thermometer Hygrometer, Mini Bluetooth Humidity and Temperature Sensor with Data Export for iOS Android, Temp Humidity Monitor with Alert for House Wine Cigar Living Room Baby Room

One of the best digital hygrometer to check the humidity and temperature conditions in your home. It has a Bluetooth connection with a range of 325-foot, if the conditions are good and without obstructions.

Besides that, it comes with an option to buy a WiFi gateway device. This enables you to get remote access in the form of alerts. However, the gateway is expensive and heavy compared to this digital hygrometer, which is small.

With Govee, data storage is not a concern, because it rakes readings every minute and stores the data for a max of 20 days in the device. Therefore, you can retrieve the data if you were away for hours or two weeks. In addition, it stores unlimited data in its user-friendly Govee app, used in Android and iPhone devices.

The number of sensors that this hygrometer can monitor is unlimited. Thus, is highly adaptable and versatile. Likewise, an unlimited number of users can monitor every sensor. Govee was not only a high-quality hygrometer but also easier to use. However, it is expensive, and you need to buy the WiFi gateway device for remote access.

According to most users, this device is easy to set up, and its sensor operates on a CR2477 battery cell, that has longer battery life. Moreover, its measurements are precise and reliable because of its Swiss-made sensor.


  • Very accurate and reliable.
  • Good price for the value.
  • It comes with a longer life battery.
  • Stores data for a max of 20days and unlimited in its apps.
  • It is easier to set-up, similar to its highly functional app.


  • When you add the WiFi gateway device for remote access, it is expensive.
  • It has a limited Bluetooth range.

5. Cigar Oasis Caliber IV Digital Hygrometer

Cigar Oasis Caliber IV Digital Hygromter by Western Humidor

The Cigar Oasis Caliber IV is the latest cigar digital hygrometer version of the Caliber series from Cigar Oasis. This manufacturer is famous for making the most precise hygrometers for use in cigar industries and others. In fact, this device has an advanced humidity sensor, which keeps its accuracy at -+1%.

It reads both the humidity and temperature of a humidor with high precision. In comparison to analog hygrometers, this is far much better. It has an LCD display where the readings display in proportion. However, the LCD is not bright enough for use at night, to avoid high power consumption. It comes with two CR2 batteries, but it needs one to work.

This easy to use and read digital hygrometer has a compact slim profile design. Because of its small size and slim design, you can use it in your cigar humidor and others. In addition, it has a safe magnetic mount that enables you to mount it with ease.

Unlike some digital hygrometers in this list, Caliber IV hygrometer stores recorded data for three days. This data comprises the low, high, and averages of your humidor. Although it comes pre-calibrated out of the box, it has an easier user re-calibration option. To test the pre-calibration, test it with a boveda pack and make the necessary changes.


  • It has a longer battery life and a safe magnetic mount.
  • It is easy to use and dependable.
  • Highly accurate out of the box with the re-calibration option.
  • Cheap and offers value for money.
  • Compact and easier to fit in any humidor.


  • Some people find their re-calibration difficult.
  • Only good for use in humidors and small enclosed areas.
  • It does not have remote monitoring.

6. AcuRite 01083 Indoor Digital Hygrometer and Thermometer

AcuRite Monitor for Greenhouse, Home or Office(3 x 2.5 Inches) Room Thermometer Gauge with Temperature Humidity, Digital Hygrometer Indoor

If you are looking for a pro-accuracy humidity and temperature hygrometer for home use, Acurite 01083 is your right option. This easy to use and read digital hygrometer has precise sensors that update data after 10 seconds. It also features a digital display that shows the data measurements. Its operation uses two AAA batteries, with an accuracy level of -+2% RH.

Although it has a smaller physical size, the primary displays are large enough for easier reading. In addition, its design allows placing it in your humidor without stress. It features a well-designed hole that enables us to hang it anywhere.

Alongside these are two powerful magnets for easier attaching to your humidor. Although Acurite 01083 does not feature a foldout stand, it has a wide flat base that enables it to stand firm.

Although it comes pre-calibrated out of the box, you can manually calibrate the monitor to enhance data readings. For manual calibration, follow the systematic calibration manual in the packaging box. This allows for increased data accuracy of both humidity and temperature sensors.

It has a colorful humidity level indicator for easier viewing. In fact, this indicator shows the home comfort levels at a glance. Low humidity show in blue, green for OK levels, and red for high levels.

Furthermore, this digital hygrometer indicates high and low temperatures and humidity levels for the last 24 hours. It indicates if they increasing or decreasing.


  • Easy to use.
  • Displays large characters for easier reading.
  • Cheap but very accurate for home use.
  • Small in size and easy to mount.


  • It does not feature remote monitoring and alerts.
  • The re-calibration process is hard for some users.

7. Temp Stick Wireless Humidity and Temperature Hygrometer

Temp Stick Wireless Remote Temperature & Humidity Sensor. Connects Directly to WiFi. Free 24/7 Monitoring, Alerts & Historical Data. Free iPhone/Android Apps, Monitor from Anywhere, Anytime! -Black

This digital hygrometer monitors both humidity and temperature conditions of your home. Built with modern technology, it has an all-in-one wireless sensor for remote monitoring. However, you need to connect it to any WiFi network, to get notifications in the form of text or email. You get them whenever the humidity or temperature goes beyond your set limits.

The US-based manufacturer makes devices with high accuracy and versatility. A good choice of use in any environment all over the world. Besides that, it was easier to set up this wireless hygrometer, which took us a few minutes.

It comes with two AA batteries, which according to various users lasts to a max of one year based on your usage. To avoid downtime when at work, it sends an automatic notification when the batteries are low.

Although it has pre-calibration out of the box, it gives you a re-calibration option. The re-calibration process is easier. It has a higher accuracy level of about -+0.4 degrees Celsius, and -+4% RH for temperature and humidity respectively.

As noted earlier, we found this device very flexible and reliable, as it allows you to connect an unlimited number of the sensor. Therefore, you can use one account to monitor many areas. In addition, you have the option of choosing when it should take measurements. For example, every 5minutes or 1 hour.

You can add 10 contacts to get notifications. However, this digital hygrometer is expensive than other devices in this list, because of its long-term value. In fact, you get free phone and email support throughout the week. It does not have hidden subscription fees.


  • It has a simple and user-friendly app.
  • Easy to set-up.
  • Remote monitoring through any WiFi connection.
  • Very accurate and reliable.
  • Good for use by travelers.


  • The reporting time is not actual, as the minimum interval is 5 minutes.
  • Consumes high power, hence reducing the batter life.

Best Hygrometer Buying Guide and FAQ

What is Hygrometer?

A hygrometer is an instrument that measures water vapor (humidity) in the air/environment, and then display the amount as a percentage. Other terms that refer to it are humidity gauge or humidity meter.

The hygrometer works by calculating changes in temperature and pressure. In addition, there exist various types of hygrometers. These include analog psychrometers, digital hygrometers, and others.

Often, the use of digital hygrometers is in outdoor spaces like greenhouses and industrial premises to get fast and precise humidity readings. Nonetheless, some people use humidity gauges indoor for personal reasons. For example, in the preservation of cigars, ensuring food stores are moisture-free, and to monitor their wine cellars.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Digital Hygrometer

The best digital hygrometer to buy suits your specific needs. For an easier selection of a suitable hygrometer for a humidor, you should consider these factors:


The price is an essential consideration in any shopping. However, you should evaluate every price based on the accuracy and features of a hygrometer for a humidor. For example, an expensive hygrometer featuring remote monitoring is of better value compared to a cheap hygrometer without remote monitoring.


Precision is an important factor in the determination of the best guitar case hygrometer. Ensure you have checked the precision ratings and ranges of every choice you make. Ask yourself, whether you want a highly accurate or standard hygrometer for home.

Moreover, you should search for the +-% RH rating when checking the reviews of a humidity gauge. The +-% RH rating shows the margin of error for that sensor. Indeed, the most accurate humidity sensors have a +-1% RH margin. Nonetheless, a max of +-4% RH or a bit higher is enough for many uses.

User Interface

When looking at various models, remember to check the user interface of every device. Here are some questions to ask yourself; if the hygrometer has an app, is the interface easier to understand and navigate? If you have eye issues, is the display big enough to see? Does it have a clear and easier to read display?

Battery life and power source

One of the most crucial factors to remember as you shop for a digital hygrometer is its battery life and source of power. Is it wireless or needs plugging in? If wireless, what kind of batteries does it use? How long is the battery life?

Ways for use/ application

Your choice of the best hygrometer for a home depends heavily on where you intend to use the instrument. Are you searching for a hygrometer to use in your greenhouse or the best indoor hygrometer? Here are some common uses for a digital hygrometer:


For effective care of your plants in a greenhouse, you need to check the humidity conditions to offer the best environment for them to grow. However, it is only a digital hygrometer that can help you regulate the humidity levels. The levels change during various times of the day or seasons.

A greenhouse does not have some specific humidity level. However, it is good you understand the ideal conditions for your plants. In turn, try to control dramatic changes in the conditions, to prevent the plants to suffer from adverse effects.

Cigar humidors

A hygrometer for humidors is essential in keeping cigars fresh and with the original flavor. Therefore, you need to consider various factors to get the best cigar hygrometer. One of them is accuracy. In most cases, hygrometers with humidors are of lower quality. Therefore, you consider buying a high-quality hygrometer for effective monitoring of your cigars.

Furthermore, ensure your hygrometer for humidors is smaller to fit in the humidor. Also, keep in mind how to mount the device. You can decide if you want a simple digital hygrometer or one with remote monitoring abilities.

Home use

In case you want an indoor hygrometer for simple home use, then you do not require the same accuracy for a cigar humidor. Consider your specific home needs. For example, if you want to check many rooms at the same time, if you need remote monitoring with actual-time alerts, and where you should place your guitar case hygrometer.

By understanding these factors, you will be in a position to buy an accurate digital hygrometer that caters to specific needs.


Do you want to keep your reptiles happy and healthy? Then you need to check the humidity and temperature levels in your terrarium. In fact, you should conduct some research on your specific pet to know the correct humidity and temperature levels.

When choosing a device, consider buying a combined hygrometer/thermometer. Nevertheless, ensure the device suits your requirements for both measurements.

Instrument cases

Most musical instruments are an expensive investment. Thus, it is important you protect them well to avoid shrinkage, cracking, warping, and other expensive problems. Actually, this is the reason why professionals recommend you store your instruments in their cases.

If you do not want to take any of your wooden instruments like a guitar to the repair shop, check the humidity level of your storage place. This needs you to place a guitar case hygrometer in the case.

Remote monitoring and notifications

Remote monitoring and notifications are among the most important functions of the best digital hygrometers. This function enables you to remotely check your device from an app, and get notifications if the levels exceed your set limits.

Although digital hygrometers with these remote abilities are expensive than analog hygrometers, this function is worth the cost. The 24/7 monitoring enables you to avoid any costly and irreversible damage occurring to your property.

Nevertheless, you should check the specifics of these devices. For example, how many users can receive notifications? Is it possible to customize the notifications? What is the time intervals for measuring and reporting readings? All these will determine if your chosen device suits your needs or not.

Extra sensor support

Do you want to monitor many locations like many rooms in your home at once? If so, you need an indoor hygrometer with the ability to connect extra sensors to one system. Besides that, consider the number of years you want to monitor, and the distance between them. There is a limited range in most devices.

NIST certification

Are you looking for a specifically accurate digital hygrometer to meet ISO needs? If so, look for a hygrometer for a humidor with a NIST certification. The calibration standard is acceptable nationally.

Data logging

As you look for various hygrometers, consider if historical data is important in your use. If you need a historical report of humidity levels of a specific area, go for devices that log unlimited data.

On the contrary, you can choose a digital hygrometer that captures a limited amount of data like data for the last 24hours. Nevertheless, you can choose one without data storage choices.         

Best Hygrometer FAQ

Q: What is the best hygrometer for humidors?

From this list, the Temp Stick Wireless sensor is the best hygrometer for use in humidors. Apart from having a compact design, you can connect it to any WiFi for remote access. It comes with an easier to use an intuitive app for Android and iPhone devices. In addition, it is very accurate, flexible, and reliable.

Q: What hygrometer levels are best for cigars?

Cigar Oasis Caliber IV is the best for use in your cigars. A recent upgrade of a series from a US-based manufacturer who is famous for accurate cigar hygrometers. Moreover, it has a small and slim fit design, which makes it perfect for use in cigar humidors.

Q: Who makes the best indoor-outdoor thermometer with a hygrometer?

ThermoPro TP50 digital hygrometer is your best bet for use as an indoor and outdoor hygrometer with a thermometer. It is well designed and highly accurate. Making it fit for use both indoors and outdoors. Its main feature is the air comfort indicator.

Q: What are the best hygrometers to buy?               

The best hygrometer to buy depends on your intended use. For example, if you want to use it in your home, cigars humidors, instrument cases, greenhouses, or terrariums. Therefore, you must first decide your purpose, and then choose the best for that work. For example, in this list, we have the best hygrometers for different applications.

Q: What is the best personal hygrometer?

From our research and personal experience, Temp Stick Wireless Hygrometer and SensorPush Wireless Hygrometer are the best. You can use them wherever you are through remote monitoring. Nevertheless, a suitable personal hygrometer should serve your intended purpose.

Q: What is the best hygrometer to use with my guitar?

The best guitar case hygrometer to use is Oasis OH-2C digital hygrometer. It features a clip that allows you to place where you will get the most precise data.  In addition, it shows both the humidity and temperature of your guitar case, as they both affect the state of your guitar.

Q: What is the best hygrometer for measuring house humidity?

The sole purpose of all hygrometers is measuring the humidity of an environment. However, the best for measuring your house humidity is Acurite 01083. This pro-accuracy digital hygrometer has very precise sensors that take a measurement every 10 seconds.


The level of humidity in your room, house, or any enclosed area has a direct effect on your health and stored items. Higher or lower humidity levels can result to serious health issues, and storage conditions. To monitor the humidity levels, ensure you buy an accurate and dependable hygrometer.

After detailed research and reviewing of various digital hygrometers, the above hygrometers were our best choice. However, if you are not always in your house, we recommend Temp Stick hygrometer.

This device is accurate, dependable, and has a remote monitoring app for use in both Android and iPhone devices. All you need is a WiFi connection.

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