10 Best Rain Gauge Reviews

10 Best Rain Gauge Reviews

A rain gauge is just a fancy name to keep tabs on the amount of rainwater in a place over a given period of time. It is mostly used by hydrologists and meteorologists for professional needs.

However, there are varieties of rain gauge fit for a typical homeowner to use with the lawn, garden or backyard.

With a quality rain gauge, you can guard against drought and prevent overwatering your garden. Rain gauges also come in a fancy design that adds aesthetically to the garden and front yard.

Hence, with a rain gauge, you get a beautiful front lawn, and you also save water, in the long run, meaning healthy and a stress-free garden. When seeking for the perfect rain gauge, there are plenty of options in the market. It could be confusing to choose the best, but it shouldn’t be.

As a result, this rain gauge review will explore the ten best rain gauges available in the market. With this, we hope you get to choose the best that fits your needs.

1. Bits and Pieces Garden Gnome Rain Gauge Sculpture

Bits and Pieces Garden Décor-Hand Painted Gnome Rain Gauge Sculpture for Your Garden, Lawn or Patio - Charming, Durable, Weather Resistant Polyresin Statue

This garden sculpture will improve the aesthetics of your garden. They are made with durable metals and resin components that bring about a captivating focal point in your yard. While making your garden beautiful, it will keep track of the rainfall amount of your yard.

These garden sculptures are made with a hand that features meticulous finishes. There are subjects like fairies, birds and garden gnomes.

2. Evergreen Metal Frog Statue with a Glass Rain Gauge

Evergreen Garden Decorative Polystone and Metal Frog Statue with a Glass Rain Gauge - 4" W x 4" D x 18" H

This is a very beautiful frog made of metal and polystone with which you can add color to your front yard. The frog stands beneath a small umbrella and at attention, holding a rain gauge in its hand.

This elegant garden decoration lets you keep track of your rainfall while adding color to your garden or front porch. It is resistant to rust and can measure as much as 5 inches of rainfall. It is best to keep in an area devoid of buildings or trees for an accurate reading.

3. Evergreen Garden Metal and Glass Rain Gauge with Solar Powered Light

Evergreen Garden Metal and Glass Rain Gauge with Solar Powered Light - 6" W x 5.5" D x 33.5" H

This beautiful glass and metal rain gauge gives out solar-powered light and can help decorate your outdoor space and garden. Asides from measuring the rainfall amount, it also adds color and antique to your outdoor space.

It features a glass rain gauge on top of the black metal scroll garden stake. There is also a white spherical solar light beneath. There is a solar panel underneath that gets charged during the day and emits light at night.

4. Toland Home Rain Gauge Statue with Glass Udometer

Toland Home Garden Clear Rain Gauge Udometer 227200 Decorative Replacement Glass Tube with Large Printed Numbers

The Garden delight Rain gauge serves both aesthetic and rain gauge functions. It features a rain gauge vial underneath which tracks rainfall up to 7 inches. The rain gauge features a flat bottom which ensures accurate readings only.

With the decorative metal stake design, it fits any portion of the garden, which can be dismantled for storage during winter. It features a fluted metal stake which makes the garden more beautiful. It comes in a gift box which makes storage easy.

5. A Ting Metal And Glass Rain Gauge

A Ting Metal and Glass Easy Read 7 inch Garden Rain Gauge,Sunflower

With the ability to monitor up to 7 inches of rainwater, the A Ting metal glass rain gauge helps decorate your front lawn and track rainwater. It features metal and glass materials making it pretty durable and resistant to adverse weather effects.

It is wireless and presents the rainfall data in a clear and simple manner. It is a superb decoration for outdoor, yards, lawns and tabletops.

6. BOAER Solar Rain Gauge

BOAER Solar Powered Rain Gauge Outdoor,Metal Frog Figurine Stake for Garden, LED Lights Glass Tube (Solar Rain Gauge)

This BOAER Solar rain gauge is able to measure the amount of rainfall in your yard without any sophisticated installation or wiring. It takes an average of 7 hours to charge and works an average of 9 hours after a full charge. It comes with a 1,2V AA NI-MH rechargeable battery.

It is made of metal and glass and comes in the design of water that can be surrounded by leaves and frogs. The white LED light makes it very easy to read day and night. Users enjoy a limited 1-year warranty.

7. OUTWEST TRADING Professional Outdoor Rain Gauge

OUTWEST TRADING Professional Outdoor Rain Gauge for Yard, Heavy Duty.

Seeking a tough rain gauge that can withstand tough and harsh weather conditions, the OUTWEST TRADING Professional Outdoor Rain Gauge is a very good choice. It is well suited for yards and gardens and gives the correct measurement of rainfall.

Installation is quick and easy as it comes with easy instructions to guide users. Also, it features a dual scale that measures 150mm and 6 inches. It is perfect for outdoor use as it is resistant to UV rays and rust.

8. Lust Leaf Rain Gauge

Luster Leaf 1639 Rain Gauge in Decorative Bracket

The LustLeaf Rain Gauge Garden gives you the ability to add a touch of decoration to your front yard while also keeping track of rainfall. It is steady, easy to use, and guaranteed to give life, warmth, and comfort to your garden or front yard.

Made of durable glass and metal, it can hold 8 oz of water. It is a thoughtful gift idea for the weatherman and users enjoy a year’s warranty.

9. Dragonfly Metal And Glass Rain Gauge

7" Dragonfly Metal and Glass Spring Rain Gauge,Outdoor Decor

This rain gauge is able to collect and measure rainwater up to 7 inches. This beautiful rain gauge comes in a mixture of glass and metal material which makes it strong, resistant, and durable. It is perfect for lawn, outdoor, gardens, and tabletops.

It comes in assorted colors and can be a perfect gift for the next-door weatherman. It is best placed in areas without trees and buildings for accurate readings.

10. Luster Leaf 1640 Rainfall Gauge

Luster Leaf 1640 Rainfall Gauge

The luster leaf rain gauges give an accurate measurement of rainfall while adding beauty to your yard or garden. They can come either in a decorative bracket or an adjustable stake which makes assembly and placement easy.

The components of this rain gauge are made with polystyrene to guard against harsh weather conditions and increase strength as well. It can hold as much as 5 inches of rainfall and the scale reads inches and centimeters.

How To Clean a Rain Gauge

Do you have a rain gauge? If not, you should really consider getting one! They are a great way to keep track of how much rain has fallen in your area. But what do you do if it starts to get dirty? In this blog post, we will teach you how to clean a rain gauge and keep it functioning properly!

The first step is to remove the rain gauge from its mounting. This can usually be done by loosening a few screws or popping off a cover. Be careful not to damage the rain gauge while removing it!

Once the rain gauge is removed, you will need to clean it. This can be done using warm water and soap. Make sure to scrub all of the dirt and grime away!

If there is any built-up calcium on the rain gauge, you can use white vinegar to remove it. Simply soak a cloth in white vinegar and wipe down the calcium deposits.

Once the rain gauge is clean, reattach it to its mounting and replace any screws or covers that were removed. Then, go outside and check out the rain gauge! It should be good as new!

If you have any questions about cleaning a rain gauge, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to help!


Rain gauge comes in various designs meant to add color and keep track of your rainfall data. With the selection of the top rain gauge review, we hope you get to select the best for your garden.

Getting the best rain gauge is not a very complicated endeavor if you know what you want. Hence, be armed with the right budget, quality, and comfort and you can get the best rain gauge well suited for your garden.

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