Best Ultrasonic Leak Detector Reviews

If you are an HVAC technician or you the do it yourself type and you add an ultrasonic leak detector to your tools for any purpose, then you should know that there are quite a lot of them on the market you need to choose from.

The only problem is do you know which one will suit your needs and do what you are looking for?

Well, we have spent a lot of time researching and testing different ultrasonic leak detectors on today’s market and we have arrived at our top 10 best ultrasonic leak detectors for you to choose from. We wouldn’t want you to get a bad deal or buy what you don’t want or what doesn’t perform the required tasks.

To help you with selecting the best ultrasonic leak detector, we have spent a lot of time and effort to research, select and recommend this list to you, in order to aid you to make the best choice of selecting and buying the right ultrasonic leak detector.


1. Allsun Pro Ultrasonic Leak Detector

allsun Pro Ultrasonic Leak Detector Sensing Pressure Vacuum System Leak Detect Machine Noise Monitor

This tool is equipped with ultrasonic sensing technology, lightweight and the small size makes it portable enough to be able to probe difficult places. The Allsun Pro Ultrasonic Leak Detector is easy to operate, fast and very accurate when locating leaks in pressure and vacuum systems.

It is a reliable tool for detecting and locating cracked pipes leaking valves and so many more. It has several functions and can be used to perform tightness check for planes, cabins, refrigerators, vehicle cabinets, oil tanks, freezing plants and many types of sealed compartments.

In addition, the Allsun Pro Ultrasonic Leak Detector can also easily help you detect abnormal machine noise, detect electrical discharge from transformers, circuit breakers, switches, insulators, relays and other relates equipment in order to prevent accidents.

For technicians who need to perform quick and reliable quick leak checks, this tool will surely come in handy to get accurate readings.


  • Small size and lightweight
  • Easy to operate
  • Quick detection


  • Can’t be used to detect leaks in walls and underground

2. INFICON 711-202-G1 Whisper Ultrasonic Leak Detector

INFICON 711-202-G1 Whisper Ultrasonic Leak Detector

The Whisper Ultrasonic Leak Detector is designed to meticulously check for vacuum and pressure leaks where other sniffer leak detectors find it difficult to explore.

A very unique aspect of this tool is the internal noise control circuitry that enables the Whisper to detect leaks in a high noise environment and will allow you to hear the leaking noise without missing it.

When it comes to detecting and finding refrigerants, you will find that the Whisper is very effective at detecting and finding the leak source in a matter of a few minutes. That means you spend lesser time trying to locate the leak.

The Whisper Ultrasonic Leak Detector is designed to reduce the discomfort that can arise from handling it, making it convenient and easy to operate.

The Whisper comes with a portable carry case, a few batteries and a headphone for hearing sounds, a rubber extension probe, and a two-year replacement warranty.


  • Much cheaper than other detectors
  • Noise control features make it easier to detect in louder environments
  • Very quick at identifying leaks


  • Not as durable as higher-priced detectors
  • It is not rechargeable

3. Robinair 16455 TruTrack Ultrasonic Leak Detector

Robinair 16455 TruTrack Ultrasonic Leak Detector

If you are looking for an ultrasonic leak detector specifically designed leak detection of air conditioning and refrigerants, then the Robinair TruTrack Ultrasonic Leak Detector is what you should be what you are looking for.

It excels at finding vacuum and pressure leaks of any type of refrigerant, and it is an ideal tool for a technician who specialized in that area.

The Robinair TruTrack Ultrasonic Leak Detector does not depend on gas to find leaks, the advanced technology uses sound waves to detect leaks.

The tool is built for listening to ultrasonic sounds and not chemical refrigerants in order to detect leaks, and it can be used to even detect the leakage of dry nitrogen. The tool can function and be operated in windy and saturated areas and it is very accurate.

The Robinair TruTrack Ultrasonic Leak Detector is powered by a 9V battery which can last for a day or two before replace, although, it is dependent on how much you use the device.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Finds leaks quickly and efficiently
  • Highly sensitive and accurate


  • Little on the expensive side
  • Uses batteries

4. Superior AccuTrak VPE PRO-PLUS Ultrasonic Leak Detector

Superior AccuTrak VPE PRO-PLUS Ultrasonic Leak Detector Pro-Plus Kit, Includes VPE Leak Detector, Headset, Battery, Large Carry Case, Touch Probe, Waveguide, Sound Generator, Noise Blocking Headphones

Designed for heavy-duty use, the AccuTrak VPE Pro-Plus Kit is a comprehensive VPE Kit for professional technicians that needs a powerful ultrasonic machine with high capability.

The VPE Pro-Plus Kit comes with an upgraded Noise Cancelling Professional Headphones, and also with a very powerful Burst Tone Sound Generator all together in a protective case.

The AccuTrak VPE Pro-Plus Kit is an ultrasonic leak detector that offers great versatility and with extraordinary functionality, yet cheaper than many other leak detectors that offer similar functionality and performance.

It can easily detect any type of leak, detect bad gaskets, quickly troubleshoot internal mechanic problems, and detect door seals leaks. It can be operated in any environment and you will still get accurate results.

If you need a cost-effective yet versatile leak detector, then you should really consider the the AccuTrak VPE Pro-Plus Kit.


  • Very accurate
  • Extremely reliable. Results not affected by wind or other gases
  • Very durable


  • On the expensive side
  • Not rechargeable

5. EM282-R and EM282-T Ultrasonic Leak Detector & Transmitter Locator

allsun Ultrasonic Leak Detector & Transmitter Air Water Dust Leak Pressure Headphone Accessory Kit LED Indication

The EM282-R and EM282-T Mrcartool Ultrasonic Leak Detector & Transmitter Locator use an advanced ultrasonic sensor technology that can detect and capture the microscopic signals that are generated during gas leakage, enabling you to quickly determine the right place where the leakage has occurred.

It is specifically designed for the detection of hidden leaks, either steam, air, gas or liquid.

The small size of the tool makes it portable, lightweight and easy to carry about. This feature gives it an advantage over bulky detectors, it is very convenient to operate, with reliable and accurate readings.

This ultrasonic device can practically and accurately detect all types of vacuum system gas or pressure leakages. It can as well detect a fault in the case of liquid leakage and leakages in enclosed or sealed objects such as cars, cockpits refrigerators, containers and many more.

This device is able to perform several detection tasks yet it is very cheap when compared to other brands that perform similar functions. If you need to have a tool around the house for leak detection then this will save you a lot of money while having a handy addition to your tool collection.


  • Very cheap
  • Very accurate considering the price
  • Quick and simple location of air, water, dust leaks


  • Not rechargeable batteries

6. PQWT-CL300 Deep 3M High Sensitive Ultrasonic Underground Pipe Water Leak Detector

Super Anti-jamming Underground Water Leakage Detection PQWT-CL300 Deep 3M

The PQWT-CL300 Deep 3M High Sensitive Ultrasonic Underground Pipe Water Leak Detector is a powerful leak detection device with an anti-jamming technology and capable of data processing, which can make leak detection and your work easier.

The device is equipped with the latest signal processing chip, an integrated 16M cache controller, plus a signal filter chip, which is specifically designed to filter the environmental noise, screen the leakage noise out, in order to enable you quickly lock on the leakage points.

The PQWT-CL300 Deep 3M High Sensitive Ultrasonic Underground Pipe Water Leak Detector is specifically designed to detect leaking underground pipes, whether plastic or metal water pipes.

It features:

  • 7-inch high-definition digital color LCD touch screen with a resolution of 800 * 480, can provide 8 display pages, can show the measurement parameters more clearly and intuitively.
  • 1~ 8000Hz frequency range (spectrum analysis), real-time display of the noise signal distributed on each frequency.
  • Save Unlimited minutes of recording by USB card, which is not lost after shut down, could be analyzed at any time.
  • Using a large capacity battery can work for more than ten hours, and can be removed charging and online charging.


  • Anti-jamming and data processing capabilities
  • Long lasting batteries of up to 10 hours


  • It is really expensive

7. Superior AccuTrak VPE-GN Gooseneck Ultrasonic Leak Detector

Superior AccuTrak VPE-GN PRO Gooseneck Ultrasonic Leak Detector Professional Kit, Includes VPE Leak Detector, Headset, Battery, Large Carry Case, Waveguide, Noise Blocking Headphones

The Superior AccuTrak VPE-GN Ultrasonic Leak Detector can easily detect windy gas leaks at a frequency which you can’t hear, then translate the ultrasonic sound to a lower frequency which is interpretable to your ear.

The VPE-GN Ultrasonic Leak Detector is designed to maintain the characteristics of the original sound which makes it possible to identify the leakage sound from background sounds.

The VPE-GN leak detector will make a great tool in the hands of both professional technicians, beginners and the Do It Yourself types. It offers great versatility and functionality, which can detect leaks and in different environments such as door seals, gasket, cabins, and hard to reach places.

This device is suitable if you engage in leak detection services and you need and a cost-effective professional ultrasonic sound detector for your work, then the Superior AccuTrak VPE-GN Kit is exactly what you are looking for.


  • 10 element bar graph visual output
  • It can detect any type leak including refrigerant gas and nitrogen


  • It does take a little time to get the hang of it

8. Amprobe ULD-300 Ultrasonic Leak Detector

Amprobe ULD-300 Ultrasonic Leak Detector

The Amprobe Ultrasonic Leak Detector will give you pinpoint detection result, this tool is moderately priced compared to other leak detectors with similar functions, but it is still effective and will deliver amazing leak detection results.

This device provides readings and detection of compressed leakage air using the frequency range between 35 kHz and 45 kHz.

Having seen many leak detectors over the years, the Amprobe Ultrasonic Leak Detector has an amazing speed when finding leaks, and it is very accurate to pinpoint the exact location. The unique parabola horn design gives this tool a boost and a better chance to accurately detect and find leakages in noisy environments as the design acts as a shield against surrounding sounds.

Amprobe is one of the easier ultrasonic leak detectors to use with a really low learning curve. It is less complicated and quick to get a hang of compared to other models. However, it is not a researchable device.


  • Easy to use and highly accurate
  • Extension tube included that helps to reach more difficult areas
  • Background noise shield


  • This device is quite fragile (Be careful not to drop it)
  • Not rechargeable

9. VTSYIQI VTS-3000 High Accuracy Water Leak Detector

VTSYIQI Underground Water Pipe Leak Detector Water Leakage Detection with 70 to 4000Hz Frequency

The VTSYIQI VTS-3000 High Accuracy Water Leak Detector is a high power professional equipment for searching, detecting and confirming water (pipe) leak with pinpoint accuracy.

The equipment has a special bandwidth with 2 changes that make sure energy distribution during the measurement is very rich for great accuracy when analyzing the frequency.

The device is able to properly filter noise with a low-power microprocessor plus an advanced professional filter which it uses for digital processing of noise.

The unique 9 channels storage system sets the VTSYIQI VTS-3000 Water Leak Detector apart from other similar detectors, it can store the value of 7 measuring points for each band and store the 7 spectrum signal as well. It provides leak detection using a frequency range of 70~4000Hz, nearly 5 octave, and two kinds of bandwidth.

The VTSYIQI VTS-3000 Water Leak Detector can also be used on any pressure pipe system, and this device detects and confirms the location of leaks along the pipeline, buried or above the ground surface.

It picks up leak noise (Vibration pickup) and transforms the sound into an electric signal after processing it and then displays the result on the LCD screen for easy reading and analysis.


  • It can store results while working
  • Very effective and accurate for detecting water leakages
  • LCD screen for operation


  • It is a little bit technical to operate

10. All-Sun EM2280 Pro Ultrasonic Leakage Detector

All-Sun EM2280 Pro Ultrasonic Leakage Detector Kit, Blue

When you need a leak detection tool to run your diagnostics at a reduced time and make the task of maintenance easy, then you should consider the EM2280 Pro Ultrasonic Leakage Detector which is fast as well as very affordable.

The EM2280 Pro Ultrasonic Leakage Detector is a versatile leak detection tool that is able to detect vacuum and air leaks such as gas, electric discharge, liquid turbulence, mechanical wear including sound generation.

Considering the price, the detection results of this tool are accurate. It is a trustworthy device that is suitable for both homes and for industrial applications.

The package comes with an ultrasound receiver, a tone generator, an air probe, a contact probe, and a listening headphone.

The tone generator is used in non-pressurized enclosures with the ultrasound receiver to check for leaking seals in places like in an automotive cabin/doors/roofs and many more. Powered by a 2 6F22 9V battery, it is an effective tool considering the price.


  • Quite easy to operate
  • Accurate results considering the price


  • It doesn’t come with batteries

Best Ultrasonic Leak Detectors Buyer’s Guide

Our listed models of ultrasonic leak detectors have proven to be more than capable to help you detect leaks in any of your units.

Despite having different methods and types of leak detectors, the ultrasonic leak detector proves to be the best as these are the latest and affordable enough to be worth having.

When it comes to leaking detectors, the ultrasonic remains the best as they are an all-around tool that can detect all types of refrigerants.

However, in order to have the right information and be well informed when considering buying a leak detector, we will be talking about what ultrasonic leak detector can detect and the things to consider when buying the best ultrasonic leak detector.

leak detector

What Refrigerants Can They Detect?

As we have mentioned above, the ultrasonic leak detector is second to none and probably the best choice for a detector that can detect all kinds of the leak. Although, when buying any type of leak detector, you should always find out to know the type of leaks the tool you intend buying can detect.

When you go for a tool that can’t detect all leaks, then you will be left with the option of using an alternative detection method to detect some leaks or buy another detector for the leak you want to detect.

What To Consider While Buying Ultrasonic Leak Detectors?

With so many products available in the market, finding the right leak detector becomes difficult. However, if you know the things to consider when buying, you should be able to find one that is suitable and best for you.

Telling by the name, the leak detector uses sound waves emitted during a leakage. There is a sound made when gas escapes through the cervices and the frequencies of this sound are beyond the human ears – not audible enough for the ears. The leak detector is needed to amplify the sound into one that is audible.

There are hundreds of manufacturers of the ultrasonic leak detector and these are expensive than the HVAC. If you want to know the best types, you should consider the heated diode or infrared leak detectors.

Now, let’s take a look at the factors to consider when choosing an ultrasonic leak detector:


Definitely, when buying the best ultrasonic leak detector, you should be getting one that is cordless and gives you that easy to move around in your working environment.

The most preferred of a leak detector is usually battery powered and when you see our list for the best ultrasonic leak detector, you will find some that use traditional cell batteries and some, modern lithium batteries.

The cell batteries type can be recharged and will be needing replacement, the lithium-ion batteries too are chargeable. They individually have an edge over each other. The cell batteries type can run for a long time when used while the lithium batteries will be needing a recharge every 5-6 hours.

An issue that is associated with the cell battery type is when the battery runs low, it will stop functioning properly. However, it is not the case with the lithium batteries, it last longer.


When you want to detect leakage, finding the source of the leakage will be a priority. With this, only an accurate leak detector can be of help. When shopping for the best leak detector, always look at the techniques the detector uses for leak detection.

Just like we have mentioned earlier, the heated diode and infrared detectors are the most accurate with reading. It will be better to stick with just these two.

Continuous Operation Time

When we say the continuous operation time, this means the period you can use the detector continuously. Why you need to consider this factor is that the continuous operation time shows the needed time for the detector to detect the leakage.

Besides the limit of continuous use, the sensor is prone to contaminants. And once the sensor gets contaminated, it cannot be changed. It will be best to get a detector that is not prone to contamination. However, almost all the ultrasonic leak detectors are not prone to contamination so it won’t be difficult to get one with this feature.


This is one important factor that sets one detector different from the other. Before making your choice, always see the lifetime of the sensor. Some sensor’s lifeline is a year, two years, five years, or even ten years.

Although, the detector manufacturer might state that the sensor may last for up to ten years but if it is a detector that contaminates easily, there is no point of buying the detector because it will not be useful.

So, before buying, make sure that the detector you are going for is well protected and has a long life.


Sensitivity is also an important factor because you need a device that is sensitive enough to pick up the leaks that you are looking for. Though, you should also stay away from detectors that are too sensitive.

If you are using a detector that is too sensitive, it might be picking up other sounds and not the one it should, this will complicate things and make it difficult for you to detect the leak.


Whether you want to be using the leak detector sparingly or heavy-duty use, no one is willing to spend money on a detector that won’t stand the test of time. If what you want is a detector that is highly durable, then you should make sure to read reviews of people that have used them (which we have already done for you). This will determine if it is right for you.

Some of these detectors are very fragile and cannot survive many drops. You should put this into consideration. But it is best to go for a highly durable detector if you will be putting it into much use.


Detectors come at different prices. The good thing is that there is one for every budget. Some are more budget types while others are very pricey and this can easily be regarded as the best detectors because of the high price.

The amount you will be spending all depends on the capability of your budget, and how often you will be using the detector. Note, you can get a cheap model that will do the job for you but that is if you won’t be using it too much.


Warranty is not limited to a leak detector alone; you should always lookout for the warranty that comes with a product before buying.

When you buy a product with a year or two years’ warranty, you are getting enough protection for your investment than the ones that offer weeks of a few month’s warranty. Before buying an ultrasonic leak detector, always lookout for products that offer a better warranty.


This might sound cliché but it always works. There is no better way of knowing how best a product is than checking the reviews of previous buyers and if they are recommended by them.

Also, there are some manufacturers that have made a name for themselves and wouldn’t want to tarnish their image by selling a product that will fail you, so it won’t be a bad idea to look out for such leak detectors from them.

Back to previous users, they have bought and used this product, they know whether it is worth the price stated or if they feel it shouldn’t be bought, the ones with a lot of positive reviews will be a good choice.


Generally, detectors are always used in tough environments. In these environments, the moisture, oil or gasses are different, making maintenance an important factor. When you use the detector in this kind of environment and it is not properly maintained, it will lose its accuracy.

So, it will be better to go for a detector that doesn’t require much maintenance. With this, the sensor of the detector will be protected.

leak detector

Final Thoughts

Detectors are of different types and used under different circumstances, so make sure you know the condition you will be using the detector for before getting one. Also, detectors come with its advantages and disadvantages, hence one of the reasons for our buyer’s guide.

Make sure you read through our buyer’s guide to know more about an ultrasonic leak detector.

Once you put the above factor into consideration, we are sure that you will be well equipped to make a better decision on the type of leak detector you need to buy.

The price shouldn’t be the only determinant factor but the purpose of your need should be highly considered.

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