MOLDetect – One Sample Mold Test Kit Review

MOLDetect – One Sample Mold Test Kit Review

Detecting and preventing mold in your home is quite important for your well being. There are various known ways of detecting mold, one of which is by making use of a mold test kit.

Using a mold test kit to test if you have mold will be effective if you get the right product. For that reason, I’ll be reviewing the MOLDetect one sample mold test to see if it is the right mold test kit to go for.

 Product Description and Features

This kit comes with all you need to test your home for all types of mold. Included when u purchase is one test(a slide and tape), a guide and an envelope.

MOLDetect - 3 Sample Mold Test Kit W/ AIHA Accredited Lab Analysis

Following the included guide makes collecting samples very easy as it is well detailed. After collecting your sample, you’ll send it to the producers so they have it tested in an accredited laboratory.

The results come in quickly, about 2 – 3 business days and you receive it through your email. It contains a detailed analysis of the type of mold you have and how much of it is present.

The manufacturers provided a number for expert consultation. If you are finding it difficult to understand your report, you can call them and everything will be well explained.

However, just as the description says, this is a one-sample mold test kit so it can be used to test one area only. This kit also cannot test for air mold, it is only a surface test.

MOLDetect - One Sample Mold Test Kit Review


  • Tests for all mold types
  • Easy to use
  • Accredited laboratory
  • Quick results
  • Expert consultation


  • One room only
  • Cannot test for air


If you are looking at testing just one area or section of your home, then you can make use of this mold test kit. It works, and by the time you get your results, you’ll know if you have mold or not.

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