10 Best Worm Drive Saws

Over time, there have been spirited discussions or even arguments regarding if the direct drive or worm drive is a better option for the circular saw. This discussion is rife in the construction and carpentry niche. It is one of the liveliest topics you will hear among artisans.

However, what has been noticed is that worm drive circular saws are the very best when it comes to getting precise cuts and working with thick bales of wood. This list is a guideline or review on the finest worm drive saws on the market. It contains all the details and features for each product, and this will guide you when it is time for you to make a selection for your next worm drive saw.

10 Best Worm Drive Saws

1. SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 Worm Drive Circular Saw SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 Worm Drive Circular Saw

This is a worm drive saw that is so powerful that there is practically no heavy-duty task that you cannot put it to. It is also a lot lighter than many other worm drive saws on this list. This is one product that surely deserves to be at the top.

It is made using magnesium, and its 15-amp motor ensures a maximum blade speed of an impressive 5,300RPM, but that is not even all. It also has a set of dual copper windings that will allow for cooling of the motor when used for a long time. This way, it is understandable that professionals prefer to make use of it.


  • Excellent blade speed
  • Stress-free blade changes
  • Cooling maintained during operations


  • The absence of a good grip has been reported.


Without any doubt, this is an excellent worm drive saw and that many professionals go for it over and over again is a testament to its quality.

2. Bosch 7 Worm Drive Circular Saw CSW41Bosch 7 Worm Drive Circular Saw CSW41

For anyone looking for a 7.25-inch worm drive saw at a very reasonable price, your search has ended because this is the one that was made just for you. It may not be the most sophisticated in the niche, but you will not break your bank to get this.

It is also relatively compact at just 13.2 pounds with a vibrant 5300 RPM motor. The worm drive incorporated in it provides sufficient torque for any beginner task. The weight also means it is portable enough for you to take it almost anywhere. There is an onboard wrench that allows blade changes in the field to be as stress-free as possible.


  • High performance
  • Reliability and durability guaranteed


  • There is no protection kit at all.


Without a doubt, here is a worm drive saw that has all the features and settings you need to carry out all your tasks with minimal stress – go for it.

3. Makita 5477NB 7¼” Hypoid SawMakita 5477NB 7¼” Hypoid Saw

When it comes to comfort, this product from Makita is truly outstanding. Not even its weight of 15 pounds is stopping it from being a preferred choice. It has a reliable 15-amp motor driven by hypoid gears, which allow it to have maximal surface contact and torque by extension.

These features are excellent enough for anyone to get attention, but even more impressive is that the price is a very nice one – it is cheaper than expected.


  • Brilliant performance
  • Durability assured


  • The noise may too much for some.


The price is one of the most interesting aspects of this worm drive saw. It is an excellent bargain, and it offers excellent value for the price of purchase.

4. DEWALT DCS577X1 Worm Drive SawDEWALT DCS577X1 Worm Drive Saw

This is the finest of all the worm drive saws in this category for the price that is offered. For a very pocket-friendly price, you are going to get a 7.25-inch cutting depth and an engine that can reach as much as 5800 RPM with no loading.

The product itself does not weigh more than 11 pounds, and it is the ideal blend of power, reasonable price, and portability. It has its saw made from long-lasting magnesium shoe, and the bevel range measures 53 degrees. It is a blade that is so good that it can slice through any wood without wasting time. Even though it is heftier than many similar other variants, carrying it around is not any problem.


  • It can be used with many DeWalt models.
  • The battery is truly resilient.
  • Durability and superior performance


  • The dust port does not work properly.


From the optimal portability to the powerful performance and the superb price range, this is one product that is truly worth it – very well recommended.

5. SKILSAW SPT70V-11 Drive SawSKILSAW SPT70V-11 Drive Saw

It is also referred to as the Super Sawsquatch, and its 6.25-inch cutting capacity means that it is perfect for taking on huge tasks where other worm drive saws cannot serve you well. Even though it may not even cut as neatly as other variants, it is very good at taking care of different types of cuts.

It comes in at 27.3 pounds, which means you cannot haul it around as you like. The motor runs as much as 2500 RPM, allowing it to slice through even the hardest woods like beech and oak. Harder woods, like walnut, can still be handled without any stress and quickly too.


  • The body is made from resilient magnesium.
  • Powerful performance from the motor
  • Deep cutting capacity


  • It is poor at clearing sawdust


One of the strongest worms drives saws out there, and you will not be wasting money if you invest in it. It does its job pretty well.

6. Makita 5377MG Drive SawMakita 5377MG Drive Saw

It has one of the most impressive torque ratings in the category. A 15-amp and 4500-RPM motor packs in a lot of power in a relatively small space. It has one of the most amazing cutting depths reaching 7.25 inches, and the body is made from magnesium, giving it strength and weight of manageable 13.2 pounds. You are going to quickly see the importance of this worm drive saw in no time.

One of the things that stand out the most about this worm drive saw is the fact that it is of the outstanding balance. Of all the variants compiled in this guide, this is the best when holding on to a straight line. That means the operator will find it extremely easy to work with and apply to various tasks.


  • Excellent torque ratings
  • Superb balance
  • Compact and easy to store


  • The blade does not stay square


If you are a fan of tools with a lot of balance, this is the one that has been specially made just for you. It does all the tasks perfectly, and its user-friendliness is second to none.

7. SKILSAW SPT70WM-01 Sasquatch Drive SawSKILSAW SPT70WM-01 Sasquatch Drive Saw

Here is another impressive one from the Sawsquatch series. It is relatively bigger, and it is particular suited for slicing through 4X workpieces. It weighs less than 17 pounds, and it comes with a 15-amp engine that can reach 4600 RPM.

The cutting depth clocking at 3 11/16 inches is a remarkable testament to this power of the engine. You can slice through any wood of the 4x size range in just one swing – quite impressive.


  • It cuts in one clean sweep.
  • Reliable performance always
  • Quite compact and easy to work with


  • Cutting capacity is not always good enough.


It is a reliable tool overall, and you are going to be delighted that you will find it fun to use, and it is a worthy investment in all ramifications.

8. Bosch CSW41 Drive SawBosch CSW41 Drive Saw

For those looking for a 7.25-inch worm drive saw that comes at the best price, this variant from Bosch is the ideal fit for you, and you do not need to look further. It may not be as sophisticated as some other options, but this is clearly the most affordable overall.

It weighs just 13.2 pounds; the motor boasts a working speed of 5300 RPM. The worm drive ensures that it comes with sufficient torque, and blade changes are made easy with the onboard wrench. In all, it is pleasant, swift, and comfortable for the user, an excellent user experience.


  • The strength is outstanding for that size.
  • It is affordable
  • The cutting is pretty smooth


  • The engine is said to decline swiftly.


If you depend on this worm drive saw for your tasks, you will not be disappointed at all. Even though it may not even be as sophisticated as the other options, it is a good alternative for you in your workshop.

9. Makita XSR01PT 7-1/4 Worm Drive Circular SawMakita XSR01PT Worm Drive Circular Saw

This comes with a pair of 18V batteries, and the power output is excellent and reliable. It weighs less than 13 pounds, and the motor can get up to 5100 RPM without load. The cutting depth of 2 9/16 inches can be seen as small, but it is actually sufficient for cutting. It is a good that is good enough for thick woods but also light enough to be carried all over.


  • The batteries produce a lot of power.
  • It is excellent for 2x planks


  • The cutting capacity is shallow


As long as you do not have any issue with charging two batteries, this is a good one. It is compact enough for you to carry all over the place, and you also get the results you want.

10. DEWALT DWS535 Worm Drive SawDEWALT DWS535 Worm Drive Saw

It is best known for delivering at all times. It has a 15-amp motor that churns out 4800 RPM with no load, and the torque is advanced enough to handle any hardwood. The construction is light, as it is made using magnesium.


  • Swift blade changes
  • Durable 15-amp motor


  • It is not sufficient for all tasks.


From the swift blade changes to a motor that can last for as long as possible, here is a worm drive saw that would assist you properly in meeting all your needs.

Worm Drive Saws Buying Guide

As a craftsperson, it is normal for you even to think if a worm drive saw is an appropriate addition for your workplace, and that is why you need to get all the relevant information. With this information, you are going to know exactly what is best for you. You will be able to make the right decision. Before purchasing a worm drive saw, there are important factors that you have to put into great consideration.

Who Can Benefit from a Worm Drive Saw?

The worm drive saw comes with a higher level of torque when compared with the sidewinder circular saw. This allows it to be more applicable to various woodworking tasks and heavy-duty works. As it also has a balanced motor placement and allows for the creation of the most precise cuts, this is in addition to neater edges on all the cuts done.

Worm drive saws are very efficient and multipurpose tools that will be of a lot of benefit to the woodworker, craftsperson, or even a DIY lover. Having a worm drive saw inside your toolbox means you can swiftly do your crosscuts and rips. When handled by an experienced user, the correct worm drive saw is good for cutting framing lumber, metal, roofing, sheet goods, and other items. It is also useful for the swift execution of demolition tasks.

Features to Look for in the best Worm drive circular saw.

Even though it is a fact that worm drive circular saws are useful, you must know that there are also different variants in the market, and they come with different features. In looking for the very best worm drive saw, some factors must be used to gauge the better, and they are as follows:

  • Ergonomic Design: This will determine the amount of comfort you will have with the worm drive saw. As worm drive saws are generally heavy, it is sensible to look for designs that minimize noise and vibrations while using the least accessories.
  • Power: This refers to the highest blade torque and speed. This is the main parameter used in differentiating several worm drive saws. The most excellent worm drive saws are the ones that offer the best output of power, which in itself also depends on the motor.
  • Accuracy or Precision: This is not an easy parameter to analyze because it is dependent on several features. However, some of them include efficient dust blowers, minimal vibration, and reliable metal foot.
  • Cutting Capacity: The essence of a worm drive saw is to cut, and the best one is the one with the highest capacity for cutting. The total degree and depth of bevel determine the cutting capacity. The conventional measure is a 45-degree bevel, while cutting capacity that approaches five centimeters is considered outstanding.

What Is a Worm Drive, Anyway?

Crafted with the particular purpose of generating higher torque, a worm drive is made up of a worm – which is a gear that looks like a screw – that hooks with a worm gear. This gear system enables a transfer and distribution of force, and this is precisely what separates it from the direct-drive saws.

Worm drives have several benefits. For example, they need many compact gearboxes that the ones applied for spur gears. This makes it possible for them to be situated just to the rear of the blade in the worm drive circular saws.

Worm Drive vs. Direct Drive Circular Saws

Once it is time to select the perfect saw for your tasks, you have to zoom in on the specific benefits and demerits of the direct-drive circular saws and the worm drive saws.

Overall, the worm drive saws are better when it comes to cutting capacity, and they also generate more precise cuts. However, the worm drive saws are generally bulkier and more expensive. As for the direct-drive saws, they are more compact, cheaper, and even easier to utilize. But once again, you need to know that they are not as precise or even as powerful as the worm drive saws.


Q: Which is more powerful: a worm drive saw or a sidewinder saw?

A: A worm drive saw packs more power.

Q: What is the main difference between worm drive saws and sidewinders?

A: The torque.

Q: What is the main difference between worm drive saws and hypoid saws?

A: The mechanism for transmission of power.


For anyone who wants to make use of a worm drive saw, things like excellent cutting power and long-standing durability will be priorities for you. There are some other factors that you also need to take into consideration, and these have been outlined in the sections above.

Today, there are so many brands and models offering all variants of worm drive saws. It can be quite challenging for an amateur to select. Without the correct information, one will waste money by buying a worm drive saw that does not meet the user’s needs. This guide has provided details on how to select the very best worm drive saws.

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