Top 7 Best Infrared (IR) Thermometers

Infrared thermometers are being used in varied industries that need to check temperatures for people and objects from a distance. Apart from such uses, one can also check the temperature of meat, food, automotive and electrical equipment, and other surfaces without the need to get closer. This also shows that you don’t have to touch anything that you want to check and can be done from a distance. The measurement will depend on the thermometer that you use as they vary when it comes to covering distance. Compared to ordinary thermometers, these can be used in places where ordinary ones cannot be of use.

Top 7 Best Infrared (IR) Thermometers

Here, we take a look at the Top 7 Best Infrared (IR) Thermometers that are available online and will be perfect for specific requirements:

1. ThermoDetect Pro™ Infrared ThermometerThermoDetect Pro™ Infrared Thermometer

If you are searching for a fairly priced yet quality thermometer that’s also FDA approved, then this ThermoDetect Pro™ Infrared will be a good choice. It is manufactured at a facility that’s FDA registered and then shipped from California to various parts of the world. As it’s also CE and FCC certified, the reliability on the thermometer increases. There are several factors on why we consider as the best in our top 10 list.

The thermometer gives you contactless reading that’s highly accurate. The best part is that the results get shown in about 1 second. There is also a color-coded fever indicator. This means that you will exactly know what action to take in case of a high fever. It provides accurate reading from a distance of 2 inches. Just with one battery cycle, you will be able to get thousands of checks done.


  • High Accuracy.
  • Fast and easy operation.


  • The body should be made of a more durable material

2.  ThermoDetect Plus Infrared ThermometerThermoDetect Plus Infrared Thermometer

The ThermoDetect Plus is a premium quality in-ear and forehead thermometer that makes use of infrared technology. It supports reading in Celsius and Fahrenheit accurately and can be used at home. This is a perfect choice for checking baby and adult temperatures. You tri-colored reading for prevention of any confusion, which makes sure that any confusion can be prevented.

Additionally, in these COVID times, you can use it to keep your family, workers, and customers safe. It includes premium technology that makes it safe for children and adults. The lightweight structure and good grip help infirm and comfortable use. This will provide you good results from a shorter distance of 5 cm as well. The battery saving mode consumes low power. Hence it will last a lot longer.


  • Lightweight and slim.
  • Has a tri-color alarm.
  • Great build quality.


  • Batteries are not included.

3. Etekcity 1022 Digital Laser Infrared ThermometerEtekcity 1022 Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer

The Etekcity 1022 Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer has been made to give you the best temperature accuracy. The distance with the spot ratio is 12:1. You can measure the surface temperatures from 50 to 550 degrees Celsius. There is also higher precision, and this makes sure that you can rely on it completely. The thermometer also has the feature of adjustable emissivity.

Therefore one can improve the measurement accuracy across varied surfaces. There is an LCD screen, and the back-light also comes with an automatic OFF function. It also has an indicator for low battery, so you know when to replace it with a new one. Etekcity 1022 Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer can be used for safe surface temperature measurements hence for home repairs, cooking, and auto maintenance.


  • Versatile functioning.
  • Adjustable emissivity.


  • The battery runs out faster.

4. Fluke 62 Max Plus IR ThermometerFluke 62 Max Plus IR Thermometer

This is one of the best IR thermometers that you can go for and comprises premium and sturdy quality material. The thermometer provides you complete control over the surface temperature that’s being measured. This comes very handy and provides accurate non-contact readings.  Fluke has made sure that they focus on providing you superior quality products and have paid attention to details while designing it.

One can measure temperatures from -22 to over 1202 Fahrenheit and has an excellent accuracy rate. This will be a good tool for people that wish to check temperature differences between objects nearby.  It works with AA batteries that are economical for replacement. Additionally, if you want, you can even use rechargeable batteries if you like.


  • The dual lasers rotate.
  • IP54 certified for protection against dust and liquid.


  • The display is short-lived.

5. Klein Tools IR5 Dual Laser 12:1Klein Tools IR5 Dual Laser

The Klein Tools IR5 Dual Laser has an optical resolution of 12:1. This makes it one of the best thermometers on our list. You get a dual laser that targets easily and provides accurate readings. One can measure a temperature range between -22 and 752 degrees Fahrenheit making it perfect for everyday use. There is a feature for adjusting emissivity and the auto-scan. Additionally, you also get an alarm equipped thermometer that switches off automatically while not being used. The drop protection is great for 6 feet. Works on a 9V battery and provides constant usage capabilities.


  • 12:1 Optical resolution.
  • Dual-laser target.
  • Auto-Scan.
  • Easy handling.


  • The alkaline battery that comes with it might not work.

6. Klein Tools IR07 Dual Infrared (IR) and Probe Pocket Size LCD Digital ThermometerKlein Tools IR07 Dual Infrared (IR) and Probe Pocket Size LCD Digital Thermometer

This thermometer can be regarded as an indispensable tool for automotive and diagnostic purposes. It offers fast temperature reading that makes it easy to identify A/C performance, issues with cooling systems, and engine misfires. It also includes laser point sighting that can help in carrying direct measurement towards the target.  It also comes with a protective boot for additional durability. The efficient ergonomic design also carries IR measurement for even hazardous substances. It also comes with a wonderful storage pouch that makes it easy to travel with.


  • Pocket-Sized.
  • Fast response time.
  • Displays maximum and present readings.


  • Not for human use.

7. Etekcity Lasergrip 1080 Infrared ThermometerEtekcity Lasergrip 1080 Infrared Thermometer

This is another amazing thermometer from the brand Etekcity. This comes with the 12:1 ratio precision that makes sure that one can measure huge distances when compared to some other IR thermometers. For having the best results, one should make sure that there is a distance of around 14 inches with the object. It can measure the temperature range of -58 to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. The built-in laser offers accuracy for the exact space one wishes to measure from. It has a versatile design and an LCD screen with a backlight.


  • Accurate measurements.
  • Vast temperature range measures.
  • Extended battery life.


  • The body doesn’t seem very durable.

How Do Infrared Thermometers Work?

An IR thermometer is great for measuring temperatures on the object and surfaces without contacting it. Each of the objects around us radiates some thermal energy. The hotter something is, the higher the thermal energy it will possess.  IR thermometers have been equipped with detectors that can transform the thermal energies into an electronic signal that can be seen on a screen in a few seconds. The best thermometer also has a laser pointer for measuring the accurate temperature of the object in the target.  Its high speed and versatility make Infrared thermometers one of the essential tools for several homes, commercial and industrial applications.

Infrared Thermometers Buying Guide: Factors you should consider before purchasing Infrared Thermometers:

·       Overall Features:

There are varied types of IR thermometer catering to different requirements of the customers. But some of the features can be seen to be common in them. One of the important features remains the LCD screen display as the readings being shown should be clear. Additionally, some of the features also include data log capabilities so that proper records can be maintained. Other features that you might want to look into can be laser sighting and emissivity.

·       Purpose of Use:

Each of the IR thermometers gets designed for serving a specific purpose. Some of them are used for medical uses while others for industrial. Then some thermometers are used for determining temperature objects situated at a distance. Therefore you must choose a thermometer based upon the purpose.

·       Temperature Range:

Depending on the task, the temperatures of a thermometer vary on the temperature range it has. For example, most of the general models can measure temperatures from -50 to about 400 degrees Celsius. While the professional ones can measure even much higher temperatures up to 750 degrees.

·       Speed and Accuracy:

All of the thermometers that we mention on the list offer you quick and accurate results. The advanced technology makes them perfect or professional usage, and the accurate results are given because of the adjustable emissivity and good IR sensors. Choose the tool that is according to your precision requirements.

·       Cost:

This is one of the essential factors that one should observe before making a purchase. Even if you have a low budget, go for good accuracy, and provide basic features. This will make sure that purpose is served as per your needs.

·       Memory Functions:

All of the latest models to come with memory functions. The feature allows you to see the last reading for reference. This will be a good feature to have in case the body temperature is constantly varying. Some of the latest ones even can store around 20 readings at one time.

·       Backlit LCD Display:

Or reading the temperature clearly, it is good to go for a forehead IR thermometer that comes with a big LCD so that it’s easy for you to read the numbers. When the display has a backlit feature, it ensures proper illumination, and you can understand the readings correctly in dark conditions.

·       Sound:

Most of the thermometers that we mentioned on the list do make a sound. This indicates the time when it’s ready to show temperature. The sound offers convenience for the most part but can be an issue if the child is sleeping. Go for the one that has modes of silence or mute as well.

·       Indication for Fever Alert:

For making your work easier, some of the thermometers also come with a fever alert feature. This allows the user to understand when the body temperature is above the normal range.

·       Auto Shut-off and Battery Life:

There is a need for auto-shutoff as these thermometers depend on batteries. If you forget to switch it off, the battery tends to get wasted with time. Therefore there are models available that have this feature that makes sure there is prolonged battery life when the device isn’t touched for 30 seconds.

Some of the IR thermometers depend on cell battery while others might use AAA or AA batteries. Regardless of the source, battery life is another important aspect that you should be taking a look at. Some of them are going to last longer than others. We recommend that you always keep a pair of extra batteries in case of emergencies. It is always a good idea to be prepared beforehand when it comes to health.

Are Infrared Thermometers Accurate?

One of the most important factors while you consider purchasing Infrared thermometers, is the accuracy. This is because wrong reading might lead to a false diagnosis and can further complicate the health issue. Most of the thermometers do use infrared technology that gives you accurate readings. However, in case you are confused, try taking readings at least thrice at the same time. Then a comparison can be made as per the recordings.

Some of the thermometers promise of offering accurate reading, but small deflection can still be seen. Most of the companies do provide this information on the product itself and are honest. This makes calibration or accurate calculations easier. So you must check for such details for sure.

Surfaces you’re Measuring (Emissivity)

Infrared thermometers can measure external temperature. Emissivity has been related to reflectivity of the object surface that’s being scanned. These thermometers can feature fixed emissivity of about 0.95 that’s perfect for solid surfaces like metal, walls, pipes, and more.

Fixed emissivity might result in issues that can occur with a reflective object like glass, oil, or liquid. Hence, it will be the best choice to go for professional models that provide variable emissivity. This will allow you calibration for each of the surfaces for precise readouts.

Ease of Use and Reliability

The basic need or an IR thermometer is ease of use. Even when you have to use several times, the accuracy in reading shouldn’t change. There should be features of saving the previous readings so that one can make a comparison if needed. The switch-on option must be easy, and the readings need to be recorded in a few seconds. The tool should also be easy to carry while you are on the go.

FAQ on Infrared (IR) Thermometers

Are IR thermometers safe?

The clinical thermometers are completely safe to be used for anyone. This includes adults, children, and babies as long as one doesn’t point the laser towards the eyes. These are non-contact devices that help you to measure the temperature from a safer distance.

What are the temperatures that IR thermometers measure?

Depending on the type of model that you have got, the range of temperature measurement varies. The clinical IR thermometers made for measuring body temperatures have better accuracy and can measure between the range of 32 to 42 degrees Celsius. Industrial thermometers have higher and extensive temperature ranges and can lie between -50 to 1000 degrees Celsius.

What is the response time that one should expect?

Most of the IR thermometers are fast. Some of them can provide a reading within one second.

What is the greatest distance that one can remain from the target for an accurate result?

This is one function that depends on the thermometer optics of the one that you purchased. Make use of the distance and size ratio to find the maximum distance that you can be around from your target. Typically the maximum distance that one of these thermometers allows is about 30 meters, which also depends on the atmospheric conditions.

How to clean an Infrared Thermometer?

For providing accurate readings, IR thermometers need to be cleaned. You can make use of clean cloth, or a cotton swab dipped in water or rubbing alcohol. First, carefully wipe the lens and then the thermometer body. Make sure that before using it again, it’s completely dried. Never use chemicals, or sop or submerge the thermometer into the water.

Final Words

This was our list of the top 7 best infrared (IR) thermometers, and you can now make an informed choice after taking a look at the specifications of each. These are a must-have gadget not just for commercial usage but also for at-home use, especially when we are currently in the middle of a pandemic.

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