10 Best Xylophone Instruments

10 Best Xylophone Instruments

Xylophones are unique and well-built musical instruments found in the percussion family, consisting of wooding bars struck by mallets. It involves more than just striking it but consists of keys that must be recognized to produce meaningful sounds.

Each bar found in the xylophone is an idiophone tuned to a pitch of a musical scale, whether pentatonic or heptatonic in the case of many African and Asian instruments, diatonic in many western children’s instruments, or chromatic for orchestral use.

This musical instrument varies among each other, that is why you need to know the best of them out there and identify the one that fits into your musical collections.

1. Stagg XYLO-SET 37-Key Xylophone

Stagg XYLO-SET 37 37-Key Xylophone with Mallets and Stand, wooden/black, -inch

The Stagg XYLO-set is one of the unique xylophones for musicians. This product features rosewood 37-keys with more than enough range to learn scales and arpeggios. Stagg XYLO xylophone has 3 octaves (C5-C8) and an A=442 Hz range that produces a friendly and warm tone.

The keyboard of this xylophone is supported by a suspension bar system with wooden frames and resonating backboard that helps in enhancing the sound and provides a high-quality sound.

The Padouk bars sound good, and the tuning is sufficient for proper training. It has a warmer tone than most traditional steel bars. The Rosewood bars produce a fantastic tune.

The frame dimensions are 39.8 inches x 20.7 inches. The Stagg XYLO- Set sounds great and looks like a professional instrument. It is excellent for both advanced players and beginners.


  • Simple, no-fuss design
  • Bars have a warm tone


  • The sound from the bar is quiet
  • Keys are difficult to remove

2. inTemenos 30 note Professional Glockenspiel – Metal Bell Kit Xylophone

Gearlux 32-Note Glockenspiel Bell Kit with 8" Practice Pad, Stand, Music Rest, Mallets, Drum Sticks, and Gig Bag

This Xylophone is a uniquely designed musical instrument in terms of functionality, design, easy play, and total performance. It is built with top-quality material and a well-organized design that gives it the ability to successfully delivers a mesmerizing sound quality.

It has easy-to-use features that include effortless play and an implausible learning experience, making it a favorite choice for learning students. It has a solid structural design and durable construction, making it a good selection for teachers and parents.

This student Glockenspiel includes 32 notes ranging from F to C and allows the user or players to try a wide variety of notes concerning their choice. Predominantly, the lower range notes sound incredibly lovely.

This Glockenspiel features 2-½ octave aluminum bell set. The keys are made of good-quality aluminum instead of wood. Mallets are also included, along with a music rack.


  • Comes with carrying case
  • Sound is good quality


  • A bit pricey

3. Eastar Advanced 32 Note Glockenspiel Xylophone

The Eastar Xylophone is one of the most popular xylophones. This xylophone features a 30-note bell kit with each note stamped on the key. This feature gives room for you to learn and recognize the note effortlessly. The octave of this xylophone is 2 ¼ from G to C.

It has an oak wooden frame that is manufactured using top-notch materials. This increases the life span of the xylophone. The wooden frame is durable and robust, withstands regular wear and tear or other unfavorable conditions.

This Xylophone has an adjustable height ranging from 27 cm to 38 cm, while the width is 1 cm. The weight of the xylophone is 19.2 pounds. The GP Glockenspiel xylophone comes with a heavy-duty stand capable of holding the xylophone steady. Also, it comes with a practice pad, sticks, and mallets.


  • Easy to store
  • A great choice for both beginner and experts


  • No resonator box

4. Lyons Xylophone

The Lyons Xylophone is one of the most used xylophones. It features Rosewood tone bars with diatonic scales. The bars have a one-pin mounting, and the pieces and parts are glued together. This increases resonance, and the bars are perfectly tuned to produce a rich and warm sound.

In addition, it is a good choice for beginners. The bars of this xylophone have every note stamped on them to allow the player to quickly identify the note. This will aid them in learning the notes fast.

It comes with diatonic keys that include 2 F# and a Bb bar to enable the musicians to play in various keys. The note range of the xylophone is from C3 to A4. Along with this, it includes add-on bars like F#3, F#4, and Bb3. With these, you can play the key signatures of C, F, and G major.


  • Comes with a pair of a mallet
  • Removable keys


  • The hard plastic mallets create a poor sound

5. Mr.Power Foldable Glockenspiel Xylophone

Mr.Power Foldable Glockenspiel Xylophone Vibraphone Percussion Instrument 30NOTES

The Mr. Foldable Glockenspiel Xylophone is another excellent xylophone. It has a wooden body that is great for indoor and outdoor use. This feature makes the xylophone durable and robust that can last for more extended periods.

This xylophone has 30 notes, and every bar is marked with a correct note. This allows beginners to quickly learn and recognize the notes. You can keep the bars in their correct place quickly too. The bars are made with high-quality aluminum bars making it tough and long-lasting.

The length of the bar is 58 cm, while the expanded width is 28.5 cm from up and done is 15 cm. The close width of the upper side is 18 cm, and the width of the lower side is 8 cm.

There is a bag included, it allows you to store the xylophone – for protection against wear and tear.


  • You can even carry around the xylophone easily.
  • Sturdily built


  • Body susceptible to stain

6. CB Percussion 6855 Bell Kit Xylophone

CB Percussion 6855 Bell Kit

This is an elegant musical instrument designed to give improved quality and functionality. The Xylophone can be compared to the piano keyboard both in functions and appearance and also gives an astonishing performance.

They are made of aluminum bars. These are black and white in color with a finish of baked enamel and present a striking outlook.

It comes with a bell that features two octaves in A5-A7 range. The bar resonance is increased to a great extent by the neoprene bar mounting. The bars are wide and tuned electronically to deliver a more accurate pitch. It also facilitates easy play.

For those who are looking for enhanced quality, exceptional results, and increased durability, it is an excellent choice. The ABS endplate on this instrument adds more to its durability. It comes with a duo-tone and double-ended mallets.


  • Addition of a double-ended mallet
  • A nylon carrying bag is provided


  • No resonator box

7. Giantex Percussion Glockenspiel Bell Xylophone Kit

Giantex Percussion Glockenspiel Bell Kit 30 Notes, with Electroplated Adjustable Height Frame, Music Stand, an 8" Practice Pad, and a Pair of Bell Mallets & Wooden Drumsticks, Carrying Bag

This xylophone model is made of high-quality solid material that makes it extremely strong. It is no doubt a good choice for those who want a musical instrument that is long-lasting and eco-friendly. You will enjoy practicing on this instrument over a long period of time as it is constructed with a seamless material and exhibits incredible craftsmanship.

The manufacturing material is made of aluminum and wood, making it more stable. It promotes your playing experience and includes an adjustable stand, 2.5-octave bells with range G5-C8.

An 8-inch tunable pad is also provided that adds more fun to your practice. Other prominent features include a removable music desk, bell mallets, and drumsticks. All the elements are quick to assemble and save up space as well.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy


  • Keys are often labeled and arranged incorrectly

8. ProKussion Professional Wooden Soprano Glockenspiel Xylophone

ProKussion Professional Wooden Soprano Glockenspiel Xylophone (X-Series)

This is an exquisite instrument, made with attention to detail in order to deliver quality sound. The total size of this Glockenspiel is about 42cm X 25cm and this is a full-size model.

Made of top-notch material, it has a robust construction that makes it durable and one can keep this instrument for a long time. Its structure includes a solid wood frame with top-class metal and the keys are coated with paint. The note name is beautifully engraved into each key and it adds to the beautiful appearance of this instrument.

It is easy to play and delivers a very pleasing sound. This is a very smart selection for the students as they can learn better with this one. Mentors usually select it to teach the students. The keys are made removable. This feature makes it more helpful in teaching.


  • The notes are labeled
  • Delivers a pleasing sound


  • Some users say that screws that fasten the bars into the frame are often lost at arrival

9. Sonor Global Beat Alto Xylophone

Sonor Global Beat AX-GBF Fiberglass Alto Xylophone

This xylophone is a great product that has a 35 x 18 mm soundbars with fundamental tuning. It is made of resonator boxes that are made of basswood to make it durable.

The Sonor Global Beat Alto Xylophone is available with fiberglass bars and maple veneer on the outside and inside.

It comes with a 16-bar diatonic unit, which includes Bb and 2 F# bars. One pair of mallets is included that brings out a beautiful sound out of the xylophone. The scale of the xylophone is C-major with f-sharp 2, b-flat 2 and f-sharp 3. The tonal range is C2 to A3 that is the standard industry range.

With this xylophone, the player can easily identify notes as the notes are stamped in the chamber of each box and in the middle of the fiberglass bar.


  • Great for producing pleasant sounds
  • Made of durable materials


  • Many parts make for a cumbersome setup

10. Yamaha YX-2303-Octave Xylophone


The Yamaha YX-230 3-Octave Xylophone is another popular xylophone ideal for both professionals and learners. It has a length of 25.4 inches, a width of 10.4 inches, and a height of 3.1 inches. It also features 30 keys with sharp and flat tones, making it a unique musical instrument.

The notes of this xylophone are marked on the keys, making it easy for beginners to identify the notes. This Xylophone also has a perfect system of bars to enhance the resonance.

This xylophone comes with a pair of mallets that improves the chance of hitting the right key. The mallet is produced using top-quality materials that ensure the sound is beautiful. This xylophone is lightweight as it just weighs 4.2 pounds. This means it can be easily carried around.


  • It comes with a carrying case
  • Usually comes with a stand


  • Difficult to break down and fit into the case

What to Consider When Purchasing a Xylophone

What to Consider When Purchasing a Xylophone
What to Consider When Purchasing a Xylophone

It is not always easy to get a xylophone that will best suit your preference or even be presented to someone as a gift. It can be challenging to purchase the best among the rest, considering the multiple xylophones available in the market and online.

The enormous collection of different models, designs, and brands are due to the instrument passing through many decades of being altered for use in countless casual, educational, and professional settings.

Having all these in mind already, you will know that you have to consider many features before making a purchase. This review is meant to guide you in the right direction when selecting the best xylophone for you.

Musical Setting

One of the first things you will have to consider before buying a xylophone is the musical setting in which the xylophone will be played. This is because grade school children, while bright and inquisitive, may be a bit overzealous when striking the bars with their mallets.

With this development, a more durable instrument design will be ideal for an elementary school teacher looking for a xylophone for his or her classroom. In the case of an orchestra musician, an instrument of superior tonality would be better.

One other familiar setting that a xylophone always fits in is our own very home. If you plan to buy a xylophone for your child or wards to play at home, then space would be a multiple setting to this effect.

For a family with a room dedicated to musical instruments, you can go for a full-sized xylophone that comes with a stand, but if the reverse is the case, then a smaller and more portable design will benefit you.

If you have children, note that a portable and compact design would also be ideal for easy storage and out of their reach at the end of the day.


One other aspect we must also consider is the tuning of your xylophone. In contrast to a violin or a guitar, the xylophone is not a musical instrument that the player can easily tune. Having this already at the back of your mind, it becomes imperative for the buyer to make a decision on the best range and key for his or her new instrument before buying. There are varieties of tunings for the xylophone, and they include a soprano, alto, and bass range. A bass xylophone has a range of notes between Middle C and A1, an alto xylophone has a range between C1 and A2, and a soprano ranged xylophone consists of notes between C2 and A3.

There are also a variety of other ranges dependent on the brand of xylophone. It might be important to consider the instrument’s range if you are planning to purchase a second or third xylophone for use in an orchestral or band setting.

The key to your new xylophone is also something to give significant consideration. Many xylophones are tuned in a chromatic scale, the same tuning as a standard piano. The tuning makes playing practically any musical score easy and viable because the chromatic scale comes with all available pitches. Some xylophones are tuned to a significant scale, which lacks several chromatic scale notes. While you may not be able to play every song on an instrument permanently tuned to a significant scale, it is a much simpler design and easier to play.

Material of Bars

Owning to selecting the tuning of your new xylophone, you should also try as much as possible to contemplate your preference in bar material. The xylophone made of metal bars has a higher pitch and sharper sound than xylophones with wooden bars.

They make a great instrument for solos that carry over other instruments. Wood-barred xylophones have a warmer, rounder tone. In addition to the fact that they can be used for solo as well, the wood-barred xylophone tone blends well with other wood-barred xylophones.

Removable Bars

The removable bar is one other important feature to give consideration as it comes with a lot of advantages. For instance, if you have other bars, replacing the existing ones with entirely different notes will be easy to change the instrument’s key.

Additionally, if you are keen on learning how to tune the bars yourself, you will find removing and replacing them quickly without needing power tools or a xylophone expert. If you are not interested in replacing bars or learning to tune a xylophone, a fixed-bar xylophone would probably be more practical and would eliminate the possibility of accidentally losing a bar.


The type of mallet is a good thing to consider before buying a xylophone because they are a critical factor in producing the sound. You should go for xylophones with mallets or get another rather than limiting yourself to the ones in the box.

Mallets are long sticks with round heads that strike the bars of a percussion instrument; the hard-tipped ones will be best for metal bars, soprano xylophones, and solo parts. Then soft-tipped mallets are best for wood bars, alto and bass xylophones, and harmony parts.


This is an important feature to consider before buying a xylophone. You can find many A-frames is an essential factor to consider when buying a xylophone.

There are numerous frame designs that have an impact on every aspect of playing. It has an effect on sound design and resonance. Additionally, they control the portability and durability of the xylophone.


While each of these xylophones is suited for playing in different musical settings, you will still be able to find or lay your hand on one that will suit your preference.

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