10 Best Tape Measure Must-Have List

10 Best Tape Measure Must-Have List

Having the right tape measure is essential to help you do your job well, whether DIY projects or on-site tasks. This is what prompted us to explore the best ten tape measures that will come in handy in helping with your jobs.

As a result, we selected the top-rated tape measure based on many criteria like accuracy, range, LCD light, ease of use, portability, durability, etc. As a result, you can be confident that you will find these tape measures useful.

In addition, we perused the customer rating and user experience. We believe that real experience from users will go a long way in helping to choose the best tape measure. We also have a buyer’s guide section that explores the things users need to pay attention to before selecting a tape measure. There is also a FAQ section that explores the concerns you might have in choosing and using a tape measure.

Sit back, relax as we take you through the best ten tape measures:

10 Best Measuring Tapes

1. TACKLIFE Laser Tape Measure

Laser Tape Measure 2-in-1, Laser Measure 131 Ft, Tape Measure 16 Ft Metric and Inches with LCD Digital Display, Movable Magnetic Hook, Screwdriver, Nylon Coating for DIY, Construction - TM-L01

If you need a top-quality tape measure that will make your job easier, we recommend TACKLIFE Laser Tape Measure 2-in-1. Combining 131 feet laser measure and a 16 feet tape measure, it is the perfect companion to make your job easier. With the UNIT button, you can switch between different measuring units. You get to calibrate yourself thanks to the front reference and end reference function.

This is your ticket to have a pretty accurate measurement. You get to have precise measurements thanks to many accessories that come with it like the double sensing holes, which improve stability. You get to measure with two scales; hence accuracy is guaranteed.

The stability of the blade is sure as the tape measure can attach to any ferrous metal. Also, there is a movable magnetic hook that boosts accuracy for measurement. It is portable, and the presence of a belt clip and wrist strap makes it easy to transport the tape anywhere. Users get necessary accessories like double AAA batteries, user manual, screwdrivers, and others.


  • Energy saving
  • Comes with important accessories
  • Comes with a wrist strap which makes it portable
  • 2-in-1 measurement
  • Comes with batteries included


  • No information on the warranty
  • The laser gets affected in the sun

2. Bosch GLM 20 Compact Blaze Laser Distance Measure

Bosch GLM 20 Compact Blaze 65' Laser Distance Measure

Also in the list of our top-rated tape measure is Bosch GLM 20 Compact Blaze. If you are looking for a faster and pretty accurate way to go about your measurement, this is a tape measurement worth considering. Users can expect real-time measurement mode using precision technology. It is so easy to use that a single person can take measurement up to 65 Feet.

It comes in a square and compact design; it is portable and also features a backlit display. As a result, it is pretty visible even in the sun or in dark settings. All you need do is press a single button before you get an accurate measurement. It is simple to operate and requires no particular skill set.

You get default real time measurement that adjusts itself as you move close or away from the target. It is compact and can fit into any pocket. The unit comes with essential accessories, and 2 AAA batteries are included as well.


  • It is portable, can be carried in your pocket
  • High precision and accuracy
  • 90 days warranty
  • Comes with auto shut off feature


  • No area or volume calculation feature

3. Tacklife SC-L01-50 Digital Tape Measure

Tacklife SC-L01-50 Feet Laser Level Self-Leveling Horizontal and Vertical Cross-Line Laser - Magnetic Mount Base and Carrying Pouch, Battery Included

Also in the list of our top tape measure is Digital tape measure by TACKLIFE SC-L01. Coming with abundant features, it is a high quality tape measure that will surely meet your needs.

For instance, there is the switch and center measurement feature that comes in handy if you need to locate the center of a place/point. In addition, there is an intelligent LCD screen that brings added visibility. This way, you get to read your measurement comfortably, even in the dark.

It is a pretty accuracy tape measure with recalibration at the 200cm point. You are not limited by any edge in selecting a reference point; as a result, accuracy in your result is not negotiable. There is a reset button with which you get to make all measurements start from zero.

Users can also store as much as ten sets of data, which makes it convenient. Data stays on the tape measurement for as long as possible. When you pull out the tape, it locks automatically, no manual lock is required. With the retract button as well, you can pull the tape back. You get to charge it with USB hence no headache of replacing the batteries.


  • Strong and durable
  • LCD screen
  • Stores up to 10 sets of data
  • Long battery life
  • Low battery indicator


  • You cannot use it while charging

4. Stanley Tools FatMax 33-740 Measuring Tape

Stanley Tools FatMax 33-740 40-Foot Tape Rule with BladeArmor Coating

Stanley Tools FatMax 33-740 is also one of the top quality tape measures. This is a high performance tape that is made with high quality materials. As a result, it can withstand heavy use in construction sites and personal DIY projects at home.

Stanley Tools FatMax 33-740 also comes with a polyester film which protects the blade. This is alongside a blade armor coating. With this, the blade can last you for many years. It also comes with a Tru Zero end hook for accurate measurement. This is a spring retractable hand tape that comes with a lifetime warranty.

The tape features a cushion grip. As a result, users can enjoy a slip-resistant hold. In addition, there is a top forward blade lock, which makes it easy to lock and unlock.


  • Easy to use
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Good ergonomics
  • Self-retracting


  • Tape bends easily

5. VYTOOV Laser Tape Measure

Laser Measure,VYTOOV 164ft Laser Distance Meters with Bubble Level Target Plate and Enhancing Glasses, Laser Measuring Device with Pythagorean Mode, Measure Distance, Area, Volume Calculation

This is a high accuracy tape measure with many amazing features that makes it worth featuring on our list of best tape measures. VYTOOV Laser Tape Measure comes with high precision and can handle measuring distance of up to 50M. You get to measure in varying units (Inch, meter, and feet.)

It stands out thanks to the multiple measuring laser tools with which you get to measure distance, volume, area. You can add and subtract measurements. It comes with the low battery indication warning feature with the capacity to shut down after two and a half minutes of inactivity. This helps save battery. You also get a better view in a low light setting thanks to the LCD light display.

It features an IP54 waterproof alongside a dust design. This helps protect the laser. There is also a wrist strap to hold the tape steady while measuring


  • High accuracy
  • Can measure volume and area in addition to distance
  • LCD backlight
  • The strong and durable casing


  • Not effective for use in bright sunlight

6. DEWALT DWHT36225S 25FT Tape Measure

DEWALT DWHT36225S 25FT Tape Measure

Also on our list of the best rated tape measure is DEWALT DWHT36225S 25FT Tape Measure. It is one of the high quality tape measures that come with many top features. As a result, many people find it applicable and useful to use.

It is built with strength and toughness; as a result, it can withstand tough and rugged use on the site. It also comes with an impact-resistant ABC case surviving the heavy drop.

There is also a heavy-duty thermoplastic coating beneath the blade. This reduces blade breakage. It also comes with a reinforced hook connection and a lanyard slot offering, which helps increases security.

It comes with a resilient blade coating that protects the paint, thereby preventing rust. There is also a carbon steel blade, which improved the efficiency and toughness of the blade. It also comes with a reconstructed screw-free belt clip, which helps comfortable wear.


  • Reinforced hook connection
  • Can withstand tough and rugged use
  • High carbon steel blade


  • No information on the warranty

7. Klein Tools Tape Measure

Klein Tools 9225 Tape Measure, 25-Foot Double-Hook Double-Sided Measuring Tape, Magnetic with Retraction Speed Break and Metal Belt Clip

Klein Tools is one of the top quality tape measures that are effective and recommended for everyday use. Not only is it useful for DIY jobs, but it is also recommended for professional site jobs as many of the features make it effective.

It comes with lines that are bold, easy to read, and are uncluttered. In addition, there is a dual-angle magnetic hook attach to steel studs and conduit. In addition, the heavy-duty nylon coating protects blade printing, which makes it durable and strong enough to stand rugged use.

It also comes with a blade printed conduit bending table, which helps calculate offsets.


  • One year warranty
  • Strong and can withstand rugged use
  • Bold lines, easy to read


  • The tape is too thin

8. URCERI Laser Measure

URCERI Laser Measure 131ft, Digital Laser Distance Meter with Mute Function,LCD Backlit Display and Bubble Levels, Measure Distance,Area and Volume,Pythagorean Mode Battery Included Black&Yellow

URCERI Laser Measure is one of the best rated tape measures. It comes with many high-end features that make it stand out among many available tape measures. It can calculate area and volume automatically, which makes it stand out. It is pretty portable and supports continuous measurement as well as Pythagoras measurement.

URCERI helps you have your calculation quickly and easily. It is pretty accurate and measures up to 197 feet and an accuracy of +/- 2mm. In addition, it also comes with bubble levels, which help get an accurate result. In addition, it comes with a compact design and five simple buttons, which makes it easy to manage and handle the device easily.

It also features a large LCD light, which gives better visibility. As a result, it can work in low light conditions.


  • Ability to have self-calibration
  • Can switch between various units – feet, inch and meters
  • Can measure the area, volume and have Pythagoras measurement as well
  • LCD backlight design
  • Comes with a year warranty
  • Cordless and lightweight design


  • No information on the warranty

9. General Tools LTM2X Laser Tape Measure

General Tools LTM2X Laser Tape Measure 2-in-1, 65 Ft Laser Measure And 16 Ft Tape Measure with Large, Easy to Read Backlit Digital Display, (Model: LTM2X-GY-A)

We also have General Tools LTM2X Laser Tape Measure as part of our top tape measure. If you need a reliable tape for quick and easy measurement, this is the right tool. With a laser distance measuring tool, it can measure up to 65 feet.

This is in addition to the 16-foot tape measure for small tasks. All you need to do us press the large red button, and you get to take measurement up to 65 meters.

The presence of the laser measure helps it act as a digital tape. As a result, it can be used for measuring the same way you will use a tape. It comes with a large high contrast screen, which is easy to read from various angles. You get to read your measurements in feet, inches, and fractions. The 16-foot tape comes with an auto-lock feature, and the availability of the button makes it easy to retract.

There is also a built in belt clip that keeps the tape steady during measurement. It comes with double AAA batteries, which powers the laser. This and many other features make it ideal to meet all your measuring needs.


  • High visibility display thanks to the large white digits
  • Comes with necessary accessories
  • It is easy to use
  • Portable and fits the hand perfectly


  • A little pricey

10. Klein Tools Tape Measure

Klein Tools 9230 Tape Measure, 30-Foot Double-Hook Double-Sided Measuring Tape, Magnetic with Retraction Speed Break and Metal Belt Clip

Finally, on our list of the best tape measure is the Klein Tools Tape Measure. This is a top-quality tape measure that is accurate, durable, and highly versatile. It was made of high quality materials that will surely stand the test of time.

In addition, there is a thick and durable protective nylon coating, which makes the tape measure stand the test of time. This makes it strong and rugged enough to withstand the rough and tough job conditions. In addition, there is a strong magnetic double hook, which makes it attach easily to ferromagnetic objects like doors, panels, and conduits. This allows for easy and quick measurement.

There is also a belt-clip that securely holds the tape measure to the pocket or belt. Also, there are measurement scales printed on the front or back of the blade. This makes it highly versatile and durable enough to handle various types of measurements.


  • Pretty versatile
  • Comes with a year warranty
  • Made with strong and durable materials


  • Nothing

Tape Measure Buying Guide

Before buying a tape measure, there are important things you should take into account. This tape measure review will hold your hands and guide you towards the important things you need to consider before buying a tape measure. Some of the important things are:


The range that your tape measure can cover is one of the most important factors that you should consider before selecting your tape measure. Before selecting the tape measure, you will go with, take note of the average ranges of measurement you take daily and at work. When you get the average measure, try and estimate this distance in feet and meter.

In buying the tape measure, be sure that you go for the one that is above the average range you measure daily. This is important to have a useful tool.


One of the things you should consider as well in choosing a tape measure is how light and portable the tape measure is. Ideally, the best tape measure should be light. This is important because it needs to store easily in your pocket and toolbox.

There are laser measures that come with extra portability features in their purchasing package. For instance, some come with a handy travel pouch or a strap with which you can easily attach it to your wrist. This is important to prevent misplacing the tape measure and always having the tape measure close by.


There are special functions you need to consider before choosing your tape measure. The best tape measure with laser features should be able to calculate volume, distance, and area. Other advance ones do calculate advanced geometry. Also, the tape measure needs to have continuous measuring capacity. This is important to have if you need to measure a large area in which you need to walk around while taking the measurement.


It is important if you can have a tape measure with the ability to store data. This is useful if such data will come in handy for a later reference. There are models in our review that can store multiple data, up to ten sets of data. This saves you the stress of writing it down. This is a function you should consider if you are working on a complex project.

Visibility and Display

Some displays might not be visible in the dark or the sun. This is why visibility is a critical factor in selecting a tape measure. As a result, be sure to prioritize a tape measure that comes with a backlit screen. This way, you get to read the display in the dark and in sunlight.

Battery Life

Also, you should consider a tape measure that comes with a replaceable or rechargeable battery. This is important in using the tape measure for houses. Be sure to go for a model with long-lasting battery life. We also recommend a model with an auto shut-off feature that will save your battery.

Frequently Asked Question on Best Tape Measure

What is the best tape measure?

After exploring the top ten laser measure, we came to the conclusion that the best tape measure is Bosch GLM 20 Compact Blaze 65′ Laser Distance Measure. If you are a handyman, a contractor, or a homeowner, you will find this tape measure pretty helpful. It comes with a large memory, which makes it effective for handling both small and huge projects.

It is flexible to use, as there are various measuring modes. As a result, it will handle all your measuring needs. It comes with easy to use a button, and the displays are excellent. We recommend this tape measure if you are looking to get the best tape measure to suit your needs.

How to use a tape measure?

Turn on the tape measure. Now chose the specific mode you want to use for testing. After selecting the mode, direct the red laser dot to the point you desire to measure in the field. Depending on the mode you select, the reading of the distance between you and the red laser dot should be revealed on the screen.

With this type of tape measure, a single person can make measurements and see results faster.

Who makes the best tape measure?

Stanley is one of the top manufacturers of tape measures. According to many professionals, they make the most durable, accurate, and versatile tape measure. Their tape measure comes with abundant functionality and other amazing features that stand it out from other brands.


We have explored the top rated tape measure available in the market. We not only explored the features but the pros and cons of each tape measure. We are confident that this will go a long way in guiding you towards selecting a useful tape measure that will serve your needs.

In addition, we also have a detailed section that deals with the buyer’s guide. We considered the most important things to consider before deciding on the best tape measure to buy. There is also a frequently asked section where we answered questions that users might have on their tape measure.

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