10 Best Night Driving Glasses: A Safer Way to Drive at Night

Top 10 Night Driving Glasses

Night driving can be dangerous, especially if you’re not used to it. The best way to stay safe while driving at night is to wear Night Driving Glasses. Night Driving Glasses help reduce glare and improve your visibility while driving at night. They are also great for reducing eye fatigue, which can be very dangerous when driving long distances. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of wearing Night Driving Glasses and how they can help keep you safe while driving at night!

In anything you do, you should always put your safety as a priority, especially in driving which comes with a lot of traffic accidents that can be avoided.

As a way of taking precautions, you should always wear your safety belts, abide by traffic signs and regulations, and also wear night vision driving glasses at night if you are having a vision problem (You don’t even need to have a vision problem to get yourself one).

For this reason, we have taken long hours to research some of the high-quality night driving glasses that you can get. Apart from the purpose of protecting your eyes, they also come in trendy, making you look good as you drive. Check them out!


1. Soxick Night Driving Anti-Glare HD Polarized Glasses

SOXICK Night Driving Glasses Anti Glare Polarized HD Night Vision Safe Glasses Light Al-Mg Frame Adjustable

The Soxick brand is a popular brand among night driving glasses. These anti-glare HD polarized night glasses for both men and women provide you with maximum comfort as you drive through the night. With the anti-glare lens it features, it makes these night driving glasses totally worth the while.

Although, the glasses fit run a bit small the frame is totally different from other products as it is made with aluminum-magnesium in order to ensure that it is lightweight and very comfortable to wear.

In terms of durability, you can rely on these glasses because it is made with premium quality materials of German military grade. It also comes in four different colors to choose from and matches any style of your choice.


  • Highly durable
  • Lenses are made from high quality, shatter-proof German resin


  • The glasses fit runs small
  • Better with contrast than the headlight glare reduction

2. BLUPOND Wrap Around Night Driving Glasses

BLUPOND Wrap Around Oversized Sunglasses - Fit Over Prescription Glasses for Women/Men With Flip Up Semi Polarized Yellow Anti Glare Lens - KNIGHT VISOR

Compared to other products, these night driving glasses come with an extraordinary frame with a flexible feature that is awesome. The lens of the BLUPOND night driving glasses is 100 percent polarized with pale yellow color to give you a better visual when you are driving at night.

When it comes to the design, these glasses are elegant with an Italian style. If you are fashionable and want something to represent you, then this is your best bet. It comes with a complete kit of free five extra gifts.


  • UV400 protection
  • Comes with a complete kit and gift
  • The polycarbonate lenses are shatterproof


  • The glasses use a polarized material
  • No better contrast in darkness
  • Size runs a bit small

3. Duco Night Vision Polarized Driving Glasses

Duco Myopia Night Vision Glasses Specific For Night Driving Polarized 8954Y

These night driving glasses come in one size with a slit at the top of the frame in order to prevent the difference in air temperature between your prescription lenses and the night driving lenses from fogging up.

A great feature of this Duco product is the silicon nose pad that allows the glasses to fit snugly without occupying much space on the bridge of your nose.

Although, the quality of these nighttime sunglasses can be a bit iffy as fit over it is still a good choice for night driving glasses when you want glasses with a small night lens panel. This panel protects your eyes from the passing cars that might shine their bright lights even out of the corner of your eye.


  • Provides UV400 protection
  • The TR90 frames are durable and lightweight


  • The prescription glasses fit over is hit or miss

4. Lumin-100 U.V.A. and U.V.B. Protection Night Driving Glasses

Lumin Night Driving Glasses Shift - All-Weather Glasses for Rain, Fog, and Night Driving - Improve Road Safety - Unisex

The LUM-100 glasses are specially designed with a yellow tint just like how other nice glasses are designed. Although, the tint of this Lumin product is moderate and not too much like other products. The tint helps to prevent the right level of light from coming through while you are driving at night.

These all-weather UVA and UVB glasses will make you drive safely when you put it on. You will stay safe and make the right decisions as you can clearly see road marking, street signs, and traffic lights.

Even in fog, rain, or mist, the glasses are a fit to help you see clearly. Despite the fact that it doesn’t come with a case, it is still an affordable night driving glass with value for the money.


  • UVA and UVB protection
  • Great price


  • The lenses are not polarized
  • No glasses case

5. Surenue Anti-Glare Polarized Night Driving Glasses

These glasses by Surenue come with a transparent lens with a special yellow coating that allows light transmission for clear and full visual, giving you a safe and comfortable night driving experience.

It features a yellow hue that transforms everything in your sight, balances the strong, flashing, and glaring lights- changing them to yellow, which will, in turn, protect you from those blue and damaging lights.

With the lenses of these glasses being blue light polarized, it doesn’t matter whether you notice a glare or not, the yellow view is there to make sure your eyes are fully protected. However, the effects of the yellow lens border on different factors like the genetic and anatomy of the person using it but overall, there will be a decrease in glare reduction.


  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable frame and nose pads


  • Don’t come with a hard case, but a pouch

6. O-LET Polarized Anti-Glare Night Vision Fit Over Glasses

Dollger Night Driving Glasses Fits Over Prescription Eyewear Anti Glare Polarized HD Night Vision Glasses for Men Women

If you are looking for night driving glasses that will protect your eyes from the glaring headlights that come with night driving, then these O-LET Night Vision Over Glasses are a good fit and one to consider.

You can simply put this fit over glasses over your prescription glasses, and you will get a crisp and clear vision while it reduces glare from traffic and also reduce strain too.

These night vision glasses offer comfort and it’s easy to fit in. with just the measurement of the size of your prescription glasses, you can easily choose the right size that will fit. For quality assurance, the glasses are made with super-light materials that are extremely flexible, durable, and light-weighted.

When it’s worn, you won’t feel the weight even if it is more than one glass. If you are someone that wears a prescription glass, then this is an amazing choice.


  • Has shaft holes for snap-in elastic behind the head strap
  • High quality


  • A little bit too yellow

7. Soxick Mens HD Metal Polarized Night Driving Glasses

Night Vision Glasses for Men Women - SOXICK Polarized HD Driving Glasses Anti Glare UV400 Adjustable Metal Frame Yellow Lens (Balck, 2.5)

The Soxicks Men HD Metal Polarized Night Glasses will give you the best value for your money. It gives you a top-notch performance during night driving. The material it is made of is an AL-MG alloy material that makes it lightweight and easy to carry about. Despite its lightweight, it is highly durable.

Its unique design makes it versatile as you can use it when riding bicycles, vehicles, and even when running. Its cool features make it a night driving glasses that should be considered if you are looking at what will serve you efficiently. Not forgetting that it comes with full UV400 protection, making it good when protecting your eyes from UVA and UVB rays.

Using these polarized glasses will help you reduce eye fatigue and eliminate glare. With these glasses from Soxick Men, you can drive all night and have a good time. Also, it comes with an anti-reflective eyeglasses coating which helps to ensure that your driving experience is safe.


  • Anti-reflective eyeglasses coating
  • Strong construction
  • Versatile


  • Limited official sellers, giving way for clones

8. Pro Acme Polarized Lens Anti Glare Night Driving Glasses

Pro Acme Night Vision Glasses with Polarized Lens Unisex Anti Glare Safety Night Driving Glasses

This affordable, yet great night driving glasses is one to consider. Even with the cheap price, it offers safety when driving at night, and when it comes to functionality, it is overall great, this is a nice option if you are looking for night driving glasses that will protect your eyes when driving and still save some bucks, then this is a choice to make.

It comes with a metal frame which is nice and durable, the lenses are made of plastic which guarantees its longevity when using – when you drop it accidentally, you won’t be alarmed it will get broken, unlike the other glasses types.

Its functionality feature enables it to help block headlights in order for you to have safe driving at night.

Its lightweight makes it comfortable to wear and you can even wear it for a long period of time without worrying about functionality. However, people tend not to like fitting because of its built.


  • Very affordable
  • Good construction
  • Impact-resistant


  • The fitting is a turn off for people

9. Duduma Polarized Night Driving Glasses

Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses for Men Women Baseball Running Cycling Fishing Driving Golf Softball Hiking TR90 Unbreakable Frame(Black Matte Frame with Yellow Lens)

If you are looking for polarized night driving glasses, then the Duduma Polarized Night Driving Glasses are the real deal here.

People with a high taste for fashion will love this because it has an alluring and fashionable look that is well designed to fit in all outdoor activities. It is super light when it is worn, you will hardly feel anything on your face.

The lens of the glasses helps to improve color clarity which makes driving at night comfortable and safe. Another cool feature is that it is unisex and it looks cool on both males and females. It is a polarized black lens that restores true color to your view, it also filters 99% of reflective and scattered glare.

For comfort, it comprises a soft nose pad and earpiece that is made up of rubber. When it comes to assurance, it has a lifetime breakage warranty on the lens and frame, and a money-back guarantee after 30 days.


  • Money-back guarantee
  • Lightweight and durable


  • The coating comes off easily
  • Lenses can get scratched easily

10. Eagle Eyes Classic Aviator Night Driving Glasses

Eagle Eyes Classic Aviator Night-Lite - Night Driving Glasses

The Eagle Eyes Classic will make you feel comfortable and look stylish at night. With the cool features these glasses have, it is one to consider having. These glasses come in handy at night by offering clear vision while driving.

For highly fashioned drivers, this glass is an option worth considering because it comes in a stainless steel frame that adds to your fashion statement.

A special feature to take note of about these glasses is the non-polarized lenses with an anti-reflective coating which are very useful in filtering out any harsh light that can affect your eyes.

The micro-infused yellow lenses with optical grade anti-reflective coating help to absorb UV light that is harmful, and filter out high-intensity glare.

These glasses will stay and last for years, all thanks to the scratch guards on both the inner and the outer lenses and help to keep them in good condition.

Also, it can be worn by both males and females. For glasses that enhance vision at night, are fully packed with pleasing aesthetics, and offer maximum comfort, the Eagles Eyes Classic comes fully ready for that.


  • Anti-reflective coating to reduce glare
  • Micro-infused lenses
  • Scratch-resistant layers to protect lenses


  • Non-polarized lens
  • Frames not too durable
  • Not versatile

When you want to buy a night driving glass, one of the top features to look out for is the polarized lens. Without being polarized, the glasses won’t be of help to you at night. The major issue being faced with when driving at night is the glare from light and severe lightning can cause acute blindness so it is a smart move when you look for how to buy the best night glasses.

Things To Look Out For When Buying A Night Driving Glasse

  • Night Driving Glasses help reduce glare and improve visibility while driving at night
  • Night Driving Glasses are also great for reducing eye fatigue, which can be very dangerous when driving long distances
  • In addition to improving safety, Night Driving Glasses can also help you avoid accidents caused by poor visibility at night
  • If you’re looking for a safer way to drive at night, consider wearing Night Driving Glasses!

Polarized Lens

Polarization comes in different forms that have its benefits. Some manufacturer can select some materials that are naturally polarized in making these glasses, some uses film just to simply block the light’s direction while some make sure that the lens material is architecturally manufactured and act as a filter.

The architectural polarization is consistent and will not fade over time. It is usually expensive but the most effective. The naturally polarized lens leads to a more consistent polarization, and wouldn’t fade over time.

Finally, the polarized film which is the least effective and the most common involves coating the lenses in a polarized film – it will fade over time.

Whichever you are going for, you should be careful because the polarized lenses can make seeing LED and LCD light difficult because the lens polarization is very effective.

UV Protection

Most times, night driving glasses are versatile and can be used also during the day. The “night” title with it doesn’t suggest that it is limited only to night use. The light patterns that cause glare at night can also affect you when there is sunlight, even at a higher frequency because there is more light during the day.

Although, you might not notice this because the darkness will make the glare look brighter by contrast.

Since you will be needing night driving glasses to help reduce glare during night time, you should look for one you can wear in both daylight and night time, in order to cut down issues with UV radiation and light. Even when sunglasses are meant to cut down on the sun’s intensity, you still need glasses that will offer you UV protection.

UVA Rays

UVA radiation is a common type of UV protection that is offered by the glass and as you may know, almost all glasses makers claim their glasses come with UV protection and it is usually assumed that with this, it also protects from UVA rays.

That is always not the case, the UVA rays account for the majority of the UV radiation but are not totally the same thing. This makes it easy for some manufacturers to claim a 100% UV protection when it doesn’t.

UVB Rays

When glasses provide UVB radiation protection, it is one to strongly consider buying. Usually, the UVB ray protection is expensive and difficult to get, and if a manufacturer is willing to add the UVB protection to a glass, then they are ready to offer you the best.

The UVB radiation protection can make the cost of the glasses to be on the high side but if you have the cash to spare, you can throw it in because it is an investment worth making.

Lens Material

Unlike daytime sunglasses, nighttime sunglasses lens materials are a bit more restricted. This is because the primary function of nighttime sunglasses to reduce glare and amplify light is hindered by some of the materials that daytime sunglasses use for their lenses.


Polycarbonate is a type of lens material used for night-driving glasses. Polycarbonate is cheap but highly durable when used in making glasses. When you see a brand that shows “shatter-proof” on their lenses, they are referring to polycarbonate lenses.

Polycarbonate is a very light material that is used for lightweight night driving glasses, regardless of the type but a downside of this material is that it is known to reduce optical quality.


This material is not common when it comes to driving glasses but it is one to look out for. Tivex is a material that makes the glasses performs better and the SR-91 is the naturally polarized version of Tivex.

Tivex is usually lighter and damage-proof than polycarbonate. Tivex also helps to give image clarity but the problem associated with this is the high cost. When you see night driving glasses with Tivex/SR-91, you should expect a higher cost.

Lens Tint

A tinted lens is one of the top features to look out for when shopping for night driving glasses. They need to be tinted and with the color – yellow. Since different colored lenses respond to wavelengths of light differently, it is better to have a tinted lens with just a color.

Yellow and Amber

Some manufacturers do sell night driving glasses with either a yellow or amber color lens tinting. Whatever the reason may be, the main purpose of night driving glasses is to cut down on blue light that is damaging to the eyes and amplify the low-light settings available.

However, amber tinting can do these but yellow tinting can do it in a better and more superior way. The amber tinting works better during the dawn and dusk – when it’s not yet totally dark and the light conditions are just fading.

It is important to note that the yellow tinting causes color distortion but it shouldn’t be that much of a concern anyway since you will be using it in a low-light setting where the colors are already dimmer.

The amber tinting also causes color distortion but not like the yellow tinting, it all depends on the time of the day you need the driving glasses for.

Design And Comfort

You might be thinking this is unimportant since when you are most likely to wear your glasses is during the night and inside your car but you should know that when it comes to design, it is not limited to the aesthetics of the glasses but the overall construction that suggests if it will be comfortable to wear.

When you have night-driving glasses that are well built, this will help you stay focused and concentrate on your driving rather than being distracted by the discomfort you feel. The last thing you would want is glasses that keep falling off your face while driving.


The reason for night driving glasses boils down to one aim- to be able to see clearly and protect your eyes when driving at night. There are thousands of night driving glasses available in the market to buy from and they all have different features that they provide, like glare reduction or polarization, making it difficult to limit your choice to just one.

Our selected night driving glasses were chosen based on the different features they have, their durability, and versatility. They are not limited to driving alone as hunters, golfers and fishermen can also use them.

We hope this guide has helped you narrow down your search to help you get the best night driving glasses for you.

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