Is a Concrete Shed Base What You Need?

shed in a property corner with a concrete base

If you’re planning on building a shed, you may be mapping out the project. One key consideration should be which foundation to select. If you do choose a concrete shed base, you will be choosing a method which is effective, but slightly old-fashioned.

Concrete shed bases are strong and stable. However, shed builders will need to excavate before putting them into place. This definitely increases the workload which is associated with building a shed. When you choose to go for a more modern method instead, which is using plastic shed bases which are crafted from eco-friendly plastic, you’ll be primed to avoid the excavation part of construction.

As well, you’re bound to spend a lot less money. Plastic shed bases are interlocking panels. They aren’t very expensive, even when they are of superb quality.

So, concrete will work well. It’s definitely strong and long-lasting, as long as it’s high-quality concrete and it’s installed properly. However, plastic shed bases serve the same purpose and they are so much easier to use!

To make this easier for you to understand, let’s talk about the benefits of building a concrete shed base and then explore the advantages of building a shed with a plastic shed base.

Advantages of a Concrete Shed Base

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 A concrete shed base is a lot better than putting a shed on the bare ground, where water will seep into the wood and weaken it. You should always have a shed foundation, although many people have skipped the foundation step of construction and then lived to regret it.

Concrete is a proven choice for foundations for an array of structures. It’s tough, heavy and durable. However, it may crack and installing a concrete foundation will typically require some skill. Also, you will need to excavate to make room for the concrete foundation.

Also, it’s vital to create a concrete foundation which doesn’t move. This means figuring out the best form of concrete for your soil type. As you can see, there are a lot of things to consider. If you’re not really handy and don’t feel like learning a lot about concrete and how to use it, this type of shed foundation may present too much of a challenge, unless you pay someone to install it for you.

So, after learning about concrete shed bases and all that they have to offer, you probably realize that a concrete shed base is probably best for the experienced do-it-yourself’er. It may be too complex of a project for a shed building newbie.

Discover the Benefits of Plastic Shed Bases

So, after learning about concrete shed bases and all that they have to offer, you probably realize that a concrete shed base is probably best for the experienced do-it-yourself’er. It may be too complex of a project for a shed building newbie.

However, a plastic shed base will be simple for even the most inexperienced DIY’er to put into place. The best plastic bases are made from recycled plastic and they offer tons of strength and stability. When you choose this form of shed base, you’ll be primed to enjoy superb quality for a fair price. Buy as many panels as you need and then interlock them in order to access a base which self-ventilates and self-drains.

You’ll be shocked at just how strong these ultra-modern shed bases are. They feature the same honeycomb design which is found in gravel grids for driveways and paving grids for driveways. If you’ve never learned about these products, be sure to check them out online. They are definitely great solutions to the issue of building foundations in no time flat.

To install them, just make sure that the ground is level and free of debris. For example, move rocks away and other natural matter, such as sticks and grass. Make sure that you place the plastic paving grids on soil which is smooth and even in height. That’s pretty much all of the preparation that you’ll need to do. You won’t have to dig as you would when excavating in order to make a concrete shed base! So, this part of the job will be really easy.

After you put down the plastic shed base, you’ll be ready to sit the shed on top. As long as you’ve chosen the right amount of panels, this will be a total breeze.

Plan Your Shed Project Today

When it comes to planning a shed project, you should make sure that you map things out in a detailed way before you start. It’s true that you’re not building something elaborate, such as a house or a skyscraper, but you still need a plan, just to make the project easier to complete. First, you should set a size for the shed and then map out a space for it on your property. Give some thought to placement as it’s going to affect how much light the shed gets, if it has windows, and so on.

Once you’ve decided on size and placement, shop around for a pre-made shed or shed materials. You deserve quality, so see what’s available online and then choose the most affordable supplies or pre-made shed. Look for supplies from trusted manufacturers with strong and positive reputations. After this, move forward by choosing your shed base products. It’s best to decide on the pre-made shed first, if you’re buying one, as you’ll know its precise dimensions and you’ll be able to order enough plastic shed base panels to fit underneath of it.

After you do this, you’ll be good to go. However, you should think about tools. Add up the cost of everything before you order, including any tools that you’ll need to buy, and then see if the amount that you’ll need to spend fits your budget.

Once you receive the supplies, spend a nice sunny weekend installing your shed on your property. You may find that it doesn’t take long.

If you do decide to go with a concrete shed base, we think that you should talk to a construction pro in your locality and find out which type of concrete is most appropriate for your project.


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