10 Best Ultrasonic Gun Cleaners

Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner

An ultrasonic cleaner is a microprocessor-controlled device used to clean or sanitize guns and other valuables. The robust internal sensors enhance the ultrasonic cleaner and give excellent cleaning results.

Apart from guns, it is suitable for cleaning jewelry, lenses, and other optical components, watches, dental and surgical instruments, tools, coins, and many more.

The correct information on what each gun cleaner offers can help determine the best ultrasonic gun cleaner to buy.

The below review and buying guide will be beneficial for deciding on which one you need. The proper cleaner can provide the most results to clean accurately.


1. Hornady Lock N Load Sonic Cleaner II (110 Volt)

Hornady 043320 Lock-N-Load Sonic Cleaner II H 2L (110 Volt)

The Hornady Lock N Load Sonic Cleaner II is a good choice of a cleaner to buy. It comes with many features that can be beneficial for a clean firearm as it works perfectly when cleaning brass on the gun.

The parts cleaned by this product will work more sufficiently and accurately with each use.

The ceramic heater included in this product is powered by 80 watts. The tank is durable and made out of stainless steel. It can handle bumps and is not fragile.

The tank is a good size and can hold a variety of guns to be cleaned. The size is a little over seven inches in size which is an ideal tank size for an ultrasonic cleaner.


  • The cleaner works great
  • It is an easy to use process


  • ​The cleaner solution is cheap
  • The kit was not easy to use

2. Hornady Lock N Load Hot Tub for Sonic Cleaners

iSonic P4890(II) Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner, Plastic Basket, Heater, Drain, 110V, 2.3Gallons / 9 Litre, 25.5" Long Tank, Orange/Black

This ultrasonic cleaner is a remarkable product that is a popular choice. It has many wonderful features that ensure a good quality cleaning process.

This kit comes along with a drain pans to keep it from making a mess when cleaning a gun. The drain pans are helpful to drain out any excessive substance or solution for convenience.

There are five different temperature settings that can help to increase or decrease the amount of heat and cleaning power that you use.

The different temperature settings are a great feature because you have the ability to change the temperature. This may be needed depending on the type of gun or jewelry you are cleaning. Apart from the effective application, it is also easy to use.


  • Cost-effective
  • It works great on many different gun types
  • The kit is easy to use


  • Little embedded dust after cleaning
  • Instruction is complex

3. Lyman Turbo Sonic Case Cleaner (115-Volt)

Lyman, Turbo Sonic Case Cleaner 115V

The Lyman Turbo Sonic Case Cleaner is a good product to reckon with. It is no doubt a top choice for an ultrasonic gun cleaner.

This device has the capability of cleaning in a limited amount of time. It will do your cleaning for you in approximately ten minutes or even less. With a quick cleaning time like this, you can clean many guns in less time that it would take to clean one by hand. The cleaning outcome is great due to the basket and heater that comes with it.

The basket and heater helps to improve the performance of the ultrasonic cleaning process.


  • It cleans the brass and cartridges of a gun
  • The cleaner has made the gun look better than ever


  • Some parts are cleaner than other areas

4. RCBS Ultrasonic Case Cleaner

RCBS Ultrasonic Case Cleaner -2 120Vac-US/Can

The RCBS Ultrasonic Case Cleaner is a high-quality cleaner that comes with great features. It contains the tools and accessories to provide the best cleaning capabilities that a cleaner case should offer.

The more heat that is used can help to increase the time process of the cleaner. The heat helps to break down and loosen any grime and dust that is on the instrument.

It gives a 36kHz frequency for the ultrasonic capacity. This helps in the cleaning process and can determine the time it may take to finish the cleaning process.

A sensor is available to give you awareness of when it is time to change out the cleaning solution for a better cleaning capacity. The tube and drain help to reduce any mess or leakage during the ultrasonic process.


  • The equipment worked perfectly
  • It is simple to use


  • It took longer than expected

5. iSonic P4820-WSB Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner


iSonic P4820-WSB Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner, 2.6Qt/2.5L, White Color, Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Basket, 110V

The iSonic P4820-WSB Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner has wonderful and useful features that will make a gun look all new again after use.

The mesh basket is made of stainless wire, which will be hard to break or crack. Stainless steel is a strong material that makes great durable items.

The heater that comes with the kit is of 110 watts. This will put out plenty of heat and help increase the amount of time it takes to complete the gun cleaning process.

The size of the tank is approximately 9.8 inches by 5.8 inches by 3.1 inches. The size of the tank is capable of holding many gun parts and a variety of tools for cleaning.


  • The gun cleaner works excellent
  • Removes dirt from all areas of the gun when cleaning


  • Energy consuming

6. DK SONIC 3L 120W Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner

Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner - DK SONIC 3L 120W Sonic Cleaner with Heater and Basket for Denture,Coins, Small Metal Parts,Record,Circuit Board,Daily Necessaries,Tattoo Equipment,Lab Tools,etc

The DK SONIC mechanical heating ultrasonic cleaner is a professional sanitizer that can be used for diamond jewelry, glasses, watches, dentures, bolt carrier groups, aircraft, auto gun parts, and many more.

It is no doubt one of the most common, popular and cost-effective brands of ultrasonic cleaners that you can get in the market.

All parts are manufactured with advanced high-effective ultrasonic transducers, self-developed high-performance stable ultrasonic generators, and other best quality raw materials.


  • Cost-effective
  • The gun cleaner works excellent
  • It is able to clean guns and gun parts


  • Not too handy

7. iSonic P4820-SPB25 Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner

iSonic P4820-SPB25 Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner 25-minute Timer, 2.6Qt/2.5L, WhiteColor, Plastic Basket, 110V

The iSonic P4820-SPB25 Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner is ideal for sanitizing both guns, valuables like a diamond, dental and some other applications that require a long cleaning time. It comes with a 25-minute timer that allows it to shut down in this time frame and giving a perfect cleaning result.

Included is a plastic tray to store materials, a 110-Volts heater that gives it the ability to get the best of results. It also comes with an industrial-grade ultrasonic stack transducer which is twice stronger and more durable compared to wafer transducers used by some manufacturers in their commercial models.

The munificently balanced stainless steel tank is meant to help in cleaning long items such as dental instruments and silverware.


  • Comes with a good timer
  • The stainless steel tank is very effective in its function
  • Easy to clean


  • Doesn’t come with the best of Voltage

8. GT Sonic Ultrasonic Cleaner

GTSONIC Ultrasonic Cleaner Jewelry Glasses Dentures Professional Detachable Cleaning Machine, 4 Timer Cycles Auto-Off, 26 OZ, 35 W

If you are looking for an ideal way to use an ultrasonic gun cleaner to clean your gun and other accessories within a short period of time, then this device is one worth considering.

You can use it to clean dirty eyeglasses, watches, jewelry, coin, spoon, instruments, metal parts and more with a special denture tray. It makes cleaning much more professional, and you can clean two pairs of the denture at the same time.

With the 40,000 Hz of ultrasonic sound waves it generates, you can get both amazing results that would not cause damages to your valuables. It safe clean and keep your items looking just like brand new again.

With just the use of water, this ultrasonic cleaner will make your items sparkle again. This device makes less noise in the course of using it as it consumes low power and helps in saving energy.


  • 5-minutes auto shut off
  • One button operation and timer function


  • A bit expensive

9. InvisiClean Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner– Pro Elite Model IC-2755

Looking for a cleaner that safely cleans a wide variety of products such as jewelry, gold, platinum, diamonds, rings, watches, eyeglasses, sunglasses, tools, toothbrushes, dentures, mouth guards, cosmetic brushes, coins, and more? Then this product is the deal here.

This easy-to-use ultrasonic cleaner features dual transducers that double the cleaning power and time. With the InvisiClean Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner, you get the power of 2 machines in 1.

With this product, dirt will be cleaned without scrubbing or using harsh chemicals. By adding just water with a small amount of soap, you are good to go.

It is ideal for professional use with a built of 800ml / 27oz stainless steel tank, built-in cooling fan, touch controls, and waterproofed internal electronics that are designed with long term use in mind. The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty for user’s assurance.


  • Easy to use
  • Multiple uses


  • Handling issues

10. H&B Luxuries Industrial Grade 160 Watts 2.5 Liters Digital Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner

Industrial Grade 160 Watts 2.5 Liters Digital Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner

The H&B luxuries industrial ultrasonic cleaner is also an ideal cleaner that can do the job perfectly. It comes with a large and wide stainless steel tank that is highly durable.

It is ideal for cleaning long dental tube and equipment as it comes with a 5.29 pints (2500 ml) tank capacity. It also has a sturdy plastic basket made of ABS 757 material that has a preferred water-proof and drop-proof ability than metal.

The strengthened transducer makes this ultrasonic more powerful (35 KHz and 160 Watts cleaning power) than most cleaners as it gives astounding cleaning results.

This device is reliable and safe to use as it comes with a temperature of up to 65 degrees in Celsius (149 degrees Fahrenheit) and time (45 minutes) controller for the heater, which significantly enhances cleaning.


  • The stainless steel tank is very wide
  • Reliable and safe to use


  • Not the best of timers
  • Energy consuming

Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner Buyer’s Guide

Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner

Before you buy an ultrasonic gun cleaner, there are a lot of factors you need to put into consideration, starting from why you need to clean them in the first place, how you should clean your items, how the cleaner works, what to look for in an ultrasonic gun cleaner, the importance of cleaning your items, and the features an ideal ultrasonic cleaner should come with.

Why is Gun Cleaning Important?

It is an extremely fun and exciting thing to do when you indulge in shooting especially when you are shooting for the purpose of sport. This activity means a lot to many people across the globe. Shooting means a lot than just a hobby to many personalities as some people even take it as a source of income, especially through competitive sporting activity.

However, it is vital for you to take very good care of your gun and even other accessories to ensure that you have a smooth running both in your hobby and chosen career.

Apart from the fact that a passionate shooter knows how well he should use his time especially during the weekend, it can be time demanding and consuming trying to clean your firearms and different parts manually, that is the reason so many shooters find it extremely difficult to clean their gun and the parts manually at home and will at some point demand the services of a professional to service the gun.

It will not be a bad thing or step to take if you get an ultrasonic gun cleaner to help you perfectly get this job done.

Using an ultrasonic gun cleaner is not only good for cleaning gun and gun parts but it can also be applied in the cleaning of accessories which may also include jewelry.

It is a technology that is so much practically applied, effective and work in the fastest way you can ever imagine. If you plan to wash your valuable ornaments, then it will be most ideal if you implore the use of an ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machine or on the other hand applied the same kind of technology device in the cleaning of carburetors.

It is actually used for the cleaning of various or different kinds of household materials over a long period of time, but in this present world, it is widely applied in the industrial sector, and can also be used to clean a lot of heavy machinery.

In this buying guide, we will be looking at the various features an ideal ultrasonic gun cleaner should have, and this will be a guide for you to obtain the best one that will suit your need.

How Does an Ultrasonic Gun Sanitizer Work?

You will agree with me that it is undoubtedly an effective and efficient process trying to sanitize your gun through an ultrasonic gun sanitizer or cleaner, and it uses the power of sound waves to achieve its incredible effects.

The ultrasonic gun cleaning device generates sound waves and passes through a liquid bath, which is often a detergent or oil solution.

When the sound waves impact the immersed object to be cleaned, they produce millions of tiny bubbles. When these cavitation bubbles collapse, they release jets of intense energy, dislodging dirt and grime from every surface of the object to be cleaned. Ultrasonic purification is used across many industries throughout the world, and it has reformed gun cleaning industry.

Many people still doubt how the sound wave can scrub rubber and plastic parts of the gun. The hard polymer is safe in a sound wave. For safety, you can avoid cleaning rubberized items, but we think it is okay. And, using sound wave cleaner is much comfortable than other vacuuming systems.

What to Look for in an Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner?

With so many products available in today’s market, choosing one out of so many products or brands become very hard, but there are some important features an ultrasonic gun cleaner should have, which you need to put into serious consideration when making your decisions. Below, we will be looking at some of the features to look out for when buying an ultrasonic gun cleaner.

Tank Heater

One of the things that makes an ultrasonic gun cleaner ideal from every other one is the possession of a tank heater. Since this feature helps a great deal in washing the entire part of your weapon, you then do you have to select a cleanser that doesn’t possess mouth watery features like a tank heater.

The parts of a gun need enough cleaning, and it will give you better results if you use solutions with warm water. That is the reason why most of the gun cleaners you can find will come with a built-in heater and that is why you should go for an ultrasonic gun cleaner with this feature. When you mix warm solvent in the device, it will become easy to dissolve dirt, gunk, and more.

You will also find this process more convenient and effective when cleaning up grease and oils. Some cheap and old model doesn’t have this feature, so if you have the money to spare, it won’t be a bad idea to make the investment in the pricey product.


An ultrasonic gun cleaner without a basket isn’t ideal. It is never a good practice to place the parts of the gun or the entire gun itself on the bottom of the tank, that is why it is important to buy a product that comes with a basket. With this feature, you can be assured of having one of the best ultrasonic gun cleaners.

Frequency Range

The frequency range in which your ultrasonic gun cleaner operates and what the required range should be is an important feature to look out for.

If you have a gun cleaner that has the ability to generate 40 kHz frequency, then you should consider it standard for the required outcome with more spectrum, which in turn makes it more effective.

As it rises up, it can produce more than the required bubbles. Therefore, the higher frequency means smaller but frequent bubbles, which can clean up more intricate and tiny parts of your weapon, making the level of frequency an essential feature to put into consideration.

There are other things to put into consideration when it comes to the frequency range. Whether it is also ideal for cleaning up eyeglass or as a jewelry cleaner? Well, of course, you can because as a large object, you need not generate lots of tiny bubbles for the cleanup. It can also be used to clean up diamond or eye-glass even with the bubbles generated.

You can make the decision of taking any frequency generator device that has the capability to clean up the pinholes and primer pockets, it will be fair enough for that.

Tank Size

This is an important feature that you need to know before choosing an ultrasonic gun cleaner.

When you choose to go for a cleaning device that comes with a big tank, then be rest assured that the cleaning will be more effective and fast.

You will come across so many pieces of equipment that have a large square basket, but that notwithstanding you should consider the tank size which is more important here. A long, shallow, and skinny basin will help you in cleaning the parts of your gun with ease.


Ultrasonic technology is one of the fastest rising technology that there is in the world today. This can make us not to be conscious of the time but on the other hand, it is an important feature to put into consideration.

It is never an ideal thing to do if we leave the gun parts or any other accessory in the solvent for over a long period of time.

Note, there are different kinds of devices, and they require different time lengths to complete the cleaning process. Therefore, the idea of using a timer will not only help you in saving the cleanup time but it will help to perform the action accurately. It will be better to go for an ultrasonic gun cleaner that offers a timer as a feature for optimum results.


This is not limited to an ultrasonic gun cleaner alone. When you go for a product that offers versatility, it will help you save money and time, as it can perform more than just a single task.

An ideal ultrasonic gun cleaner shouldn’t be limited to gun cleaning alone, it is one that has the capability to sanitize other materials like jewelry, metallic objects, and many other valuables.


One thing you should also try and consider greatly is what you have at hand in terms of finance before venturing into the buying of an ultrasonic gun cleaner. You shouldn’t just settle for anyhow cleaner because of the price but on the other hand, try as much as possible to get a high performing or quality ultrasonic gun cleaner.

The price tag is a determinant factor of the performance of the cleaner. One other vital thing is for you to look at how often or the kind of activities you will be using the cleaner for before you buy.

If it is meant for leisure or recreational activities, then you can settle for any low price one but just don’t expect to get the same performance as the high priced ones because what you pay for is what you will definitely get, there are no two ways about that.

If getting the cleaner is not in your original plan or budget, then you need not bother yourself about getting the most quality one as you can still get a quality one that comes at a moderate price and will still suit your preference.

Don’t just settle for any kind of ultrasonic gun cleaner in the quest of trying to save money, planning your budget to get a quality cleaner could save you from future expenses. When you get a quality cleaner irrespective of the price or not minding how expensive it is, you will, by all means, enjoy what you pay for.

Ease of Use

Be it an ultrasonic gun cleaner or any other device you can think of, easily putting the device into the application is one important factor that helps us to enjoy the use of that device.

A device that comes with ease of use will not only save time and energy while using the device but it will make you use the device in the most effective way and get the desired result within the shortest and required frame of time.


A device that we want to use in sanitizing guns and every other accessory should be one that is handy and can be easily transported from one point to the other. It should not be a fixed device but rather one that can be easily taken to the point where it is needed, either your home, place of work, and any other place as the case may be.


The brand is one of the most important features that must not be overlooked if you are willing to get the most effective use of an ultrasound gun cleaner.

There are brands that have made their marks and become a household name in the business of ultrasound gun cleaner, these are the brands you should always look out for when trying to purchase an ultrasound gun cleaner.

If you get these brands, you stand a chance of enjoying them over a long period of time without faults.


Just like so many other devices or machines you can get around, an ultrasonic gun cleaning machine can at some point develop a fault. A frequent and experienced user of an ultrasonic gun cleaning machine cannot deny this fact but rather they will attest to this assertion.

Having prior knowledge of this, it will be an important and vital consideration for us to get an ultrasonic gun cleaning machine model that comes with a user warranty as it will in a way help in boosting the buyer’s confidence in the machine they are planning to buy.

Apart from assuring you or boosting your confidence in the quality of the machine, the user warranty will act as the safety net. With this development, you will know what to do in case your machine becomes faulty or even stops working, like asking for a replacement or even getting the owner experts to solve the problem with the machine.

Higher warranties attached to a particular product gives that product advantage over others because it literally makes us understand that the product comes with better quality and will last longer than the others. Who will choose the product with a lower warranty over a higher one? Definitely, no one will.


The big benefit of using the Ultrasonic Cleaner is to save plenty of time. It can take as little as ten minutes to clean a gun when using this cleaning process. It normally takes longer than that to clean a gun by hand. The cleaning outcome is harder to achieve when not using this method. It gives you more free time to do other things instead of cleaning guns


​It is recommended that you buy one of the best ultrasonic gun cleaners because the benefits are amazing. It helps in saving time, money, and can get the gun looking cleaner than before.

This type of cleaning process is safe to use and will help to get embedded dirt to lose to be easily cleaned off. It can clean parts and cartridges to ensure they continue working accurately for many years to come. The gun cleaner will get the brass clean and shiny with little or no effort. It effortlessly helps you in getting results.

It will enable you to clean as many guns as you would like in a limited time frame. The cleaner is easy to work with and use with expected performance. The Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner is a great choice to purchase for your gun cleaning needs.

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