When Less Is More: Tale of the Low Maintenance Gardens!

It really does get too hot sometimes in Australia! With this kind of weather maintaining a garden can be quite heavy on your pockets. Here is where you need to think smart. Build a garden that requires minimal maintenance.

Confused? Landscape architects agencies can help you create one. Do not mistake low maintenance for no maintenance. If you feel so, then you must be dreaming. Certain steps can help you make the garden easier to maintain.

Why and when you should consider low-maintenance gardening?

When Less Is More: Tale of the Low Maintenance Gardens!
When Less Is More: Tale of the Low Maintenance Gardens!

Modern life is too busy! Work! Commitments and so much more. Does that mean you give up your love of gardening? Definitely not. Just create a garden that needs minimal maintenance. Expert gardeners and landscapers can help you with the task. Here are a few reasons people opt for minimal maintenance gardens:

Old Age: When people start to age, it does not mean that they stop gardening or building their own garden. Just build a garden, which is easier to maintain.

A Novice or Amateur: If you are new to gardening, then elaborate gardens would be quite difficult to maintain and look after. An easy-to-maintain garden would be much convenient, while you enjoy your beautiful garden.

Renting a Property with a Garden: You are definitely not going to stick around for long at a rented property. It would be the smarter choice to build a low maintenance garden.

Garden at your Holiday Home: You would not be in your holiday home too often, right? An elaborate garden would become wilted, while you are away. A minimal maintenance garden would not require daily maintenance and thus, stay beautiful. When you do go back, you could always do some maintenance. Just remember not to be away for too long.

Hectic Daily Schedule: If you have a hectic work schedule, then you would have a tough time maintaining an elaborate and intricate garden would be difficult. Try the low maintenance garden ideas and build one with the help of specialists and experts.

How can you build a low maintenance garden?

How can you build a low maintenance garden?
How can you build a low maintenance garden?

Would you not want to build a garden that is beautiful, but would not require your whole weekend for maintenance? This would mean no time to enjoy the garden itself. On weekdays, you are too busy at work, and weekends are wasted in maintenance. Make time for enjoying or relaxing in your lovely garden with these tips to build a low maintenance garden:

Reduce the Number of High Maintenance Plants: High maintenance plants may be beautiful, but you could replace them with easy-to-grow plants like a rose. In recent times, the Knockout roses have become much easier to maintain. With this kind of plant, you get to build a beautiful garden, without the need to maintain it too much. You may also go for herbs to leverage their health benefits.

Right Plant at the Right Place: Placing the right plant at the right spot is a basic trick to successful gardening. Spending time on azaleas in a sunny spot, means more time watering them. Planting it in a shady spot would help you save both time and effort. Some plants grow to be much bigger, taking up time on trimming to keep the area workable. So, plan your planting and maintenance will automatically be less.

Work Now to Enjoy Later: A little thought and effort from time to time, would work wonders in reducing garden maintenance. A low-maintenance garden needs minimal watering. You just need to incorporate irrigation with an automated timer. The time between watering can be extended with the help of high quality mulch. This will also reduce the probability of weed growth and less time on your knees pulling them out.

Mulching: A common misconception is mulch can burn a hole in your pockets, but it might be the exact opposite. An appropriate amount of mulch can in fact reduce the need of higher garden maintenance, which can be quite expensive. Mulching can save the soil, fill it with nutrients and help in other numerous ways. So, do not zilch on mulch.

A Balance is Imperative: Gardening involves numerous processes, so you need to deduce, which jobs you hate the most and which ones you do not have a problem with. Suppose you just loathe mowing but do not have a problem with raking leaves, you need to concentrate on deciduous trees. You get to enjoy the shade in the summer and sunlight in the winter. Strike a balance between the gardening jobs, you need to enjoy the job rather than feel like it is a task. Pluck out weeds while you stroll around in your garden with a cup of tea.

Plant Smaller Plants: The dwarf varieties of shrubs and trees require less pruning and thus, reduces maintenance. Some newer varieties can also fit into containers, making them much easier to maintain as well. These require less pruning and growth is not as rapid as other shrubs, making them low maintenance.

What are the things that you need to avoid for ensuring that the garden is low maintenance?

What are the things that you need to avoid for ensuring that the garden is low maintenance?
What are the things that you need to avoid for ensuring that the garden is low maintenance?

If you want to build a garden that is low maintenance, then you need to be careful about some aspects. These things need to be avoided at all costs, or you could end up with a high-maintenance garden.

Increased Number of Containers: If you have containers, then you need a lot of work. You will need to plant, repot, feed, water, and handle the pots carefully at the same time. Even, if you do want to use planters use the larger ones. These will make it easier for you to maintain, as they dry out less quickly.

Using Higher Number of Tender Plants: These plants need a lot of maintenance like lifting, winter wrapping, annual propagation and so much more. Instead of these plants concentrate on ones that are hardier and can survive better, even when left outside year-round.

Fast-Growing Hedges: It is obvious that a fast-growing hedge will require much more pruning and trimming. Instead, invest in the slow-growing variety. They look the same once they have grown, but require much less trimming and pruning.

Wrong Plant in the Wrong Place: Certain pants have optimal growth requirements, like shady areas or higher soil pH. Whatever the requirement, you need to study them well. A plant might survive even without these optimal conditions, but you are setting yourself for higher work and effort in keeping the plant looking lively and beautiful if you fail to plant them in its optimal area of growth.

Planting Semi-Mature Plants: It might seem like a smart shortcut, but these require higher maintenance once planted. A younger plant, on the other hand, will grow up with lesser attention and effort. These plants can grow up, all the while adjusting to the changing environment, but semi-mature plants will find it difficult to adjust on their own.

For a beautiful garden, you do not need to be elaborate, all you need to be is smart. Professional landscapers and gardeners have many more amazing pieces of advice. Adequate mulching, plant selection, and planting area are just the beginning. With their help, you will be able to build a garden that is not only low maintenance but also mesmerizing at the same time. A low-maintenance garden is a perfect example of less being more!

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