Infographic: Why Gardening is Good for You

woman doing gardening and feeling good

You know that we love to share tips on how to keep your garden looking great and offer advice on what tools you need for your garden. But we have recently teamed up with the green-fingered people at WhatShed to bring to you this infographic that shows many of the mental and physical benefits of gardening.

Healthy eating is all the rage now, but buying organic and fresh vegetables and fruit from the store can be expensive. However, if you take the time to grow your own food in your garden and greenhouse, you, first of all, are going to have a lot of fun. But you are also much more likely to eat healthily when you are growing the vegetables yourself. Plus it is well known that food you grow yourself always tastes better.

As well as eating healthily, gardening also has some incredible health benefits. To start with those who regularly garden have been proven to be less at risk from things like heart disease, and strokes and in general, have a much healthier quality of life. A person who is a regular gardener also tends to have a much lower BMI. The reason for this is that gardening, while a lot of fun is a great workout. Gardening burns a lot of calories, so many that spending just a few hours gardening is comparable with an hour going full force in the gym.

As well as keeping you in shape, gardening is also a great way for you to keep your mental health in check. Gardening keeps your mind working, and your fine motor skills will stay nice and sharp as you will be using them so often. Spending an hour or two a day out in the garden is a surefire way to keep your mind in just as good condition as your body.

Gardening as you can see, has many, many physical and mental health benefits. Plus let’s not forget, you will also have a very nice-looking garden and maybe even some tasty food to eat!

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