Gardening Trends You Need To Know in 2024!

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2023 has been a roller coaster just like the year before. Every part of our lives is affected and wouldn’t you know it, gardening is too.

The most popular gardening trends in 2023 can be broken down into 2 main categories. One focuses on sustainability and the environment, and the other is finding ways to adapt to the Covid-19 crisis.

So let’s look into it a little more.

Sustainable Living!

As people become more aware of their environmental impact, we’ve seen a sharp spike in sustainability across the board. There are a lot of different practices that people employ in order to garden responsibly, as well as to help the planet in their own little way.

Growing Your Own Food

The first of these trends is for sure planting your own food. For many people, it’s very rewarding to maintain a pantry full of homegrown veggies and herbs. 

Not only that, but a lot of people also want to donate these self-grown veggies or share them with their community in some way. It’s also way more affordable for most people to buy seeds as opposed to going to the supermarket. 

Some of the most popular homegrown vegetables are:

  • Tomatoes
  • Potatoes
  • Peas
  • Radish
  • Onions
  • Peas

Using Recycled Containers 

On a similar tangent, a lot of people are using old cans or containers instead of ceramic pots. Wanting to reduce the amount of trash they throw away, people get super creative and decorate these empty cans in a bunch of different ways.

Sustainable gardeners love the homely feel of reusing empty bottles, or cans, or what have you for their plants. And the more creative ones among them, love having an outlet for their artistic side. So go crazy and paint, bedazzle, or even tie some ribbons. Just remember to have fun with it!

Avoiding Grassy Lawns

While a grassy lawn was once the ideal for a lot of people, with time it’s lost that spot. Since they require a lot of water to maintain, the more environmentally conscious gardeners prefer to use tiling or plain dirt in their stead.

In areas that deal with droughts, in particular, lawns have gone super out of style and won’t be anyone’s favorite for 2023.

Protecting Pollinators

We’ve been seeing that bees and some species of butterflies have become endangered. Because of how integral they are to our lives, a lot of people have taken up gardening to help out our hardworking little friends.

This means researching the kinds of plants that sustain these pollinators and then planting them. Not only would this be a great food source for them, it would also make it possible for them to lay eggs.

Water Conservation

Like I said earlier, lawns have become outdated and people care more about water conservation. Well, this goes a bit further, because cacti have become the poster child for “dry gardening.”

Sure, they still need water but their needs are significantly easier to manage so you won’t need to use that much to keep them hydrated and healthy.

Adapting To The Pandemic

On the other side, we have trends emerging from the pandemic. With so many people stuck at home, it makes sense that gardening becomes a fun way to stay safe at home.

Online Shopping

For sure the most popular trend, buying seeds online has become commonplace. While before there was a tendency to go to farms or other nature-focused locations, now everything is just one click away.

Everything you could possibly need is more accessible than ever!

Making Gardens More Functional

A direct result of staying at home for long periods of time is that you notice which parts of your house don’t work. 

This leads to people changing up the way their garden is set up. Either planting more trees for shade or to grow fruits. Others opt for raised beds to plant the herbs or vegetables they want.

Having A Cosy Corner

On the other end, many conclude that their garden is too empty or too uncomfortable. This is usually rectified by introducing somewhere comfortable to sit or by bringing out some kind of recreational activity.

For a lot of people having a cute table and some chairs placed in the garden is the most heavenly thing. Getting a nice view of the space and relaxing with some coffee or tea.

You probably won’t even need to buy anything new. You can just bring out anything from inside the house and turn it into a comfy little spot for unwinding.

Getting The Whole Family Involved

Since it can get boring or lonely to do everything by yourself, it’s also becoming really trendy to have your family get in on the planting. 

A lot of people have shared the heartwarming memories they’ve created by gardening with their spouse or with a family member.

Plus gardening is a lot of work, so the more help you have the easier it gets to pull of maintenance and care for everything that’s growing in your space.

More kids and young adults are taking an interest in plants, so if you’re looking for an activity to help you bond with your children then gardening might be a good one to try out.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, gardening is more popular than ever. There are a lot of different ways to enjoy your space, whether you want to beautify it or keep it functional and sustainable.

2023 has been interesting for gardening because we have so many interesting practices that are entering the mainstream. More people are trying to maintain their outdoor spaces responsibly and want to go the extra mile.

Especially in times where it’s necessary to find something to stay busy with at home, the amount of interest in gardening is sure to go up even more. 

Where the trends go from here, it’s hard to say. But, with such mindful practices being focused on it seems like the direction will be exciting regardless of which one.

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