10 Best Scroll Saws

Scroll saws are regularly ignored in place of the larger and more attractive tools for cutting. However, many do not know that scroll saws are handy, especially when cutting accurate shapes and curves into a stable and strong material.

Scroll saws operate similarly to sewing machines as they utilize vertical blades that ensure swifter adjustments than the typical hand saw. This is in addition to the fact that it is also faster than doing manual cutting.

As expected, the scroll saws come in various sizes, designs, and shapes. Searching for the ideal scroll saw for your needs may not be easy as you expect. This is because there is practically an endless array for you to choose from. This list contains ten of the most impressive scroll saws in the market for you. If you are ready, then let us roll!

10 Best Scroll Saws

1. DEWALT DW 788 Scroll SawDEWALT DW 788 Scroll Saw

When it comes to scrolling saws, this is clearly one of the very best. DeWalt clearly put a lot of effort and resources into making this product. It comes with some of the most innovative designs, and the price is reasonable. There is a remarkable double parallel arm concept, which reduces noise and vibration.

It comes with a 20-inch capacity for cutting, and the massive cast iron table allows for beveling in both directions allowing for tasks in bigger chunks. There are also arm lifts used for the threading of blades, and there is no need for extra tools when working with the blade clamp.


  • Very innovative design
  • Reasonable pricing system
  • Minimal noise and vibration


  • Some have complained about the sudden slowing of speed.


It is a solid scroll saw and has all the needed features.

2. WEN 3921 Variable Speed Scroll SawWEN 3921 Variable Speed Scroll Saw

The WEN 3921 is one scroll saw that gives you maximum value for the money spent on it. Users can fix the blades in two ways (90 degrees and standard format), and this allows for a cutting capacity that goes more than the 16-inch depth.

Some other outstanding features like a vacuum port, dust blower, adjustable LED work light, variable speed, and tilting table. It may not be ideal for heavy-duty operations, but overall, this is a solid scroll saw.


  • Compatible with pinless and pinned blades.
  • Blade installation possible in two ways.
  • Good value for money.


  • The dust blower may not work as expected.


Overall, it will give satisfactory performance for the user, and it is well recommended.

3. Delta Power Tools 40-694Delta Power Tools 40-694

This scroll saw comes with a 20-inch cutting capacity, and the dimension is 24 inches by 16 inches. It offers enough surfaces for the handling of bigger projects. It features huge knobs for beveling of the table in both directions and tensioning of the blade. There is also the on and off switch, and the variable speed control makes everything easy.

Vibration is reduced to the barest minimum because of the dual parallel-arm design, and there are also locks in place that make the changing of blades stress-free.


  • Least noise and vibration
  • Optimal user-friendliness
  • Very clean cuts


  • The on and off button has been reported as defective by some users.


The scroll saw cuts well, and other features make life truly easy for the user. It is recommended highly.

4. BUCKTOOL 16-inch Variable Speed Scroll SawBUCKTOOL 16-inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

This scroll saw comes with a variable speed 1.2-Amp DC motor that allows for smooth and noiseless performance, and there is also a vibration-free LED light that allows for proper viewing during operation.

The pedal switch design allows for convenience when using the scroll saw. Changing blades is as easy as possible, and this is due to the quick-change blade feature. The durable and hefty cast iron table allows for heavy-duty tasks. The table has dimensions of 16 inches by nine inches and bevels up to as much as 45 degrees allowing for angled and neat cuts.


  • Optimal performance guaranteed
  • Easy changing of blades


  • Difficulty changing blades have been reported.


From its noise-free designs to the meticulous cuts, here is an excellent option.

5. SKIL 3335-06 16’’ Scroll SawSKIL 3335-06 16’’ Scroll Saw

Using this scroll saw allows proper clearing of debris as it has an integrated dust removal feature. There is also an efficient LED work light that provides for optimal viewing during operation. This is in addition to a dust port that allows your zone of operation to be free of dust. Cutting several materials is possible because of the electronic variable speed.

Users can achieve precise cuts because of the tilting work table. Tilting can be as much as 45 degrees. There is also a 16-inch throat that allows for the cutting of thicker chunks.


  • Versatility guaranteed
  • The integrated dust removal system
  • Electronic variable speed control


  • Blades may not be sharp enough.


It is the delight of any user, with its outstanding features.

6. Shop Fox W1713 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll SawShop Fox W1713 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

For those who frequently cut patterns using lighter stock or using lighter timber, this scroll saw is the best option for efficiency and accuracy for you. It is made from sturdy cast iron, and the cutting capacity is an impressive 16 inches. It also works with pin-end and standard blades.

Viewing is optimal with the gooseneck light unit and sawdust blower, so you can focus very well on what you are doing. The table tilts as much as 45 degrees, and there is also a dust port underneath the unit.


  • Works with pin-end and standard blades
  • Flexible hold-down shoe included
  • Optimal accuracy and efficiency with cuts


  • Noise level can be unbearable


From neat cuts made possible with the variable speed control to the impressive quality of the output, this is an ideal product.

7. Ryobi 16-Inch Corded Scroll Saw #SC1655VS by RyobiRyobi 16-Inch Corded Scroll Saw #SC1655VS by Ryobi

It is designed to give optimal efficiency for the user at all levels of operations. It comes with a maximum throat depth that measures 16 inches, but that is not all. There are tool-free blade change and tilt that makes operations to be super smooth.

Neat cuts are ensured with the variable speed button, and there is also an integrated dust blower. With the blower, users can ensure the neatest and most precise cuts.


  • Integrated dust blower in place
  • Accurate and precise cuts are guaranteed.
  • Environment-friendly design


  • It can be problematic with pinless blades.


With a maximum throat depth of 16 inches, it is an ideal scroll saw, and it is very much recommended.

8. Proxxon 37094 Scroll Saw DS 460Proxxon 37094 Scroll Saw DS 460

This scroll saw comes with a compact and slender design, and this is in addition to its brilliant performance as attested to by the users. There are two modes of speed, and the tools incorporated are known for their very high quality and level of precision. The scroll saw is noiseless, and the vibration is minimal, so there is fatigue-free use.


  • Compact design
  • Very high level of precision
  • Minimal noise and vibration


  • Some users complain about the blade quality


This is the ideal scroll saw for you for those who appreciate precision and accuracy with noise-free operations. It is very much recommended for all.

9. Rikon 10-600VS Scroll Saw with Lamp, 16-InchRikon 10-600VS Scroll Saw with Lamp, 16-Inch

This scroll saw from Rikon is one of the finest on the market, and it comes equipped with a very dependable 120 V DC motor, and there is a variable speed that measures 550 to 1650 SPM. There is also a base made from cast iron, and this allows for excellent stability.


  • Reliable and high-quality performance
  • Optimal stability
  • Powerful motor


  • The bulb can be defective


Stability is essential for a scroll saw, and this is one of the most stable in the market. It also performs well, and it is very much recommended.

10. Shop Fox W1872 16’’ VS Scroll Saw with Foot SwitchShop Fox W1872 16’’ VS Scroll Saw with Foot Switch

Shop Fox is known for some of the finest tools, and this scroll saw from their stable is another outstanding example. There is a powerful motor rated at 120V. It also has a variable speed motor function, which allows for the neatest of cuts. There is a blade speed that ranges from 550 to 1600 SPM. The maximum cutting thickness is rated at 2-1/4 inches, while the maximum cutting width measures in at 16 inches.


  • Reliable cutting performance
  • Impressive blade speeds


  • The locking system for the blades may not work well


It is a tool that has been designed for optimal results. From its variable-speed motor function to the powerful motor, users are sure of getting a tremendous performance.

Scroll Saws Buying Guide

If you do not know precisely what you need, it can be a hectic venture for you when searching for a good scroll saw. You can even make the mistake of absent out on the most important features when trying to choose one that will work for you.

Overall, scroll saws look like they are all the same, but the fact is that some characteristics set them apart and even influence the way they operate, the limitations, and the best way to apply them to tasks.

Blade Type

There are two principal kinds of blades; these are the pin-end and standard blades. Even though the two types have the same cutting power level, they are applied differently concerning cuts. The standard or conventional blades are just like the ones seen in a typical saw blade. They cut well and can be used with most cutting jobs. Once the blade is of good quality, and you are good to go.

However, the picture is different when it comes to the pin-end blades, and they have an innovative addition. Any scroll saw that fits with the pin-end blades could function with them. They are made to offer maximum ease during use and replacement. That said, they are not as common as the standard blades. They may also be more challenging when trying to make precise turns. In other words, pin-end blades are best for very particular tasks.

Depth of Cut

Whenever you want to purchase a scroll saw and one you will use without any problems, it is good to take a second look at a cut depth. If you are going for a depth of half an inch, it will end up as a disaster because that is not optimal. A good scroll saw should give you a depth of cut that measures up to 2.5 inches. The depth of cut shows you the thickness of the material you can slice through.

For most users, scroll saws that have a 16 to 18-inch capacity are the best. This parameter will give you a good idea of how deep your scroll saw can cut. For most scroll saws, the cut depth can range from 1.75 inches right up to 2.25 inches. This is one of the most important factors that you must consider when you are looking for the most excellent scroll saw to go for.

Throat Length

Some beginners may get confused when they hear of the throat size of a particular scroll saw. It is a parameter used in accessing if the scroll saw is adequate for use in huge tasks. The scroll saw comes with a cutting plane with a raised arm that grips the real blade in most instances.

What is called the throat is the space that exists between the arm and the blade. The bigger the throat, the longer the distance you will be able to use in pushing back. This implies that you can slice through much bigger objects or surfaces without the need to do them as smaller chunks. If you are working on smaller objects, you may not need to bother yourself about the throat size.


The tilt is used about the angle of movement of the blade when cutting. Some blades in scroll saws can tilt as much as 45 degrees. The greater the tilt, the easier it will be for the user to cut up big objects. Those who will be working on large tasks should pay close attention to the blade’s tilt present in the scroll saws that they are working with.


Practically every single type of cutting tool has been manufactured in a way that depends on speed for the slicing or sawing through various substances, and the same thing applies to scroll saws. Irrespective of the kind of task you are making use of scroll saws, the one with the greater speed is always going to be able to cut more.

The speed of blades in each scroll saw typically depends on the motor used in each. However, there are some specific speed limits to ensure that they do not end up breaking as a result of excessive speed. Some scroll saws come with a dial-based speed system, which allows for a gradual increase in the degree of cutting power.

Ease of Use

Different scroll saws offer varying levels of complexity and sophistication. The most experienced hands can only use some while some are made for practically everyone. The interesting thing is that the same brand can make both. As a result, you may need to search carefully for some time before you can see that one that blends perfectly with your experience and level of skill.

Getting to choose the ideal scroll saw for you goes beyond just selecting one with the most outstanding features or parts.

It is more important that you get to choose a model that is at the same level as your skills, and that can complement the other tools that you are making use of. Here, you need to pay close attention to the ‘tool-free’ designs of blade holders. This feature allows you to detach the blades without the need to dismantle the screws or even use other extra or additional tools. This way, it becomes a lot easier for you to apply the scroll saw.


Q: Are scroll saws dangerous?

A: They are not seen as dangerous but must be used with care to prevent finger and hand injuries.

Q: Can scroll saws cut metal?

A: Yes, if you use skip tooth blades.

Q: Is it worth buying a scroll saw?

A:  Yes, but make sure you get the most excellent one.


This guide has shed more light on the most important factors that must be considered when shopping for the ideal scroll saws for you. It has also itemized the most excellent scroll saws in the market. A good tool is a true delight for the user.

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