How To Keep Your Dog Healthy During The Cold Winter Months

Dogs are just like humans, in the fact that they get ill from time to time. If your dog is an indoor pet, it probably does not frequent outside very often. Just like yourself, you will need to protect your furry friend from being exposed to the cold weather for an extended period of time.

Many owners find that it is easier to treat their pet as a child, by keeping them safe, healthy and happy despite the cold weather. Below, you will discover a few tips on how to keep your dog healthy during the cold winter months.

Fur Thickens In Preparation For Winter 

Dogs are not like humans, in that they cannot don clothing when they get cold. However, they can easily burrow underneath a blanket, if they have access to one. The dog’s body has a natural way to protect it from getting too cold during the winter months. The dog will grow a winter coat, which will keep them warm throughout the season. The dog will shed the extra fur at the end of the spring, which can be very messy for indoor pets.

It is recommended to keep the dog’s fur clean, with routine brushings to prevent it from getting matted. When you brush the dog’s fur, you will be helping to remove any lose hair follicles and keeping your home hair-free.

Exercising Indoors 

Humans that do not have a gym membership will tend to gain weight during the winter months. Well, dogs are very similar, since they do not frequent outdoors during the winter, they will also gain weight. If you own a small breed, you will not find it very difficult to keep the dog active indoors.

However, if your dog is a large breed, you will probably discover that your home lacks the space for a lot of exercises. In this case, you may want to consider teaching the dog how to walk on a treadmill. Yes, that is right a treadmill. If this exercise equipment is good enough for a human, it will be good enough for a dog.

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Dressing Warmly 

Before taking your dog outdoors, you should dress him/her in warm clothing. Many owners find it absolutely enjoyable to shop for animal clothing, even a new training collar. These items will help keep the dog warm, while they are walking around the block or in the park. You can find doggy boots at any pet store, so be sure to pick up a pair of these, as well. You do not need to bundle the dog up too much, because you want him/her to feel comfortable, with flexible mobility. A coat and doggy boots will be suitable for 30 minutes of exercise in the cold weather.

Healthy Paws 

As mentioned above, you can invest in boots to keep your dog’s paws warm. However, many dogs do not like the thought of their paws covered up. Salt can be detrimental on a dog’s paws and if they are going outdoors in the snow, there will be no way to avoid it. Prolonged exposure to salt and deicers can cause chemicals burns. Paw wax is the best way to avoid trauma to your pet’s paws.

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