5 Products You Can Give To Your Dog

5 Products You Can Give To Your Dog

It is well-known that dogs shouldn’t be fed with table scraps! However, human beings find it very difficult to say no to those puppy-dog eyes. Food that is delicious and safe for us may not be safe for doggies. Always remember that dogs are different from human beings. Likewise, no two dogs can be the same. Even giving small amounts of certain foods to your dogs can result in negative side effects.

#1 Peanut Butter

Do not feed your dog with Peanut Butter

The list of “risky” foods begins with unsalted peanut butter. Giving your furry friends a small tablespoon of peanut butter will not harm them. However, don’t overdo it (even if your dogs love peanut butter)! Little quantities of peanut butter will act as a great source of healthy fats and protein for your pet.

#2 Plain Yogurt

Plain Yogurt
Plain Yogurt

Feed your dog plain yogurt if he/she is suffering from digestive problems. Make sure the yogurt doesn’t have any artificial sweeteners or added sugar. Plain yogurt is high in calcium and protein. It will be an ideal treat for your furry friend.

#3 Oatmeal


Another meal you should think twice before feeding to your dogs would be “oatmeal”. Oatmeal is a wonderful source of fiber. It should be given to dogs with bowel irregularities. If your dog suffers with wheat allergies, oatmeal will be helpful. However, you should make sure the oatmeal doesn’t have sugar.

#4 Fish

Cooked Salmon is not also very good for your dog

Just like human beings, dogs benefit from omega 3 fatty acids. Feeding them omega 3 can be a challenge. Experts believe that you can feed omega 3 by slipping cooked salmon into your pet’s food bowl. Omega 3 will give your furry friend a shinier and a healthier coat.

#5 Pumpkins

Pumpkin is good, but only in small amounts

Another interesting food item that is difficult to serve would be pumpkins. Raw pumpkin is rich in vitamin A and fiber. Pumpkins can cure digestive crunches in your pup.

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